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7 Ways to Get Rid of Plagiarism Mistakes

How To Avoid Plagiarism | Common Mistakes & Tips

How would you feel if someone copies portions of your text without giving you proper credit? You will feel betrayed, and you will feel like all your hard work has gone to waste. Effective rules and regulations regarding plagiarism can ensure people get valued for their hard work.

However, students do not always deliberately plagiarise their papers. When developing an academic paper, you build your content upon the work of others and use various credible sources of information and evidence. Therefore, it is essential to incorporate your sources into your text accurately.

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With the advent of technologies, detecting plagiarism has become simpler.

Get familiar with the different types of plagiarism:

  • Source-based plagiarism
  • Self or auto plagiarism
  • Direct plagiarism
  • Complete plagiarism
  • Mosaic plagiarism
  • Accidental plagiarism
  • Inaccurate authorship
  • Paraphrasing plagiarism

When you are preparing your material, a lot of things can go wrong. However, there are some common mistakes in plagiarism that students often make.

  1. Not getting enough time to create reference pages
  2. Being lazy
  3. Believing it to be easy to get away tom plagiarism
  4. Not having enough academic confidence
  5. Creating notes for essay writing but not being able to remember where information was found
  6. Others think it is okay to use materials as long as they are changing some of the words
  7. Not being clear about what actually plagiarism means
  8. Lapse in judgment
  9. Procrastination

After putting in hours of hard work, it is discouraging to find that your paper shows traces of plagiarism mistakes in several areas of the content. Copying others' work without giving them enough credit may end in disastrous results.

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Some of the practices everyone should try to avoid plagiarism mistakes.

Proofread your assignment

Proofreading is a top requirement if you want to submit a flawless assignment. It will also help you with your plagiarism. Revise the paper again and again to ensure your paper does not have any grammatical, spelling or punctuation mistakes. Make sure to read your paper aloud. Proofread for only one type of error at a time. The only way to ensure you don't skip any errors is by reading slowly and carefully. Make sure to double-check everything.

Add quotes wherever required

Use quotation when you are directly quoting someone. Do it as soon as you write it down. It does not take up much time.

Here are a few tips for using quotations effectively in content without the risk of plagiarism:

  • Make sure to quote only the relevant content
  • Add the name of the source author in the same sentence as the quote
  • Put the entire text within quotation marks
  • Add the date when the work was published and superscript numbers into the quoted texts.

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Create an effective plan for your paper

When students are in a hurry, they start using whatever information they have in hand. This will lead you to use words or phrases of another author without giving them proper credit. So it is always recommended for students to create a proper plan and stick to it. Not following a proper plan can lead you to draw a clear distinction between what is relevant and what is not. Thus plan your course of action effectively before putting your pen on paper.

Make sure to cite your sources properly

Another effective way to avoid plagiarism is by citing sources you refer to while composing your assignment. Proper citation will let you provide necessary information about the author of the original sources and their work. Every institution has a set of guidelines that students are must follow while writing an essay or assignment.

Here are some of the popular citation styles:

  • Chicago citation style used in historical writing
  • Council of Science Editors (CSE) style is used in science-based texts
  • Modern Language Association (MLA) style is used for texts involving literature, languages and art.
  • American Psychological Association (APA) style used for texts in behavioural and social sciences

You need to choose the citation style based on the type of research paper you are writing.

Master the art of paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is an art that you can master with time. Knowing the art of paraphrasing can easily make you avoid plagiarism issues without taking much effort. It will let you use the contents of other sources without openly submitting ideas or getting worried about citing sources correctly.

Some of the techniques you can use for effective paraphrasing:

  • Use different word forms
  • Use synonyms
  • Change from active to passive voice
  • Change the order of words
  • Use a combination of techniques

Ask your teacher

Spending some time with your teacher and making sure you understand the guidelines of the paper you are working on can save a lot of time.Ask them if you are required to create an in-text citation or a reference page. This will prepare you for the task before you get into it.

Use an online plagiarism checker

You will find hundreds of plagiarism checker software online that can highlight plagiarised portions of text in a short span of time. Online plagiarism checkers gives you an effective way to inspect if the contents have any kind of red flags. The online plagiarism checker is available to anyone serious about their work. You will no longer have to be accused of plagiarism if you use online free plagiarism checkers. It gives the link for the source text that is plagiarised. The tool will. It easily lets you check for plagiarism online. This way, you will be able to produce authentic content quickly.

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