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How To Write A Synthesis Essay: An Insightful Guide -

How To Write A Synthesis Essay?

Have you ever seen how a bird builds its nest? The creature collects straws and other components from different places and puts them all together in one place to give shape to its nest. This particular process pretty much sums up the concept of composing a synthesis essay. It is all about collecting information from different sources and putting them together as a single content. Synthesising calls for extensive research and thorough analysis of different facts and figures.

As a writer, you must know how to conduct research on the topic, accumulate relevant data and combine them to produce convective write-ups. This will help you to understand how to write a good synthesis essay. Unless you are aware of the conventions to be followed, perfecting the paper will forever be a dreadful task. Now that you already know about the synthesis essay definition, how about getting the hang of essay writing on a synthesis paper? Here you go.

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What are the Major Types of Synthesis Essay: An In-Depth Explanation

There are two types of synthesis essays: Argumentative synthesis essay, and Explanatory synthesis essay.

An Explanatory synthesis essay will have the following features

  • Explanatory synthesis essay needs to elaborate on a specific subject.
  • Explanatory synthesis essay does not demand arguments and personal opinions about the topic. Students have to write relevant information about a certain topic in an objective and comprehensive way.
  • The components of explanatory synthesis essay are an introduction followed by body paragraphs and a concluding paragraph at the end.

An Argumentative synthesis essay will have the following features

  • In an argumentative synthesis essay, you should avoid writing about everything in detail. Instead, focus on preparing an outline to focus your main ideas and organise the information that you have. Always add background information.
  • Ace academicians state that keywords (if given) are essential for argumentative synthesis essay composition. Hence, write the title with intact keywords. It has multiple purposes to serve.
  • Like always, it is vital to ensure that the provided facts and evidence have a good connection with the essay thesis.

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How to Write a Synthesis Essay? Read and Know Your Sources Well

First things first, read your sources thoroughly. The idea is to look for common information in them and start making connections in your mind, so that the accumulated data remains in sync with the essay topic.

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For example, if you have four different sources, sort out each one of them with regards to the relevance of the context, origin, background of the literature and scopes for further research.

How To Write Synthesis Essays With Interesting Slants

This is important. You should decide your position in order to come up with a write-up in support of the argument. For example, if you are working on the topic “The History of Print Media across the Globe”, you would probably look for sources that contain information regarding printing press, woodblock printing, offset printing and the likes.

Even though you have multiple sources to refer to, it is always about that one interesting slant that will allow you to talk about the subject matter in detail.

For instance, if you think that talking about the history of woodblock printing, along with citing a couple of significant examples will allow you to frame the paper with perfection, stick to it. You should support your argument effectively. And sticking to a particular position with an interesting slant is the best way to make your argument and synthesis compelling from all aspects.

Framing the Perfect Synthesis Essay Outline

Unless you are outlining the paper perfectly, coming up with a concrete synthesis essay structure will be difficult. Follow these suggestions to produce the perfect Synthesis essay outline.

  • Analyse your sources well.
  • Structure your paragraphs around the central points of argument.
  • Frame the synthesis essay format based on a few questions; “What to write about” “Who’s my target audience”, “Is the slant repetitive”, “Have I accumulated all the relevant sources?”

How to Write a Good Synthesis Essay Thesis Statement?

Once you are done reading all the sources, picking a slant, and framing the perfect outline, it is time to come up with an amazing thesis statement. It is all about how you choose to express the slant in a couple of compelling opening statements. Remember, the thesis statement must serve the purpose of:

  • Providing clarity of thoughts.
  • Specifying the central point of the argument.
  • Suggesting a concrete research methodology.

Draft the Perfect Synthesis Essay Introduction, Body and Conclusion

Drafting the introduction in a synthesis essay is perhaps one of the trickiest aspects. From introducing the slant with supportive claims to summarising all relevant background information in the paper; there are too many things to be considered.

Follow these tips as mentioned below and never miss out on producing the perfect synthesis essay introduction.

  • Introduce the texts that are being synthesised.
  • Offer pertinent summaries of the texts or background information.
  • Make sure the background information is well-framed.
  • Use statements that sum up the focal point of your synthesis.
  • Identify each source with “titles” and “authors”.

After wrapping up the introductory note, plan the perfect body paragraphs, followed by a thought provoking conclusion. Follow these simple points to come up with contextually flawless body paragraphs:

  • Organise the paragraphs by the theme, point, similarity or other aspects of the subject matter.
  • Begin with a sentence or a phrase that informs your readers of the topic.
  • Extract and include information from more than one source.
  • Never miss out on using lead-in-text or in-text citations in the body paragraphs.

Here are the conventions you must follow to produce the perfect conclusion:

  • Remind your readers of the most significant themes and perspectives discovered in the essay.
  • Leave a few interactive or thought-provoking questions for your readers to answer.
  • End the synthesis essay by highlighting other scopes of research or commenting on things which were not possible for you to discuss earlier in the paper.

Now that you know about the conventions to be followed in order to produce exemplary synthesis essays, take a look at the some of the most sought-after synthesis essay prompts you may consider working on.

Outstanding Synthesis Essay Topics

You have written several essay assignments throughout your academic career. So it is essential to master the skill of searching the right synthesis essay topics. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to write on all the topics you are interested in. Moreover, we cannot deny the difficulty associated with selecting the right and convincing topic. It becomes even more difficult where there is a lack of enough research material available on the topic you have chosen.

Before you decide the perfect synthesis essay topic, make sure you have enough resources for your topic available on the internet. Check the web for references, use as many online and offline sources you can get hands-on. Till then, check the topic suggestions below that can help you generate some ideas for your next synthesis essay:

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Argumentative Synthesis Essay Topics

  1. Is education too commercialised nowadays?
  2. What are the harmful effects of diets?
  3. Should smoking in public places be banned?
  4. Should rainforests destructions be a punishable offence?
  5. Which species should be included in the Red Book (Liber Novus)?

Synthesis Essay Topics On Global Warming

  1. Global warming and excessive climate change: Is it a risk to human lives?
  2. Investigate warmer temperatures and its support for allergy-related diseases.
  3. Explain the effects of climate change on the quality of life in urban and rural areas.
  4. Effects of global warming on health care.
  5. Is technology enough to reduce the effects of global warming on human health?
  6. How feasible is the concept ‘farm to fork’ for the urban population?

Synthesis Essay Topics On Education

  1. How effective is secondary education in this changed age of technology-based education system?
  2. Does sex education at schools raise awareness among the young population?
  3. How do social media change the everyday life of a student?
  4. How effective and convenient is remote learning for students from every demographic?
  5. How the new forms of texting and chatting affect overall literacy of secondary students?
  6. Are students enough compassionate today? And what steps should schools undertake for that?

Synthesis Essay Topics On Immigration

  1. Analyse the most effective modern technologies that enhance and improve the immigration process.
  2. Examine primary source letters and political cartoons on immigration.
  3. Are unchecked immigration one of the reasons for the resurgence of diseases?
  4. Evaluate the tension between immigration and the rise of populist and right-wing political parties in recent years.
  5. Explain how immigration affects the life and academic performance of international students.
  6. Explain whether it’s simple to immigrate from one country to another.

Synthesis Essay Topics On Technology

  1. Do modern computer technologies contribute to the gap between the rich and the poor?
  2. How will changes in modern technology affect the concept of smart cities?
  3. How big money and technology will affect and contribute to elevating professional game players to the level of professional athletes?
  4. How did artificial intelligence change the workplace in the last ten years?
  5. How machine learning affects business productivity?
  6. Does technology promote the culture of entertainment?

Synthesis Essay Topics On Social Media

  1. Has social media helped the spread of radicalisation?
  2. To what extent should social media be tolerated in the workplace?
  3. Discuss how you would get on the social media bandwagon and use this to help your business succeed.
  4. Discuss the effectiveness of using social media to help improve the appeal of your brand on the whole.
  5. Celebrity endorsements on social media: How necessary is it?
  6. Discuss ethical considerations when you are thinking about setting up an account on social media.

Controversial Topics For Synthesis Essay

  1. Can money bring happiness to people?
  2. Will current writers stand the test of time?
  3. Is data security a hoax? Do governments want to stop cyberbullying?
  4. Are students being taught life skills to accept failures?
  5. How necessary is college education?
  6. Will modern technologies replace the necessity of art?

Synthesis essay on abortion

  1. Abortion and its negative impact on society.
  2. Infamous abortion incidents around the world.
  3. Is abortion necessary?
  4. Should abortion be legalised?
  5. Can adoption be an alternative to termination of pregnancy?
  6. Can the removal of a fetus considered as a murder?

Synthesis essay on eminent domain

  1. Rights and obligations of your state.
  2. The power of eminent domain and the U.S. constitution.
  3. Eminent domain policies in Texas.
  4. The concept of fair market value in the U.S.
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Synthesis essay on gender roles

  1. Major challenges faced by women in the workplace?
  2. Is gender-blindness a problem for men and women?
  3. What is the main purpose of gender mainstreaming?
  4. What can be done in order to keep cities safe for girls and women?
  5. Is there a difference between hyper-feminism and pseudo-feminism?

I hope the fundamental overview of the nitty-gritty of synthesis essay along with the topics mentioned above will assist you in producing quality content. The idea is to cultivate as many ideas as you can about drafting the perfect essay paper.

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Most Popular Synthesis Essay Questions Searched by Students

1. How do you start a body paragraph in a synthesis essay?

You need to consider the purpose of writing, followed by selecting and reading authentic sources carefully to frame the perfect introductory note.

2. How do you end a synthesis essay?

Restate your thesis statement, synthesise all the major points and make the context of your argument clear.

3. How many sources should you use in a synthesis essay?

You should use more than one source while drafting a synthesis essay.

4. How do you write a synthesis thesis?

Read all the sources carefully, decide your position, stick to it and draft a killer outline to come up with the perfect synthesis thesis.

5. What is a synthesis paper format?

Synthesis paper format is an outline that allows you to decide on a focal position, write an awesome thesis statement and mention the important sources in a uniformed manner.

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