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A Detailed Analyis on What is an Opinion Essay -

How To Write Opinion Essay? Overview

The perfect way to answer “What is opinion essay” will be- opinion essay is a piece of formal writing where you need to share your opinion on a specific topic. This is probably the perfect opinion essay definition. This way, the readers will come to know about the author’s unique thoughts on the essay. When you are asked to write an opinion essay, you must choose a topic about which you have strong feelings. You need to let the readers hear your voice, and for that, you need to be confident about the point you are raising in the topic. You need to use strong words and details too.

If you ever face time crunch or difficulties with understanding any part of opinion essay, contact immediately and we will assign the best expert for you. is always there to assist students with any academic help they may need. Further in this blog, we are going to explore how to start an opinion essay, what is an opinion essay statement and a few topic suggestions of opinion essay.

The Most Essential Elements of an Opinion Essay

In this part, we will explore a few essential elements of an opinion-based essay. Throughout your opinion essay, you will have to give various argument/viewpoints and evidence or examples to support your arguments. You may also add opposing viewpoints to justify your viewpoint. If you do not want your readers to face trouble with following your ideas, it is essential that you structure it properly.

Here are the essential elements of an opinion essay:

  • Title

The titles of your essay will depend on whether you agree or disagree with the topic of the essay.

  • Introduction

The introduction will consist of a hook sentence which will grab the reader’s attention. It may include data, a quite or a statistic. The thesis statement will be the most important part of the introduction as it will answer the question “what is the purpose of opinion essay writing topic?”

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  • Argument/ reason

You will be required to make several arguments which will help with defending your thesis statement. But you must remember that for every argument, you need to provide evidence to support your claim. Otherwise, your arguments or viewpoints will not have any value.

  • Supporting evidence

The supporting evidence or examples can be in the form of additional research, data, quoting and graphics. The most essential part is the data and research is accurate.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion will sum up the thoughts and ideas that you have discussed in the essay. Restate the thesis statement but using different words to highlight your agreement/disagreement with the topic.

It will be difficult to arrange your viewpoints and ideas without a proper essay structure. A proper framework will give a shape to your opinion essay and thus the readers will be able to follow from one idea to another.

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Expert’s Tips on How to Write an Opinion Essay Perfectly

Suppose you are writing an opinion essay for the first time. In that case, you must not go straight to the writing process without determining your specific opinion on the essay topic. It is normal for students to feel nervous while writing their first opinion essay. The professional experts of thus have decided to share some tips on how to write an excellent opinion essay.

Tip 1: Develop a clear opinion

Your first initiative would be to develop a point of view which you can explain effectively and clearly.

Tip 2: Do proper research

Research is necessary before you start writing your opinion-based essay. The reason is you will find interesting opinions of other people that will help in changing or shaping your point of view. Tip 3: Create a proper outline

An opinion essay is bound to have several arguments and evidence. So it is necessary to create a clean opinion essay outline so that one idea does not overlap the other. Outlining will help in creating a solid opinion essay structure.

Tips 4: Add transition statement

Adding a transition statement indicates that you have other viewpoints before coming to your opinion. It will help you explain how the previous statements are faulty and how your present opinion fits the best.

Tip 5: Watch your tone

You might have a strong opinion on a topic but using a sarcastic tone will only make you sound unprofessional. You may be trying to prove your point of view but do not disrespect other’s individual opinions.

Tip 6: Start with a bang

Your opinion essay introduction needs to have an attention-grabbing sentence. Add a hook sentence which can be a dramatic fact, anecdote or statistic which will draw the readers’ attention and make them want to read the rest.

Tip 7: Never hesitate to consult online experts

The online experts have experience with delivering complicated essay topics on shortest deadlines. So if you face trouble with understanding how to write an opinion essay paragraph or the right opinion essay format, seek help from

We hope the tips help you understand how to write an opinion essay paper like a pro. For more such interesting tips, you can always contact us.

A Perfect Opinion Essay Example for You

We know you had been waiting for this section for a long time. Looking at an opinion essay example will give you the gist of how your opinion essay should look like.

Here is an opinion essay example for you:

Topic: How Facebook Limits Relationships Depth?

As per the study done by one of the students at Michigan State, “70% of students reported they spend 30 minutes on Facebook per day” It will not be wrong to say that we are replacing our friends, families and loved ones with Facebook. Having a conversation on Facebook will never be same as talking to someone face to face. The Facebook conversation actually lacks depth since most of the conversations are quite short. The danger of misinterpreting Facebook messages is unimaginable. Unlike face to face conversation, we cannot see the person’s face and thus, we tend to misunderstand the tone of the speaker. We are all aware of the trolls that people are sharing innumerable times. Some of them can be so harsh for youth, specially they start getting depressed and start questioning about why they are like how they are. If we spend more time on Facebook than with our people, it only means we are living on a lie. Posting pictures with “good vibes” caption when inside you are tormented is certainly not a way to live.

We are living in a world where our phones are the first and last things we see every day. Human is becoming so addicted to the life of Facebook that they are starting to believe in everything. They are becoming depressed and getting anxious since they do not have the same things in their life. They fail to understand that not everything people show on Facebook is real. Instead of showing off to the world, it is better to spend quality time with your partner, friends or families.

It is impossible to bond with anyone when Facebook is taking most of our attention and time. So the question remains, how do we keep our relationships intact in the age of social media? We must limit the usage of Facebook and go on trips, vacations, join some activities. But do this only for yourself and not to show your friend list on Facebook.

We hope the above opinion essay example help you understand how to voice your opinion on the topic. You can check our opinion essay samples section if you want to see more examples. But do remember that these opinion essay examples are only to inspire you. Make sure you share your unique opinion in the essay.

A Few Interesting Topics for opinion essays

A lot of students find it challenging to choose an appropriate opinion essay topic which provides good argumentation. We will share with you a few interesting topics for opinion essays dividing them into different categories so that you can easily pick a topic that meets your event or subject requirements such as.

  • Environment
  • Social Media
  • Literature
  • Education
  • History

Let’s dive in deep.

Environment opinion essay topic

  1. Global warming is a total hoax
  2. Lesser-known dangers of globalisation
  3. The government have a tendency to hide information on ecological damage from public

Social Media opinion essay topic

  1. Is cyberbullying real?
  2. The influence of smartphone on youth
  3. How technological advancement is is becoming dangerous?

Literature opinion essay topics

  1. Classic books should be free access to all.
  2. Gender bias in 17thcentury English Literature
  3. Is it essential for engineering students to study English?

Education opinion essay topics

  1. Should students be allowed to teach only the subjects they like?
  2. Are colleges becoming a financial debt for students?
  3. Do you think e-books are dangerous?

History Opinion essay topics

  1. Cause and effect of Pearl Harbour
  2. Advantages of the monarchy in modern society
  3. Abolition of the slavery controversy

The PhD experts from have helped students with more topics than what we have listed above. If you want to see more options for opinion essays, consult our customer care executives.

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