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A Comprehensive Guide To Structuring A TEEL Essay -

A Comprehensive Guide To Structuring A TEEL Essay

Kylie comes into her room and throws her essay paper on her bed and slumps down dejectedly. The document has no red markings, and yet somehow she has scored a humiliating C. But how did this happen? She had spent days planning what to write in her essay. She crosschecked errors and weaved her words carefully to make sure that the piece was flawless. So what could she have gone amiss that landed her on a C?

We will tell you what went wrong with her essay. It is the lack of sufficient information and the links brought down the impression of her essay. A TEEL structure introduction and conclusion could be the solution here. Moreover, students often make the introduction and the first body paragraph very relevant by stuffing in all the information they have. As they advance towards the end of the essay, they run out of details and creative ideas. This makes the essay fall flat, resulting in a grade C. This is where the TEEL structure comes in to ensure that the entire piece is equally relevant and well-written.

But what is TEEL and how do you write TEEL sentences to structure your essay? To make things a little clearer for you, we have compiled all the essential information regarding a TEEL structure essay to help score a good grade with your submission.

What Do You Mean by a Teel Paragraph?

Unless you understand the significance of TEEL structure, you will not learn the art of organising your essay paragraphs the TEEL-way. T-E-E-L stands for Topic sentence, Explanation, Evidence, and Link. Therefore, a TEEL paragraph structure should contain the following: 

Topic sentence: The first sentence of a paragraph should tell the reader about the main idea or claim of the section.

Explanation: Next, you must explain what the topic implies in details.

Evidence: To support your idea, you need to provide proof that could be statistics, documentary evidence, academic material or journal articles.

Link: In the end, you must summarise the main idea of the paragraph and explain how it supports the overall argument.

Note: Both the E's are interchangeable, and you can give your explanation after the evidence if you think that will strengthen your argument.

Steps to Follow Under Teel Essay Structure

Since most students are not adequately clear about how to write a TEEL essay, they grapple with the structure. Secondly, TEEL essay writing is time-consuming, and you may not have sufficient time to plan your paper. So here are the steps of maintaining TEEL structure in your essay.

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Step 1: Choose a Topic

Since the T in TEEL stands for Topic sentence, the first step towards a TEEL essay is to think of a topic that is persuasive and relevant enough. Also, make sure that you choose a topic that you completely understand and are passionate about. This will help you put across your point better.

Step 2: Conduct Extensive Research

To show proper evidence, you need material. And for that, you must research through scholarly articles, academic journals, textbooks and the internet for online sources. Remember one thing – the more unique the data you use; the better are your chances to make your essay to stand out. Use interesting facts to catch the attention of the readers and win over them.

Step 3: Evaluate what you have written

Statistical figures may look catchy, but you may have readers wondering – "So what does this mean?" Therefore, you need to evaluate the information you have provided in the essay and explain what it implies. You need to sum up your facts here. You can use a rhetorical question to be convincing or words/phrases like therefore, consequently, this means that, etc.

Step 4: Link up your work

However much you provide data, it is not going to serve the purpose unless you can link your claims to valid sources. So you must link up your work. Make sure that your link is reliable and relevant. It should either add up to the topic of the sentence or make your way into the next paragraph by working as a transition line.

Simple Tips for Better Teel Essay Writing

  • Make a plan: Since a TEEL essay writing structurecomes with various steps, it is better to make a plan and go about it. Decide on the topic first and then mind-map the points you want to touch. That way, you will not have to fish for information or ideas at the last moment.
  • Note down details: TEEL is all about detailing an essay. We suggest that you keep a notebook with you while brainstorming on the essay. This way, you will be able to take down every piece of information you think is relevant.
  • Organise the paper: Now that you have the TEEL structuremapped in your head and all the information you would require, desiccate the gathered data. Make headings with the topic sentences and jot down the data relevant to each topic sentence.
  • Edit properly: An essay is an amalgamation of creative writing, unique ideas, interesting facts and correct grammar. So just making it data-heavy isn't going to cut the mustard. So devote time in looking for inconsistencies in your paper and rectifying them.
  • Cite the sources properly: Unless you link your claims to reliable sources, your efforts will go to waste. And when we talk about links, we mean cite them properly. If you mention the sources wrong in your citation list, that would result in plagiarism and lead to harsher measures.
  • Ask for Help: It is no easy task to follow a TEEL essay structure and initially, you are bound to make mistakes. So it is better that you do it under the aegis of an academic writingexpert for the first few times. You can also take TEEL essay writing help from an essayist or go through online samples and tutorials.

In fact, below is a sample of a TEEL structure paragraph that you can refer to for a better idea.

Things Made Easy - Teel Paragraph Writing with an Example

Quite often implementing what you have read about may become a bigger challenge than the problem itself. You may still have queries about TEEL paragraph structure or template. To help you through the task of TEEL format paragraph writing, here is a TEEL paragraph structure example at a glance.

One of the main obstacles in our way towards a global consensus on the issue of climate change is the persisting debate over which countries should have to shoulder the burden more than a few others (Topic of Sentence). Since the developed nations can be held more responsible for the better moiety of greenhouse gas emissions, it is suggested that they are the ones to take up the mantle to reduce emissions. This would allow developing countries to focus on development over environmental issues (Vinuales, 2011). In 1992, during the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Rio de Janeiro, the notion of 'common but differentiated responsibility' was formalised (UNFCCC, 1992). In Article 3.1 of the CBDR conventions, it is explicitly stated that 'Accordingly, the developed countries should be the ones to take the lead in combating climate change and its resulting adverse effects’ (p. 4). (Evidence) However, as CBDR has outlined a rule and not an actionable plan, it has remained problematic and unexecuted till date. For example, the article did not mention to what extent should developing nations be exempted from emissions targets. This has continued to be a topic of debate in negotiations on global climate change, with developed countries such as the USA arguing that developed nations should do more to reduce emissions. (Explanation) So do you see how it is the inception of a problem within a problem? It is therefore certain that what the world now needs is a steady plan that can transform these principles into an actionable strategy. Otherwise, things will take a turn for the worse. (Link)

TEEL is your ultimate way of ensuring a good grade on your essay. So the next time you sit to write an essay, make sure you implement all the above steps and tips for a good submission. And if you need help, you can always fall back on online samples or ask an academic expert to guide you.

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Most Popular FAQs Searched By Students

Question: What is TEEL structure?

Answer: The TEEL structure deals with the practice of writing a comprehensive essay that includes all the elements of academic writing. According to TEEL, academic writing should be introduced with a thesis statement, followed by an explanation of argument. The explanation should be backed with relevant data, and the overall content must establish a link with the actual topic.

Question: What does TEEL paragraph stand for?

Answer: The full form of the abbreviation T-E-E-L, which is used to structure an essay paragraph, is given below:

T for Topic sentence that will be explored in the segment

E for Explanation of the issue that the paragraph touches

E for Evidence from scholarly sources to back up the explanation

L for Link to justify the significance of the segment

Question: How do you write a Teel paragraph?

Answer: A TEEL paragraph should start with the topic sentence that serves a thesis statement and introduces the reader to the idea to be discussed in the section. It should be followed with an explanation and backed with relevant evidence taken from reliable sources. In the end, the paragraph should be linked to the material discussed, along with a transition line.

Question: How long should a Teel paragraph be?

Answer: Like every essay structure, TEEL follows the same conventions. So a TEEL paragraph should be of an ideal length which is 250 words. Make sure that you do not cross the word limit to cramp in more facts and data. Keep it limited and concise. Weigh out the most important arguments and facts and include those only.

Question: What is TEEL structure in an essay?

Answer: The TEEL structure provides an effective way of organising the content of an essay by focusing on each paragraph. TEEL helps you make sure that every paragraph of your essay is equally well-written and well-backed, thus maintaining quality throughout the essay. It also helps you narrow down your writing and keep it concise.

Question: How to link a TEEL paragraph?

Answer: Linking a TEEL paragraph can either mean linking back to the main argument or the topic of the essay or serving as a transition line that connects the section to the next one. You can summarise the argument and give a justification for the original argument discussed. You can use rhetoric or ask a question to leave a lasting impression on the reader.

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