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How to write a story

How To Write A Story In Five Easy Steps

Story writing is an academic activity that students have to go through in their lives. As a result, the common question "How to write a story?" arises in every student's mind. It is one thing to read a story. But writing one needs a lot of expertise.

Short story writing activity allows you to explore your creativity, build confidence, and express yourself artistically. In colleges or university, you will need to write short stories instead of long ones. While it might seem more manageable, many students are not aware of the vital differences between them.

Characteristics Of Short Stories

 Writing short stories might seem intimidating at first, but hold up! It's not as challenging as you might think. Before you decide how you should proceed with the writing, you should have a thorough idea of the essential characteristics of a short story. These kinds of stories are usually:

  • Short in length – As you can guess from the name, a short story does not go on forever like a novel. Critics believe it to lie somewhere between 1600 words to 20,000 words.
  • Singular in subject – When you write a short story, you do not have the opportunity to explore complex issues and settings. Short stories usually focus on a singular topic or theme with an easy-to-follow plot.
  • Starts in medias res – For any student who wants to know how to write a story, it is vital to remember that the narrative of the short story drops you in the middle of the action without giving you a proper introduction to the character. It begins abruptly and expects you to keep up with the plot.
  • Not much variety in roles– The short story's plot covers very little time and hence, does not allow you to develop many characters. You'll have to limit yourself to a minimum of one to a maximum of three to four characters.

Now that you are aware of the essential characteristics of a short story, let's look at some short story writing tips.

How To Write A Short Story?

 A short story writer needs to follow specific steps to ensure that their story follows the basic parameters of a short story.

1.Choose a theme or mood that you want to evoke

Many students have a common question in their minds: "How to start writing a short story?" Before you even begin to write, you must choose the reason and the final goal of the story. What do you want to tell your readers through your writing? Ask yourself if there is any moral or specific mood that you want your readers to be a part of. Once you have settles on these crucial answers, you can move on to the actual writing step.

2.Plan your story

You might wonder how to properly plan a story so that your thoughts can adequately translate to the readers. In this step, you need to keep in mind that you have a limited number of words at your disposal, along with only a few characters. First, you should determine the character's importance and then plan the story around them.

3.Start working on your drafts

Once you have chosen your theme and planned out the general plot of your short story, you need to move on to writing your first draft. In this step, you shouldn't worry too much about how to write a short story. It is best to start with a simple outline. Make sure you include the vital points like:

  • How you want the story to begin
  • Your main characters
  • The themes and foremost issue that you want to portray
  • How to smoothly flow into the climax of the story
  • The best way to resolve the main issue
  • How you want the ending to be

Once you have worked out your outline based on these crucial points, you can move on to fine-tuning the entire thing.

4.Focus on the opening

If you want to know what makes a good story, then the general answer will be the opening. If you look at examples of short stories, you'll notice that the opening sentence and paragraph contain a hook that immediately grabs the reader's attention.

5.Take your time with the ending

When you research short story ideas by looking at other writers' works, you'll notice that some stories have an open ending while some have a proper conclusion. Even if it is a short story, the plot has to be comprehensible and build up to the climax logically. Take your time to think of the most satisfying way to end the story and do it justice. Rushing the process will increase the possibilities of an unnatural flow in the story.

As long as you follow these simple short story writing tips, you're bound to write an excellent story that will impress your professors. Make sure not to rush the process and understand the unique characteristics of a short story before you begin.

How To Come Up With Good Ideas For A Story?

 Coming up with good story ideas is vital if you want your assignment to stand out among your peers. There are many ways in which you can achieve this:

  • Take cues from the people around you – Everyone has a story. Sometimes, the best inspiration for short story ideas comes from observing the people around you.
  • Bring back the childlike curiosity – As a child, you would never ask anyone, "How to write a story?" You'd be more curious about "Why does the Sun go away every evening?" or "Why is the sky and water blue?" If you can manage to return to that initial phase of curiosity, you will be able to view things from a different perspective which might help you develop ideas.
  • Use random prompt generators – Story writing can be a challenging process filled with many roadblocks. If you're stuck at coming up with a story idea, you can use a random prompt generator to give you the push you need. There are several websites that you can use, for example,, and

Selecting a good idea that will captivate the readers is one of the most vital steps in learning how to write a story. If you mess up this step, it will be highly challenging to get good grades in the final evaluation.

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