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In layman's terms, Economics is regarded as the learning of social science that deals with the production, exchange, distribution, and consumption of products and services, and it is splitted into Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. The purpose of the course of ECON6000 Economics Principles and Decision Making is to assist students in implementing the hypotheses they have taught during this unit and how economics and its basic characteristics can be applied directly in our real-world situations. The course equips students with the tools they need to make sound business decisions and understand the financial environment in which they function.

Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), a tax-supported coeducational establishment formed in 1911, is situated in Murfreesboro, less than a mile from the state's accurate geographic centre. Murfreesboro, a historic town of over 100,000 people, is 32 miles southeast of Nashville via Interstate 24 and widely available from any path. Students and faculty at MTSU can enjoy the benefits of a metropolitan environment without the impersonalization that comes with living in a big town. The roughly 500-acre campus is lush greenery and has over 200 permanent structures totaling over 4.7 million square feet. The University is divided into eight undergraduate colleges: the College of Basic and Applied Sciences, the College of Education, the College of Behavioral and Health Sciences, the College of Liberal Arts, the Jennings A.

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Unit Details

Unit details of this course include the following:

  • Unit code: ECON6000
  • Location: Australia
  • Study level: Undergraduate
  • Unversity:Middle Tennessee State University

This course of ECON6000 Economics Principles and Decision Making introduces students to a wide range of economic notions, hypotheses, and analytical approaches. It takes into account both microeconomics - the assessment of independent decision-making units- and macroeconomics - the assessment of the financial system overall. The fundamental model will be regarded as a market, supply and demand model in which transfer and decisions will be regarded through a contrast of benefits and costs of actions. The role of government policy in addressing microeconomic market distortions and macroeconomic goals will be investigated. Students who successfully complete this course will be eligible to:

  1. Explain and define how microeconomic models can be utilized to take into account fundamental economic decisions made by firms and households;
  2. Focus on explaining how macroeconomic models can be utilized to examine the entire economy;
  3. Focus on explaining how government policy affects both microeconomic and macroeconomic consequences; and
  4. Interpret and apply economic models, graphs, and tables to analyse economic circumstances.

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Brief of Assessment:

This course will give students the chance to brush up the following Graduate Attributes which includes:

  • Graduates have thorough understanding and knowledge of their field of study, as well as the capacity to interact with various schools of thought and demonstrate their understanding in practise, involving in multi-disciplinary or multi-professional settings.
  • Graduates are regarded as effective problem solvers who can apply critical, innovative, and evidence-based reasoning to devise creative solutions to future challenges.
  • Graduates clearly communicate knowledge and suggestions to a range of audiences for a number of purposes and lead to the attainment of shared objectives in a friendly and cooperative manner.
  • Graduates exhibit professional conduct and have the possibility to be entrepreneurial and lead a leadership roles in their chosen fields or careers, as well as in their societies.
  • Graduates are appropriate and accountable citizens of the world whose individual values and practises are coherent with their societal roles.
  • Graduates are self-aware and indicative; they are adaptable and resourceful, and they can acknowledge and provide constructive feedback; they operate with honesty and acknowledge accountability for their activities.

Weightage Of The Course:

Regarding the Weightage of this ECON6000 Economics Principles and Decision Making Course Code in the Semester of Middle Tennessee State University are as follows:

Assessment Summary:

Assessment task

Due Date/Week



Learning outcomes

(best 4 assignments)
(individual work)

Fortnightly (From week 3)




Active Tutorial Participation

Weekly (from week 2)




Playconomics (individual work)

Week 12




Final Examination

During the period of Examination


3 hours







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Students are supposed to finish all coursework and take an active part in tutorials. For coursework, a 'best of' scheme will be utilized to enable for flexibility in the occasion of technical fault, disease, or caring issues. As a result, these issues will not be given special consideration in general, but please feel free to contact the Course Coordinator if students have any concern regarding. Legible writing style and English expression are regarded as significant components of the evaluation procedure and may influence marks.

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