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Types Of Plagiarism

10 Types Of Plagiarism To Avoid In Academic Writing

A comprehensive survey of the International Center For Academic Integrity and Dr Donald McCabe was conducted throughout the span of 12 years (2002-2015) across 24 high schools in the US. More than over 70,000 students, both graduates and undergraduates took part in the survey. And the results acquired were jaw-dropping, as 95% of the surveyed students admitted cheating on a test and homework, or committing plagiarism.

With over a million web-pages published online, and over ten thousand being published daily, two things are certain for sure: firstly, the web is exploding with information, and secondly, the menace of plagiarism is here to stay. Whether you are an academic assignment help professional or student, you must be well-versed because plagiarism is considered a heinous crime and has severe consequences. Thus, students are often found searching for plagiarism checker;to simplify their life.

But, to truly avoid plagiarism, it is essential to develop an in-depth understanding of what it actually is. In today’s post, we would walk you through different types of plagiarism (and there are several). Reading this comprehensive blog would not only put you miles ahead but prove to be incredibly beneficial in the long run.

10 Types Of Plagiarism You Must Know Today

Before you delve deep to understand how to use plagiarism checkers, it is crucial to forming a profound knowledge of the different types of plagiarism to refrain from them completely.

Due to the seriousness and an increasing number of plagiarism incidences, a survey of scientific researchers has classified plagiarism into different categories. From how to cite your resources to who actually contributes to a piece of writing, here are 5+ types of plagiarism you should refrain from completely.

Direct Plagiarism

Direct plagiarism also popularly known as the ‘word-for-word plagiarism’ or ‘clone plagiarism’ includes copying an entire piece of work by someone else and claiming to be your own original work. This kind of deliberate plagiarism of someone else’s work is completely unethical, academically dishonest, and grounds for disciplinary actions, including that of expulsion. Know that if you commit direct plagiarism, higher chances are you would be caught thanks to exemplary assignment plagiarism checkers like Turnitin.

Self Plagiarism

Self-plagiarism occurs when a student submits his/her own previous work, or mixes parts of various works, without taking permission from all the professors involved. Like, it is completely unacceptable to incorporate a section of an assignment you wrote in high school into a paper assigned in a college course. Self-plagiarism also applies in submitting the same work for assignments in different classes without taking previous permission from both the professors.

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Paraphrased Plagiarism

Paraphrasing implies rephrasing a section of text in your own words. The most common type of plagiarism is paraphrasing without citation Paraphrasing itself is not plagiarism as long as you cite the sources accurately. Paraphrasing becomes plagiarism when you read a source and then present its key points so that they are your ideas.

Mosaic Plagiarism

Mosaic plagiarism refers to the process when a student borrows phrases from a resource without using the quotation marks, or find synonyms for the language of the author while adhering to the general structure and meaning of the original. Often known as the ‘patchwriting’, this type of paraphrasing, whether intentional or not, is academically dishonest and punishable.

Accidental Plagiarism

Accidental plagiarism occurs when a person neglects to cite their resources, misquote their resources, or unintentionally paraphrase a resource using a similar group of words or sentence structure without attribution.

Verbatim Plagiarism (Copy And Paste)

You tend to commit verbatim plagiarism when you directly copy text from a resource and paste it in your own document without citing the information properly. If the majority segment of the structure and the words are the same, then it is considered to be verbatim plagiarism, even if you delete or change a couple of words here and there.

Global Plagiarism

Global plagiarism signifies taking an entire work by someone else and passing it off as your own. If you get someone else to write an assignment for you or find a text online and submit it as your own work, you are merely committing plagiarism.

As it involves deliberately and directly lying about the authorship of your work, this is one of the most severe kinds of plagiarism and has serious consequences.

Citing Incorrectly Plagiarism

The primary key to avoid plagiarism in your essay without the use of a reliable essay plagiarism checker is to cite your sources accurately. You need to correctly format your citations according to the rules of the referencing style you are following.

Stitching Sources

This kind of plagiarism has limited visibility, thus, challenging to detect. This is as the student accurately cites the source list, but they have been unable to critically analyse the source texts to deliver a truly their own paper.  Stitching resources is a still clear form of plagiarism; however, it is more likely to be accidental as opposed to deliberate.


The well-known concept of bluffing incorporates reading certain key source texts such as books and academic journals, noting down certain key ideas so that they seem different. However, in essence, they remain the same. This kind of plagiarism is equally egregious to paraphrasing, deliberate, and patchwork paraphrasing. Bluffing has becoming an increasingly popular mode of plagiarism in the modern world of academia as students can gain access to wider sources due to the availability of the internet.

Despite varying in severity, the list of plagiarism typologies listed above should be avoided by every student at all costs if they aim to secure the best grades possible in the course of their academic career. If you are a student you might be suspended or expelled, fail the course, or compelled to attend a workshop on plagiarism.

Thus, running your papers every time through a reliable plagiarism checker is a short step you must take in the final phase of your writing journey. Although it is an additional task to conduct, it would help you clean any mistakes and enhance the verbiage so you sound best no matter what you are writing.

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