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Character Reference letters

Character Reference Letters Guide

You will be required to present a character reference letter for your friend, an employee, or someone you have worked with at some point in your career. Character reference letters will create a major difference in your career. With the help of a good recommendation letter, you will be able to achieve your dreams.

Their employers often ask candidates to offer character reference letters to get a clear sense of the person. It can be nerve-wracking for anyone who has never worked on a character reference letter. Taking a look at some of the effective examples might prove to be helpful for you. It is essential to understand what character reference letters are before you learn how to write a good character reference letter.

Browse through online reference letter samples from You will arrive at several unique character reference letters. You will be able to master your skills by learning from the samples.

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A General Overview of Character Reference Letters

Character reference letters are also known as a personal reference or recommendation letters, or letter of character. It is written by those familiar with the job applicant and thus can vouch for their skills, work ethics and characters. They are written mostly by ones who can speak to your abilities and personality. It is mostly part of the job application process, specifically for occupations requiring a high level of trustworthiness and responsibility. It is also used as part of a rental property, an application to the school, or professional organisation membership.

People you may ask for giving you a letter of character on behalf of you:

  • Managers
  • Teachers
  • Family members
  • Coworkers
  • Advisors
  • Mentors
  • Coaches
  • Friends
  • Neighbours

If you want clarity before writing a character reference letter, consult our experts, who can give you thorough guidance on a character reference letter. Once you have an in-depth understanding of a character reference letter and its format, it will be easier to write. Personal reference letter samples will also give you clarity on the basic aspects of the letter.

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How Should You Write a Character Reference Letter for Courts?

Courts need character reference letters to address the question of “who you are” in the context of offending. It gives a direct view of how a person is like in ways that no criminal lawyer may explain.

Here are a few things experts from want you to follow:

  • Be specific with adding details

Instead of adding generic terms like ‘reliable’, ‘responsible’ or ‘good’, give examples that prove how the person matches those characteristics.

  • Explain whether they have shown any remorse

Explain if the accused have shown regret or any kind of remorse by paying to the victim or doing any service? Provide detailed observations on how the accused was truly sorry for the mistake committed by him or her. Also, mention all the signs of guilt or anxiety.

  • Figure out if it is the first offence

Make sure to be careful while discussing the facts of the case in detail. There is no use in writing a character reference if the court refers to the offending as “out of character”. Do not forget to mention in the letter if you find the accused has not been accused before. You must emphasise in your writing that the accused had always led a positive lifestyle.

  • Mention sacrifices, hardships, etc. the person went through due to the offending

Do not forget to include details of all the hardships and sacrifices the offender might have. Explain how it impacts the reputation in the community, whether friends or family had disowned the accused. If there are any financial losses while paying for damages to the victim, make sure to mention them.

  • Include everything that seems relevant

The accused may be going through an extreme financial loss and thus need money or is emotionally unstable. However, avoid shifting the blame to others while doing so.

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Make sure to submit the letter as early as possible and before the date of the court hearing. As long as you follow all the pointers mentioned above, you will not face any problems with writing your character reference letter for courts. If you face any trouble with writing your reference letter, make sure to consult our assignment experts. They have helped thousands of students with creating brilliant reference letters.

A Perfect Character Reference Letter Example For You

If you need further guidance with building a perfect reference letter, our example will show you the reader's way to succeed.

Here is An Appropriate Character Reference Letter Example:

Dear Hiring Manager,

I have known Chris Wilson for over eight years. We have met while volunteering at a medical camp. He also supported me a lot with establishing my small business, increasing web traffic, and improving my website.

It’s been my pleasure to work with one of the most hardworking, compassionate, dedicated, and innovative people. What I like best about him is he will never miss an opportunity to help others. For example, while volunteering in the medical camp, one of the volunteers became very sick. Manish stepped in to fill up his position to ensure everything was moving smoothly and nothing was delayed. He even works late into the evening, thus sacrificing the entire weekend.

Chris is the type of person you can rely on in a stressful situation, and his positive attitude can be quite contagious.

Due to these reasons, I recommend Chris to be the best person to fill the marketing manager position. He will be a valuable asset to your organisation.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions.


Emily Parker


If you want to see more examples in character reference letters, is the best place for you.

Things to Remember When Writing a Good Character Reference Letter

While writing a character reference letter, you need to write it positively yet fairly about the person. Proceed with writing a good character reference letter only when you about the person well enough to speak on their behalf.

Here are the tips you need to follow for writing a good character reference letter:

  • Mention your Relationship To The Person You Are Writing For

Make sure to be clear about who you are and your relationship with the person you are writing for. Mention details like how much time you spend together and the nature of the relationship you two have met. Readers will want to know what kind of relationship you share for whom you are vouching.

  • Keep It Positive

Character reference letters are not a place to compare good and bad parts of the person’s background, personality, or lifestyle. A good character reference letter should have a positive impact on the individual. Make sure to use positive adjectives to give a positive vibe about the person. Briefly state all the relevant accomplishments for the person the reference is being written.

  • Adopt An Appropriate Tone

Maintain a formal and respectful tone while creating your character reference letter. Be honest while writing the letter for the person.

  • Find Out The Reason for Writing The letter

It is equally important to know the purpose of writing a character reference letter. They are sometimes needed for court cases, job applications, college application, potential landlords, and immigrants applying for citizenship. Learning the purpose of the letter will help you write the letter in a better way

  • Identify The Person Who Will Read Your Letter

You also require identifying the name and position of the person you are writing to. For example, suppose you are writing a character reference letter for a student, get details of the school or college they have applied to, the position they are applying for and who will read the letter. This way, you will be able to personalise your It will be more impactful when you address the letter to the right person. However, if you are not sure about the person, refer him/her with “To whom it may concern” .

  • Maintain a Proper Format

Go through the samples of character reference letters to understand the proper format. The length of the letter should fit within one page. 

Make sure to follow accurate formatting guidelines if you want to maintain professionalism in your character reference letter. It should be single-spaced along with space between each paragraph. Use traditional font styles like Arial, Times new roman or Calibri. Keep the font size between 10 and 12 points to improve its readability.

  • Mention Positive Personal Traits

Make sure to add a few personal qualities that help you understand the candidate in a better way. It will tell the readers how the candidate can benefit the company. Ensure to include qualities like positive attitude, dedication, efficiency, communication skills, leadership skills, and other soft skills.

  • Add Contact Information

Finally, you must add contact information like your personal phone number and your email address. It will add authority to the letter. It also ensures that the person receiving the letter can contact you whenever they require clarification.

  • Do a Final Edit

Before submitting the letter, go over the letter to catch any grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes your paper might have. Editing tools will make the task easier if you lack good editing skills. However, make sure to first submit the draft copy to the person on whose behalf you are writing.

How Experts Will Create Your Character Referencing Letters?

Are you curious to know what you should include in character referencing letters? Professionals from will guide you step-by-step. If you ever want to understand the process of writing a great referencing letter for someone you want to write, we are the most suitable place for you. Our experts will let you know all the specific information you need to add to the letter.

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Do you also need a guide for creating an impressive character referencing letter? We will assign top professional experts from the field who have years of experience in the field.

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