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Psychology Research Paper Topics

Selecting the best psychology research topics is not an easy task. You need to have a detailed insight into the subject matter. And, you also have to continually update yourself by going through journals, newspapers, blog posts, etc. In this blog, you will learn how to write a psychology research paper, get to check out trending psychology research paper topics and much more.

What is a Psychology Research Paper? What are its Key Elements?

Most students wonder what a psychology research paper is A psychology research paper is a common form of academic writing, in which you explore a trending psychology topic. You have to conduct detailed research on it by studying various journals, websites, and newspapers. You have to collect vital information like graphs, charts, statistics, etc.

Next, you take a stand on the topic and validate your arguments throughout the body of the research paper. You will get a clear picture when you take a look at the template of the psychology research paper.

The psychology research paper outline is highlighted below:

1. The Title Page

In this page, you have to underline the title of the research and mention your name. Moreover, you specify the department, university name, the course you are pursuing, name of the professor, etc.

2. The Abstract

Your abstract should let the professors know about the psychology research question, the number of participants in your study, and the likes. You should shed light on the method used to investigate the question, results, and the implications. Write this section once you are done writing the research paper.

3. The Introduction

The introduction to a psychology research paper should unveil the context of the topic. Start with a question or a quote. Write a debatable thesis statement. Discuss how the topic has been addressed in the previous research. Next, critically analyse the published works of the other authors in the literature review section, before stating your hypothesis.

4. The Method

Depending on the topic you choose, you have to shed light on the participants involved in your research. For instance, if you are working on ADHD or anxiety-related issues, you have to describe your participants, their age, sex, education level, occupation. You also have to specify the materials used and the procedure you undertook (experimental design, controls, etc.).

5. The Results

Here, you have to discuss the aftermath of the methods applied. You must include the results of descriptive and inferential statistical analysis, the direction of the effect, a summary table. You also have to include rejection or retention of the null hypothesis and necessary figures.

6. The Discussion

In this section, you must ask questions. Did the result support the hypothesis? Were there any confounding variables, or was the sample size too small? You should compare the results to the studies highlighted in the Literature Review. You should be modest with your statements, rather than being expansive. Finally, you have to write a summary statement.

Once you understand the format for a psychology research paper, you will have no issues in arranging your content.

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What are the Different Psychology Research Methods?

In this section, we will check out the psychology research methods and the psychology research types.

There are five types of research methods:

  • Case Study

It is a qualitative research method, where the observer examines an individual or a group of individuals over a length of time. Moreover, the observer interviews the participants and records the responses.

  • Experiment

This involves the presence of a control group. It also involves the presence of principles like the control of variables and consistency of measurements. The experiment is free of extraneous data, and the researchers also include the principle of showing cause and effect.

  • Observational Study

It is a type of qualitative research that occurs naturally. It involves a systematic and careful recording. The main objective of this research is to identify and describe a set of variables. Hopefully, this answers the question of what is the observational psychology research method.

  • Survey

This type of quantitative research is focused on self-reported data, and it is highly subjective. Thus, it requires many subjects where random sampling is carried out.

  • Content Analysis

Here, the researchers rely on print, television, or radio for repetition of words, ideas and phrases. This is a quantitative method, where one can employ numerical data to study patterns in the society like gender bias, stereotypes, etc.

And as far as psychology research types are concerned, you have

  • Correlational Research

It is a preliminary way of gathering information, where researchers check whether there is a relationship between two variables. The connections can be positive, negative or no correlations.

  • Descriptive Research

It refers to research questions, data analysis and design of the research that would be conducted on the topic. The salient features of this research type involve quantitative research, uncontrolled variables, cross-sectional studies, etc.

  • Experimental Research

There are three types of experimental research- pre-experimental, quasi-experimental, and true experimental research. It is determined by the way the researcher puts the subjects under different conditions and groups.

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Hopefully, you now have a detailed insight into the different psychology methods and types.

How to Write a Psychology Research Paper Effectively?

Now that you are familiar with the outline for psychology research paper and the methods, it is time to take a look at some tips. You should:

1. Provide unbiased statements.

2. Write the paper in the past tense as you have already completed the research.

3. Refrain from using passive voice and instead use active voice.

4. Always state your views concisely.

5. Use good transition sentences in the paper, especially in the Literature Review.

6. Avoid terms like ‘I’, ‘me’, and phrases like ‘I think’, ‘I feel’.

If you have been wondering how to write a psychology research paper, here is what you should keep in mind.

7. Write a catchy introduction to draw the attention of the professors.

8. Segregate the Literature Review, Results, Methods, Discussion into a few paragraphs to improve visibility.

9. Incorporate bullet points to highlight the critical aspects.

10. Cite sources in the content to make your write-up look legitimate.

Writing a psychology research paper will become easier if you stick to the guidelines.

15 Interesting Psychology Research Paper Topics

If you are struggling to choose an authentic psychology research paper topic, you should give this section a thorough read. However, you should be familiar with the proper psychology research definition to differentiate the topics from other disciplines.

  1. The cause behind bullying behaviour among students
  2. What are the factors that contribute to the delay in the mental development of a child?
  3. Violent games disrupt proper brain development in children.
  4. Divorce has a negative effect on children.
  5. How do drugs hamper cognitive functioning in young adults?
  6. How to recover from memory loss?
  7. Does our subconsciousness affect your decision-making ability?
  8. The gender roles in our society
  9. Top factors that hasten the ageing process
  10. Does the psychology of the person bring up asexuality?
  11. Is stalking a type of psychological disorder?
  12. Effectiveness of cognitive therapy in treating panic attacks and anxiety
  13. The consequences of being an introvert and how it affects our personalities
  14. Geniuses are made, not born: true or false?
  15. Domestic violence on men and our society’s negligence

Select a topic that has caught your attention from this list of psychology research topics. Furnish your paper with fascinating facts, and the readers will be delighted to go through the entire content.

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