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150+ Winning History Topics Ideas Suggested by PhD Experts

150+ Winning History Topics Ideas Suggested By PhD Experts

Joseph, like any other student, wanted to beat the top scorer in his class by submitting an impressive history assignment. He was tired of getting average grades and thus wanted to get on the limelight so that his professor recognises his capability. He knew he needed to brainstorm a history topic that people enjoy reading, and he also has fun while writing it. But finding a topic which says something new and genuinely original can be tough. He did not want to settle with an ordinary topic. He wanted a cool topic that helps him in showcasing his vast knowledge of history subject. He started questioning his friends and family about the most important events in world history. And finally, with the help of professional assistance from, he got the coolest idea for his history project.

Just like Joseph, even you can be lucky with your history project. In this blog, experts from will give you some interesting history topic ideas so that you do not have to waste time in searching for an impressionable history topic for your assignment. From research paper history topics to controversial history topics, we will cover all grounds. This way, students can easily pick their topic from their suitable categories.

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Most Popular History Topics for You

The PhD assignment experts from has narrowed down a range of history topics which may be of interest for postgraduate or undergraduate students. Coming up with an interesting history topic can be a time taking process. The list undoubtedly will help you find the most suitable history topic as per your unique interest.

World history topics

  1. Persian empire
  2. Building the city of Venice
  3. Bronze age
  4. Ice age
  5. Shang Dynasty
  6. Queen Elizabeth
  7. The invasion of India by Aryan
  8. Palaeolithic age
  9. Vikings
  10. French revolution

US history topics for research paper

  1. S. Election history
  2. American Exceptionalism
  3. Agricultural history of U.S.
  4. The religious history of America
  5. Military history of the U.S.
  6. Famous African-Americans
  7. Women in U.S. history
  8. History of the Asian American
  9. American revolution: Factors contributed to American history
  10. The lost colony of Roanoke

Controversial history topics

  1. “Napalm” photo that still courts controversy
  2. The trial of Robert Mapplethorpe
  3. Death on camera: Mathew Brady’s Civil War photographs
  4. Bloody Sunday (1972)
  5. Apollo moon landing hoax accusations
  6. American Airlines Flight 77
  7. 2011 Tohuku earthquake and tsunami
  8. Armenian genocide
  9. Apartheid
  10. Berlin Wall

Argumentative essay history topics

  1. How America developed post World War II?
  2. Do you think Barack Obama is the first president to ever made history?
  3. What were the major causes of the American Revolution?
  4. Impact of European colonisation on Native Americans
  5. 21st-century American foreign policy
  6. The role of women in the movement toward revolution
  7. Civil rights movement.
  8. The effect of the Great Depression on the banking industry in America.
  9. The role of women in the movement toward revolution
  10. Major reasons for conflict between North and South which lead to the Civil war  

Art history topics

  1. The impact of traditional Japanese and Chinese costumes on culture
  2. The origins of Greek theatre
  3. The elements of gothic architecture
  4. The erotic novels by the Marquis de Sade
  5. The influence of the Industrial Revolution on art development
  6. Important features of late Baroque architecture
  7. The depiction of Victorian beauty standards in art
  8. The historical role of Francisco De Goya paintings
  9. Cause of the critic’s rejection of Edouard Manet’s paintings  
  10. Basic principles of Futurism

African-American history topics

  1. Slavery in the United States
  2. Black lives matter
  3. Military history of African Americans
  4. Jim crow laws
  5. Reconstruction era
  6. Great migration
  7. Afrocentrism
  8. Abolitionism in the United States
  9. Lynching in the United States
  10. Free people of colour

European history topics

  1. Night by Ellie Wiesel essay
  2. European economic history
  3. The role of romanticism in the political arena of Europe
  4. Major events that caused the Second world war
  5. Roles of women in the 18th century in Europe
  6. The role of politics in the spread of Christianity
  7. The causes of Africa and Asia’s colonisation by European nations
  8. The most prominent European philosophers of the Englightenment Age
  9. Role of radio and other means of communication during World War II
  10. Role of women in the French Revolution

Women's history topics

  1. History of Amelia Earhart
  2. What is the importance of the 19th Amendment?
  3. Popular women public speakers
  4. Women in the U.S. Civil War Era
  5. Women in the military
  6. Women’s suffrage in the U.S.
  7. Women on the American frontier
  8. The role of women in European history
  9. Famous firsts in women’s history
  10. Feminism is not just a modern movement

Environmental history topics

  1. History of the anti-nuclear movement
  2. History of cycling
  3. History of coal mining
  4. History of agriculture in India
  5. History of the jet engine
  6. History of flooding in Canada
  7. History of road transport
  8. History of sustainability
  9. History of water supply and sanitation
  10. History of waste management

Math history topics

  1. Greek mathematics
  2. Chinese mathematics
  3. Cours d’Analyse
  4. Archimedes Palimpsest
  5. Thomas Little Heath
  6. Adequality
  7. Islamic mathematics
  8. Spectral theory
  9. Law of continuity
  10. Spectral theory

 Music history topics

  1. The effect of classical music on a person’s perception
  2. Deep analysis of Bethoven’s Fifth Symphony
  3. Classical composers and film industry
  4. The contribution of radio to pop songs
  5. The connection between pop and folk melodies
  6. The effectiveness of new sounds of the 20th century
  7. The history of rock culture
  8. The Nirvana phenomenon and grunge rock
  9. Comparative analysis of Hip-hop and Jazz
  10. The concept of blues and liberation

Ancient history topics

  1. Thera in the bronze age
  2. Prehistoric Britain
  3. The silk manuscripts of the Huang-Lao
  4. Chinese civilisation
  5. Anyang
  6. The lost cities of Africa
  7. Blacks in the Bible
  8. The history of East Africa
  9. The ancient art of Tunisian ceramics
  10. Material explorations in African archaeology

Medieval history topics

  1. Civilisation and philosophy in the middle ages
  2. The orthodox church in the byzantine empire
  3. The digest of Justinian
  4. The renaissance world
  5. The black death
  6. Early medieval philosophy
  7. The beginnings of medieval romance
  8. Violence against women in medieval texts
  9. Type of society in medieval literature
  10. Aristocratic women in medieval France

Modern history topics

  1. Extremist
  2. Gandhian era
  3. Marathas
  4. European powers
  5. 1857 revolt
  6. Reform movements
  7. Subash Chandra Bose
  8. The centre for gender, identity and subjectivity
  9. The post-cold war world
  10. The Jallianwala Bagh Massacre: Causes and its impact

Canadian history topics

  1. The role of Canada in Work War I
  2. Bilingual national identity development
  3. Canadian historical role as a peacemaker
  4. Cold war in Canada and Communist fear
  5. The importance of Internment camps
  6. Manitoba schools question
  7. Causes, Impact and Results of the great depression in Canada
  8. Radical political movements in Canada
  9. The tension between French and English provinces during 1960’s
  10. The industrial revolution and the working class

Dance history topics

  1. History of dance styles/techniques
  2. Exploring identities in dance
  3. Contemporising the past: envisaging the future
  4. Dance styles during medieval and renaissance
  5. The impact of Street Dance
  6. Polka craze
  7. A history of social dance in America
  8. History of modern dance
  9. Treasures from the Cia Fornaroli collection
  10. The impact of the Misty Copeland effect

Military history topics

  1. Pride and Prejudice in the American Civil War
  2. Emancipation and reconstruction
  3. The battle cry of freedom: The Civil War Era
  4. D-day and geography
  5. The consequences after the drop of the Atomic bomb
  6. Truman and Hiroshima Cult
  7. A Child’s Memories of Hiroshima
  8. The Korean conflict
  9. History of Custer Battlefield
  10. Great Western Indian flight

Economic history topics

  1. Political economy in parliament
  2. The rise of consumer society in Britain during 1880-1980
  3. An Economic’s perspective on the British Industrial Revolution
  4. British imperialism: Innovation and expansion
  5. Women and jobs in a recession
  6. The financial crisis and recession in the global economy
  7. A history of money: From ancient times to the present day
  8. A history of the Dollar
  9. Theory of money
  10. Reducing poverty and empowering communities

Film history topics

  1. History of silent movies
  2. Evolution of animation in movie production
  3. Movies focusing on the history of religions
  4. African-American in cinematography
  5. Compare and contrast between musicals in the 19th century and musicals in the 20th century
  6. Picture Vs. sound
  7. The art of suspense
  8. Alfred Hitchcock and his impact on the film industry
  9. The importance of comics in the film industry
  10. History of sci-fi 

Go through the section to find out the topic that stands out for you. If you want more history topic ideas, just let the experts know that field that interests you the most, and they will select the most scoring topics for you.

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Here is how the experts can help you:

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