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What is HI6006 competitive strategy Assignment Answers course code

The HI6006 competitive strategy Assignment Answers competitive strategy of any firm is divided into steps that are firstly an analysis of the market. Then comes the second phase of competitive analysis and then comes the solution of the problem. The HI6006 competitive strategy concept is to complete a competitive analysis to devise the strategy that can help in the market or the industry to gain a competitive advantage. HI6006 competitive strategy is a long-term process that involves the observation and planning of the entire process in a systematic process that will allow the company to reach not only its organizational goals but also its overall competitive goals.

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There are various models that not only give a view on the competition and competitive situation but also on the industry in general that allows for the brands to have a self-development within the organization that will help in the growth of the company.

There are various strategies such as the aspects of leadership or process and many more are modified or changed to make improvements. Simpler terms can be used to explain the method that revolves around the research and analysis of the market and planning solutions to the challenges and different strategies focused on competitive advantage and growth and expansion of the business.

The HI6006 competitive strategy assessment is the study that is not a specific different course but happens to be a part of the business management course. This specific unit is taught in all university that teaches business management however this specific code is taught in the Holmes Institute.

Unite details:

Location – Australia

Study level – Postgraduate

Unit code – HI6006

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Brief of HI6006 competitive strategy Assessment Answers  

The HI6006 competitive strategy unit teaches various strategy models which can be implemented in the real-life business situations of different companies. This HI6006 competitive strategy Assessment helps in the improvement of the performance of the company. The students will be taught how to look for key factors in the market and their competitors which can be used to create a competitive strategy.

To find out the areas that present an opportunity to the company. It helps the company to get weaknesses as well opportunities of the competition which can be analyzed to find out the solutions to fix their weakness and business plans to work on the growth opportunities. The first phase of the course will teach 4 models and give students real-life companies that they have to analyze and implement the 4 models to draw up a report. The 4 models will be the generic strategy model, Ansoff matrix model, Input-Output model, and the RBV or the resource-based view model.

The institute in terms of delivery has made offline face-to-face as well as online methods available to students keeping the recent pandemic situation in mind. The institute has a portal dedicated to the students only where they are required to log in and take every student material provided to them. Starting from ebooks, case studies to the relevant materials everything is available.

Teachers will not only teach about the theories of competitive strategy but also teach the various models more specifically three models the SWOT analysis, PESTEL, and Porter's 5 forces. Once these are taught in terms of assignments they will give students companies and ask them to perform a SWOT analysis or any of the others.

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It is important that the students can complete such analysis with data supporting their research and after that, they are to recommend solutions or rather methods that can help the company in the competition. Students are allowed to express themselves through various non-academic projects that focus on changing the mindset of students and this allows them to relax and later once again join the academics this has proven to be a good technique to make sure that they do not lose interest.

The students will not only be taught to look at things from a  management perspective but to broaden their research and analyze all economical, legal and other factors even the political influences. Complete research of the competition can allow them to have a competitive strategy.

Apart from all the individual assignments writing, the students will be put into groups and group projects or assignments will be given which could be a test and learning of teamwork as any future manager needs to have. The students will also have access to the institutes chat forums and question boards where they can ask for clarification and guidance from the faculty at any given point in time.

The institute also recognizes the fact that all students may not have the same skill set methods of learning hence it is expected that some may fall behind or may not be able to perform on the same level as others hence the method of revisionary classes and remedial classes has been incorporated and all students will be helped and guided so that they learn everything and are fully capable to handle the real-life jobs that await them.

The Weightage Of The Hi6006 Competitive Strategy Task Solution Courses 

When it comes to the distribution of the credit the weightage is divided into various parts. 20% of it goes to the compulsory solving of five case studies that are related to model making and strategy making. The case studies will have situation and data that is based upon real-world application and situation which will be given to the students and they have to submit each report within the specified time. Then 30% is given to the written online examination that takes place at the end of the unit.

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This will include all the chapters taught in the unit and will have a  total of 100 marks assigned to it. There will be another assignment which will be report writing that will demonstrate the student's knowledge and skills ion identifying areas and scope of opportunity for a selected company in the competition and strategize, this report writing has to be supported by sufficient data however the strategy can be hypothetical and will have 30% of the weightage. The rest 20% will go towards a PPT that will be a group-based task and has to be made and presented in such a way that everyone has equal participation.

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