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How to write a good editorial

How To Write Editorial? Overview

Editorials are writing pieces which convey a person’s or a group’s opinions on an issue. They reflect the collective viewpoints of an editorial board or a writer’s individual opinion on an event or a topic.

The main aim of an editorial is to sway and influence the reader’s opinion through logic and persuasion. Editors try to influence public opinion but with good intent. Well written editorials help promote critical thinking by presenting an in-depth review of the subject involved.

Tips for Writing a Good Editorial

“How to write an editorial?” is a common query of many writers. Good editorials are not everyone's cup of tea. You must be able to present your arguments cohesively, interpret certain writing stances or criticize the actions of others. And it is through these methods that you must slowly mould reader’s opinion and eventually persuade them to action. Presenting your views through concise logic is the very definition of an editorial.

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  • Think of an interesting title

Like any other write-up, a unique and attractive title will quickly draw people's attention towards your write-up. Make sure that it is not out of context or way off-topic, however. Use related keywords and synonyms if possible. Keep it short and be creative. Try to create abstract titles to make the title more impressionable.

  • Have a general outline ready

Quality is what matters most in this type of content. Creating a well defined editorial outline is one of the first things you should think of. Make sure to scope out a plan before proceeding to avoid any hiccups.  Make a blueprint and decide all the components that will go in every section. Remember to be reader-friendly in your language and also avoid using specific jargons as much as possible. Following the general editorial structure is usually the best idea.

  • Make a proper introduction

Introduce readers to the subject topic articulately without beating around the bush. It’s natural to have a minor build up before moving into the main arguments, but remember not to overdo anything. Editorial introductions must be able to present the topic and the intention of the editorial to readers.

  • Present, oppose and refute in the main body

The main body is where you have to show your analytical abilities and emphatically state your opinions. Successful editorials are good public opinion makers. If you are writing for a newspaper, always keep in mind that your write-up has the potential to influence the general public. Perform meticulous research and provide logical solutions to problems while writing. Try to repeat vital points to leave an impression on the reader’s mind. And remember to edit and proofread the piece multiple times before publishing.

  • Be precise in your summary

Remember to include all your presented observations, arguments and opinions in your summary. Editorial summaries provide a quick overview of the content. Write it in such a way so that it piques the interest of the readers, and convinces them to read the whole piece. Properly edit the summary to make it completely error-free.

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  • Deliver a concluding punch

End your piece with a properly crafted conclusion. The editorial should be concluded with an emphasis on the arguments made and the solutions provided. Never address yourself directly anywhere. Wrap up your conclusion by stating your opening statement to reinforce your opinion in the reader's mind.

So keep these points in mind while writing an editorial and you will be able to come up with an impressive piece. If you do not know about the various editorial writing styles, read on.

An In-Depth Look into the Styles of Editorial Writing

Editorial writing styles can be divided into four categories. They are:

  • Interpreting- This branch aims to understand and explain why and how a particular write up took a certain point of view on a specific event or subject.
  • Criticizing- Criticism of other's actions are made in these pieces and the writer offers a better way out. These editorials aim to point out the larger problem at hand by highlighting the underlying causes.
  • Persuading- These editorials coerce readers to take a stance on a subject and coerce them to action. Solutions to a scenario are their focus.
  • Praising- Editorials of this type heap praise and commend people and organizations who have done something notable, by supporting their action and decisions.

These editorial writing styles are used in every editorial format, be it an editorial essay or letter or newspaper column.

Writing structure

The general structure of all types of editorial writing involves dividing the whole piece into individual sections and providing accurate data and sensible arguments. And it remains more or less the same across different platforms.

  1. Lead with an introduction and a thesis statement. Be very precise and crisp to attract reader attention. Provoke them into reading the whole piece by writing eye-catching questions.
  2. Deliver your opinions and argue with logic in the main body. Present everything intelligently to leave a mark on the reader’s mind. If you need to provide a solution, give enough reasons to validate its application.
  3. Conclude emphatically by clearly stating your opinion in a few words. Reiterate the concerned topic, add external data to support your idea and wrap up with your recommended solutions.

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101 of Writing Guidelines for an Editorial

As editorials are published in public journals and newspapers, it would be best to write in a general way, avoiding exaggeration and complicated languages. Any good editorial writing guideline will tell you to:

  • Briefly state everything.
  • Do not write fluff.
  • Get to the point but do not rush.
  • Be sincere.
  • Do adequate amounts of research.
  • Do not preach but try to persuade and influence.
  • Always write from an unbiased point of view.
  • Never gossip.
  • Proofread the content at regular intervals.

Be diligent throughout the process. And remember to maintain content quality to the highest standard as millions will read your article.

Read on through some Examples of Editorial Formats

Editorials can be published in different formats in newspapers or magazine and even in scientific journals.

  • Editorial Essays

If the question “What is an editorial essay and how does it differ from a normal editorial?” ever popped in your mind, don't worry as they are the same. The most common type of editorials, writers present their opinions and arguments logically about various editorial essay topics.

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Just like every other editorial format, editorial essay writing involves leading with an introduction, delivering ideas in the body and concluding with a strong statement.

  • Editorial Letters

Editorial letters are written to editors of a newspaper or magazine. They are presented as a response to a published newspaper editorial. The general writing style is followed, but everything is presented shortly and accurately.

  • Editorial News

Editorial news are rare pieces that are published by a newspaper's editorial board on their front page. Opinions on significant events and occurrences are given in these bold writing pieces. The primary purpose of such news articles is to guide public viewpoints and persuade them to take a stance.

  • Editorial Articles

The word article is most often used interchangeably with editorial. An editorial article is just a regular newspaper column.

  • Editorial Book Review

Book critics generally offer their opinions on published books through book review articles. They dwell into every aspect and present their analysis through these editorials. They refer to similar topics or books on the same topic, make comparisons, and finally deliver their honest opinions.

  • Magazine Editorials

Newspaper editorials are written by a magazine's editorial board to express their views on a subject.

  • Scientific Journal Editorials

A task that requires substantial knowledge and research work, scientists and academic researchers typically support or differ with certain scientific observations through these articles. Previous researches and citation from other journals are given in these editorials. These write-ups are usually meant for a limited audience.

  • Business Editorials

Published by business dailies, they reflect on the global economic scenario and market conditions. These editorials may also focus on the performance of a particular company or any important event concerning it.

  • Medical Journal Editorials

Similar to scientific journal editorials learned medical researchers and reputed doctors offer their opinion on recent discoveries and observations made in the field of medicine.

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Relevant Topics under each Style of Editorial Writing

Most editorials address the current affairs of a particular domain. National and international political scenarios, global health risks, new advances in science and technology, any subject that influences the mind of the public can be the subject of an editorial.

If you are finding it hard to come up with a good topic for your editorial, here are some prompts that you can write on:

  • Editorial essays

The Global Pandemic Covid-19 and the disruption of major world events.

  • Magazine editorials

Effects of the Forest Fires in Amazon, Brazil and how the Brazilian government dealt with the crisis.

  • Science journal editorials

Raging bushfires in Australia; The death of 90% of the Australian wildlife and its effect on the  food chain

  • Editorial articles and science journal

Global Climate Change: the looming human Doomsday scenario

  • Editorial letters

Rectification of information presented in local editorial columns.

  • Editorial news

The increasing violence in the human society and the rise of illegal immigration

  • Business editorials

Appalling business losses of major corporations such as Vodafone Limited

  • Editorial book reviews

Recently published bestsellers like Illegal, Quantum Roots I and II, etc

  • Magazine Editorials

Environment friendly steps taken by major clothing and fashion brands

  • Medical  Journal Editorials

Extent of the Corona virus outbreak: Race against time for a final cure.

Any major global event or notable scientific achievement can be the subject of an influential editorial. Copious amounts of research work and a strong personalized opinion are must haves for writing one on any topic.

If you still cannot wrap your head around the complex process of editorial writing, you can always fall back on online experts and professional journalists to learn the art of it.

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