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Narrative Writing Prompts to Assign Your Students

Narrative Writing Prompts To Assign Your Students

Narrative writing is nothing but a strong piece of writing which can both be fiction and non-fiction. It can, at times, be dramatic and factual to some extent as well. Students, especially high schoolers, are often found to be worried about finding interestingly creative writing prompts for a great narrative. Being an educator, if you wish to assign or guide your students with the task of writing great narrative story prompts, invest some time in reading this blog. It shall guide you through the six best prompts for narrative writing.

  1. How Do You Face And Overcome Fear? 

This can be an interesting prompt for students to explore and write about. According to a survey, every 8 out of 10 students fear something or the other. From facing the fear of exams to fretting about the consequences of poor grades, it’s an endless list. The slant is apparently relatable and an interesting pick to go ahead with

Why? That’s because students will be able to delve deep into this topic and find suitable points to cover and elaborate on. 

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Here are a few questions you can encourage your students to answer. 

  • What is fear? 
  • How do you define fear in your own words? 
  • What kind of fear have you faced in the past? 
  • How do you plan to face and overcome the same in the future? 

Simply sit with your students, and help them go about this prompt by finding relevant answers to the set of questions mentioned above. 

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  1. What Motivates You The Most? 

This is again one interesting writing prompt students can explore. Motivation and academics go hand in hand. Every student needs some kind of motivation to do well in life. So, exploring the nitty-gritty elements associated with student motivation will essentially help the young minds know about the following aspects.

  • The role of motivation in a student’s life 
  • How can motivation help an individual grow in life? 
  • How to get self-motivated and carry out academic responsibilities? 
  • What to do if you ever lack motivation in life? 

Simply brief your students with these questions and guide them on how to frame the perfect answers to the same for a great narrative. 

  1. How Strong Are Your Leadership Values? 

Students are potential leaders. They should learn and understand the fundamentals of leadership values for a prosperous life ahead. So, if you choose to pick this slant and assign the same to your students, you are certainly going in the right direction. 

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Here are some essential pointers you should prioritise before assigning the topic. 

  • Follow up with the fact that students should get the hang of leadership definition in the first place. 
  • They should understand what exactly the term denotes and what values it instils. 
  • Help students design the meaning and application of leadership in its truest sense. 
  • Make sure to instruct students so that they do not paraphrase or plagiarise leadership essays and case studies. 

Simply help them out with these basic essentials, and you are good to go. 

  1. How Competitive Are You? 

This is undoubtedly one of the finest narrative writing prompts you can ever come across. The life of a student is full of ups and downs. Especially when they are subjected to cut-throat competition. So, writing about competitive approaches and dealing with competition can be a great way to build confidence among the youngsters. 

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Here are a few ideas on how to go about this topic and help your students out with the same. 

  • A brief idea about competition and what exactly it means to be competitive? 
  • How to deal with people with an overly competitive nature? ‘
  • How competitive are you in its actual sense? 
  • What type of competitions should students avoid, and the ones should they embrace? 

So, put your best foot forward and guide your students with each of these questions mentioned above. 

  1. What Are Your Life’s Best Hacks? 

Being street smart is the need of the hour. Every student should put in their best efforts to embrace the smarter ways to solve a problem or overcome certain challenges. Take note of the following points to guide your students through this topic. 

  • Ask them to explain a couple of challenges they have faced in the past. 
  • Now, allow them to ideate and mention how they would approach certain challenges with the best hacks to overcome the same. 
  • Study and figure out some of the finest examples of life hacks and guide your students with the same. 

Most importantly, you should encourage young minds to come up with their own ideas and approaches to go about smart life hacks independently. 

  1. Who Is Your Role Model? 

Even though there are hundreds and thousands of essays and dissertations on Role models, this topic never gets old. If you need some great prompts for narrative writing, then this could be an ideal one to proceed with. 

Here are a few ideas you can refer to and guide your students for a flawless role model narrative. 

  • Define what a role model really is. 
  • Ask your students to brainstorm and figure out who is ideally their role model. 
  • Guide them through the essentialities one must consider while going through a role model essay. 
  • For example, ideating the person’s whereabouts, his/her aims in life, how did that person overcome certain challenges, and what motivated him/her to win in life. 
  • Remember, do not encourage students to pick the wrong person as their role model. 
  • For example, gangsters, scammers, toxic people and the like. 

Now that you are aware of the nitty-gritty elements of narrative writing prompts and how to go about the same, foster further encouragement among the young minds and motivate them to come up with more of such interesting slants. 

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