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How to Write an Executive Summary -

How To Write An Executive Summary?

An Executive summary provides an outline of a broader report's key points. It's also written to share with others who do not have time to review the entire article. Just reading the executive summary would encourage the reader to make a decision.

For executives of a company or corporation, such as Managers, department heads or superiors, an executive summary is also prepared so that they can easily access important facts and determine a plan of action.

The key aspects of the report will be outlined in an Executive summary. It should restate the report's intent, highlight the report's key points and explain any findings, assumptions or suggestions from the study. It should include enough information so that the reader can understand, without having to read it, what is discussed in the full report.

There are no clear rules on executive summary style. Companies, organisations, and instructors may need to follow specific guidelines. Study carefully the clear criteria specified in guidelines or demands for overall size, specifications for length, or word limits. All executive summaries, however, should be transparent and succinct, with a competent voice.

Steps to Write the Executive Summary

Prepare: review the report in its entirety and identify the purpose, the main points and key recommendations.

Introduce: Start with a short introduction describing the report's intent and key points.

Discuss the key points: have a standard heading for each of the main points; these headings will appear in the same order as the full summary.

Short paragraph: Write a short paragraph for each central point.

Plan of action: Discuss the implications of the recommended plan of action, while discussing advice.

Proofread: As with all forms of writing, review the whole text carefully.

A good executive summary captures the attention of your reader, and lets them know what you are doing and why they should read the rest of your business plan or proposal. Investors are not unique in reaching an initial decision based purely on reading an executive summary, so it is important to get it right. We will teach you how to write an executive summary which separates your business plan from the others.

How Lengthy should an Executive Summary be?

The general rule of thumb is to make executive summaries as brief as possible. The time and interest of your client is minimal and they want to get the specifics of your marketing strategy as soon as possible. If possible, try to keep your executive summary below 2 pages, though it may be longer if absolutely necessary.

Business Products, Services and Problems & Target Market

Include a concise overview of the product or service you are providing, and why it is required. Your company doesn't have to solve a broader social issue, so it can fix a consumer demand or a market gap.

Description about Target Market

Your target market is who your customers think they will be. Often the company name itself describes the customer, such as 'Peoria's Best Thai Food' or 'Mini Cooper Dashboard Accessory.' If not, either a quick overview of the target market—the main consumer, or the people you hope would spend money on the solution would be enough.


Given that your company has competition (every company does!), then explain quickly how your business differentiates itself. Would you compete on size , cost or something else? Describe briefly what makes your enterprise different.

Financial Overview

It might be as easy as showcasing current annual revenues and progress over the past year if you're an operating business. This may be a quick overview of goals for a startup, such as a revenue target goal for the next year, or three years from now. I also propose a basic highlights map, a sales bar and a profit margin for the next three years.

Funding Requirement

When you use your marketing strategy to raise funds for your company, your description from the executive will show how much funding you are looking for. Investors are going to want to learn that up front and not have to work into a business strategy to figure out the information.

How to Write Executive Summary for Investors

Before designing your executive summary for investor searching, consider how it ties in with your business strategy. The executive summary may be the business plan's first segment, or you may be creating a stand-alone executive summary that you intend to send out without the rest of the strategy.

A well-prepared executive summary is helpful in gaging interest in applicants for angel investing sites like Gust, AngelList and others. Introductions lead to email outline requests, not entire marketing plans, and you'll want an executive report ready to go that makes people want to see the whole package.

Think of an Executive Summary as a Pitch

Think about an executive summary as being very much like an elevator pitch, but with limits. A successful explanation introduces the remainder of the proposal, so it can't just be a quick sell — it really needs to sum up the strategy. Readers expect it to cover, at least, the company, commodity, competition and financial highlights.

Write it Last

Ideally, the executive summary is short — usually just a paragraph or two, five on the outside — and shows the points you've made elsewhere in your marketing plan, and it'll be fast and simple to save at the end.

Keep it Short

Be succinct, and short. I know specialists who prescribe one or two pages, no more than five, and often even longer. I say there's more to less. Keep it as short as possible without missing any essential elements.

Keep it Simple

Many of the corporate summaries are brief texts divided into subheadings, frequently with bullets. Illustrations such as a promotional illustration or a bar chart showing financial highlights are typically a welcome addition.

Prioritize sections based on importance

Don't hide your way. Organize a list of managers so that the most relevant details can surface first. There is no fixed order of presentation of the various main elements involved, quite the reverse, in truth-but using the order to highlight.

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