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Learn How To Write An Abstract Efficiently -

How To Write An Abstract Efficiently?

Since the abstract consists of a short paragraph, many students think that it is very easy to write. But, it is not. You need to learn how to write an abstract to bring quality to it. The abstract serves the purpose of making the readers interested in it, so that, they go through the whole paper. As you can see this section holds a lot of significance, you must put extra effort to write it.

What is an Abstract?

You may have a confusion regarding the meaning of abstract. Let us clear it here: An abstract basically is a brief summary of the whole paper. It can be considered as an overview of the essay or the work. It gives a brief description of what is there in the paper and helps the reader decide if the content of this paper is useful to them or not.

What is the Difference between Abstract and Introduction?

One common mistake that everybody does is thinking that an abstract and an introduction is the same. But, there is much difference between these two. Whereas, in an abstract, a summary of the whole paper is given, in an introduction, the content of the body paragraphs is not given. The introduction only presents the topic, the thesis, and the purpose of the paper. In order to know how to write an abstract, this difference is the first thing that you need to learn.

How to Write a Good Abstract?

While writing this section, you should know what to include in an abstract. You can consider the following:

  • Purpose - You will have to mention what is your motivation behind doing the study or research on this particular topic.
  • The main problem - Here, you will describe the problem at hand, to find a solution to which, you are carrying out this study or research.
  • The hypothesis or thesis statement of the essay - At the beginning of the abstract, the thesis statement will come. This will be the main argument or point made by you that you believe will help in solving the problem at hand.
  • Background information - You should provide some context or background details of the topic.
  • Approach or methods used in the paper - The order you followed or the approach you took to establish your argument will be a part of the abstract of your essay.
  • Findings- You will present in brief the key findings of the study you conducted. You can use bullets or numbers to point out the results you got.
  • Conclusion - In the end, you will briefly write about the suggestions that or implications of the results you found.

This outline is a big part of learning how to write an abstract, which you must follow while writing one.

Which Type of Abstract to Use?

Whether you want to know how to write an abstract for a report or for any other type of writing, you must follow a certain type. Abstracts can be of the following types:

  • Informative abstracts - These are longer in length and include everything from your paper. It will like an overview of your work and will contain even the results of your research. Based on your requirement, you can write this type of abstract in one paragraph or can take the whole page.
  • Descriptive abstracts - In this type of abstract, you will give an explanation of the motivation, aim, and the process of your work. You keep the results or findings from your study out of a descriptive abstract. The length of this type of abstract will be between 100-200 words.

Now, according to your requirements and the way you want to portray the information in the abstract, you can choose the type.

The best way to learn how to write an abstract is to see the various abstract examples you can find on the website of academic essay writing services. These can be very helpful as you will get a clear idea about it.

So, now you know how to write an abstract. Remembering the above information can help you to create the abstract for your next paper.

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