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Victoria University is a public university in Australia which is popular for research purposes. But not only that, it also serves higher education and further degree educational options for students. It comes under the top six universities in Australia which provides dual education and is highly popular for that.

BSBHRM602 is a part of human resources strategic planning. HR managers manage human resources strategic planning to organise the employee workforce and work towards making the company thrive. BSBHRM602 assignment maker understand the analytics, data and insights for a company. It is the process of analysing and evaluating the profits, losses and reaching a particular output.

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Briefly discuss the importance of a human resources strategy.Identify three aims of human resources strategic planning. List at least five information areas that should be included in a Human Resources Strategic Plan. Discuss four key steps in the human resources strategic planning process. Discuss each step in at Discuss in around a paragraph, how the introduction of technology benefited the recruiting function of human resources. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using each of the following options for the provision of human resource services.


Human resource management in the organization is considered as a simple process of efficiently and effectively using the human capital to achieve the set goal of the organization. The human resource manager thus plays a vital role in managing the ‘people’ part of the organization (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). The key functions of human resource manager include recruitment, training and development, compensation and benefits management, performance appraisal and legal compliance.
Strategic HRM is defined as a process which links the human resource of the organization with its strategic objective and helps to improve the overall performance of the organization (Boselie, 2010). The designing, allocation, and adaptation of HR strategy help to evaluate the existing HR policies, team building, to monitor the progress of achievements and to ensure the fair legal environment in the organization. Read More...

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BSBHRM602 assessment is given by most of the universities to drive leadership and team management qualities in students. The motive of human resource is also to influence people and instill leadership qualities in them. This allows networking, team management and being strong equally together.

In recent times, people have been accepting and exploring diversity with open hands. The intention is not only to introduce physically diverse people but also mentally diverse people in organisations. This allows various suggestions and implementation from different perspectives.

The requirements and skills for job keeps changing, and the HR managers must grasp and implement these changes. Fresher’s who are new in this field can get their BSBHRM602 task answers from us, which can boost their grades and be reliable study material.

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