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100+ Engaging Debate Topics That Students Can Use

100+ Engaging Debate Topics & Ideas

Imagine you have a debate competition in your college within a week and you have yet to come up with a topic you or your team can work on. Well, finding the right topic to debate is crucial to winning the arguments.

But what to do when there is a lack of inspiration in terms of selecting the debate topics? We have a fix for that as well.

We have curated an expansive list of debate topics that will provide all the inspiration you need.

  • Controversial
  • Politics
  • Sports
  • Science
  • Research
  • Relationship
  • Educational
  • Social media
  • Psychology
  • Criminal justice
  • Morality
  • Parliament
  • Economics
  • Business
  • Social issues

Debate Topics For Students

Let’s start with each debate topics one by one.

Controversial debate topics

Finding controversial topics for debate can be tricky. To help you choose the proper option, we have provided with a list of topics that you can work with.

  1. President Trump's stance on gun control laws in the USA.
  2. Does the choice of abortion require government intervention?
  3. Is religious freedom a farce?
  4. Is individual privacy more significant than public safety?
  5. Should marijuana be legalised for medicinal purposes?
  6. Should there be an immigration reform that helps the immigrants attain citizenship of the host country?
  7. Gender inequality is still at large across different industries worldwide.

Debate topics for politics

If you have been struggling to come up with a suitable topic on politics for your debate, then this list might be helpful for you. Our writers will assist you with all these topics effectively.

  1. Would anarchy be better than democracy?
  2. Communism is not an effective ideology for modern times.
  3. Is the voting system in your country truly democratic?
  4. Is Britain’s exit from the European Union a wise decision?
  5. The US should not interfere in the overseas conflict.
  6. The presidential term should be limited to two years instead of five years.
  7. Politics shouldn’t enter university or college campuses.

Debate topics on sports

If you aren’t quite well-versed with sports, finding a topic to debate on will be tedious. But that won’t be a problem when you consider these topics mentioned below.

  1. The Duckworth and Lewis method in cricket should be discontinued.
  2. Should women be allowed to compete against men in sporting events?
  3. Should age be a criterion in case of the retirement of the sportspersons?
  4. The use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports.
  5. Do indoor sports have better audience reach than outdoor sports?
  6. Is there disparity among the men and women athletes?
  7. Should chess be considered a sport?

Debate topics on science

Finding the perfect science debate topics may not be easy for most of you. If you think you can use some inspiration, then you can take your pick from these topics.

  1. Is AI truly capable of transforming the quality of our lives?
  2. Should there be more government funds allocated for space explorations?
  3. Does science have a fix for rapid climate change?
  4. Is there a logical scientific explanation for the afterlife?
  5. Does exposure to science develop the cognitive abilities of children?
  6. Can religion and science ever go hand in hand?
  7. Is space exploration worth all the investment made into it?

Research debate topics

There are brilliant discoveries and breakthrough happening around the world every day. This means finding a proper debate topic for breakthrough research is pretty simple. Here are some of those topics.

  1. Should there be more emphasis on stem cell research?
  2. Governments from different countries should encourage more research on alternative energy sources.
  3. Will we ever find a breakthrough in the area of cancer research?
  4. Should there be more experiments on the genetic mutation of human beings?
  5. Should there be more research to determine if the human brain can be used to its fullest potential?
  6. Has the Darwinian theory of evolution lost its significance today?
  7. Is the potential of nanotechnology still largely untapped by the researchers?

Relationship debate topics

Are you running out of ideas to present your debate on the topics of relationship? If yes, then this list might come handy.

  1. Should infidelity be forgiven?
  2. Are millennials too casual about maintaining relationships?
  3. Is there a difference between how a man should act in a relationship as opposed to the woman?
  4. Is the concept of being self-partnered valid?
  5. Do strained parent-child relationships the cause for the development of commitment phobia?
  6. The impact of social media on relationships.
  7. Do parents forget where to draw a line when it comes to having expectations from their children?

Educational debate topics

Searching for a debate topic on education is easy today as there are many developments that are taking place in this particular field. But if you still need some guidance on the topic, listed below are some of the topics for you to explore.

  1. A college degree isn’t a parameter for having a successful career.
  2. Is it feasible for the government to make education loans more accessible to students?
  3. Will traditional learning methods soon become obsolete?
  4. Should standardised tests be discontinued?
  5. Schools should encourage students to learn multiple languages.
  6. Are teachers and professors underpaid?
  7. Students shouldn’t be compelled to wear uniforms to school.

Debate topics on social media

Social media is all-pervasive and has become an inseparable part of our lives. And in case of debate topics, social media definitely has a vast array of options.

  1. Social media usage has affected interpersonal communications.
  2. Social media has helped lift the stigma around mental health issues.
  3. Will social media marketing replace traditional methods of marketing in the near future?
  4. Social media has made it difficult for people to draw a line between the real and the virtual.
  5. Should access to social media be limited to adults?
  6. Are social media movements effective in achieving the long-term objectives?
  7. Has social media lowered the necessity for newspapers?

Debate topics psychology

Human psychology is a promising field that touches upon various intriguing aspects. So, if you’re looking for debate topics on psychology, the following are some of the options you can consider.

  1. Exposure to the internet and its influence on the emotional and intellectual development of the children.
  2. Is past trauma enough justification for a crime committed by an individual?
  3. The social acceptance of mentally ill individuals has evolved for the better.
  4. Has technology made the cognitive development of children easier?
  5. Corporate organisations today are more empathetic towards the mental health of their employees.
  6. Do only elderly people get affected by abandonment issues?
  7. Do corporate organisations in your country offer enough motivation to maintain the productivity of their employees?

Criminal justice debate topics

The subject of crime and criminal justice has often served as common ideas for debate and discussion. Presented below are some of the relevant topics that you can use for your debate.

  1. Are the laws in your country effective to prevent the crimes motivated by racism?
  2. The gun-safety laws won’t stop the criminal mindset.
  3. Do marginalised communities encounter bias in terms of seeking and accessing justice?
  4. Can juvenile delinquents be rehabilitated?
  5. The cyberspace has been the breeding ground for terrorist activities.
  6. The use of social media has made it easier for malpractices, like human trafficking, to go on.
  7. Should there be stricter laws to prevent practices like stalking?

Morality debate topics

The issues of ethics and morality again provide sufficient materials for debate and discussion. Browse through the debate topics on morality.

  1. Should prisoners be provided with the right to work?
  2. Assisted suicide should be legalised in case of terminally ill patients.
  3. Do the patients of HIV/AIDS are still forced to live in social isolation?
  4. Is our society more progressive? Or is it still clinging to a false sense of morality?
  5. The eternal struggle between science and morality. Does it still exist?
  6. Is the quality of being honest rare today?
  7. More and more people today suffer from trust issues.

Parliament debate topics

The following are some of the debate topics that should be discussed in parliament.

  1. Should the parliament take a call on the censorship of the internet?
  2. The parliament should have elaborate discussions on abortion laws.
  3. There should be proper parliamentary actions on eliminating religious fanaticism.
  4. The parliament should discuss the need for the reformation in the tuitions fees in private colleges and universities.
  5. Should parliament have a discussion on the immigrant crisis in your country?
  6. There should be immediate parliamentary actions to reduce the tax on women’s hygiene products.
  7. The parliament should actively push for the reformation of labour laws in your country.

Debate topics on economics

The field of economics comes with some of the best debate topics for students to discuss. Some of those include.

  1. Does free trade offer value or simply redistribute wealth?
  2. Should subsidies be eliminated for fossil fuels?
  3. Individuals should be taxed depending on their income.
  4. Should corporate organisations let the government take over the reins?
  5. Is progressive income tax good or bad?
  6. Does an increase in stock value help build wealth?
  7. Fiscal policy is way more impactful than a monetary policy at eliminating the recession.

Debate topics on business

If you’re trying to find a pertinent topic on business, then you will definitely find the right inspiration from here. Our academic experts will provide the right assistance on the topic the work on.

  1. Multi-level marketing should be part of a business model.
  2. Businesses should provide their employees with proper health insurance facilities.
  3. There should be more government involvement in case of small and medium enterprises.
  4. The need for equal representation of female and male leaders in the workplace.
  5. Is it alright for companies to run background checks on the employees before hiring them?
  6. Are inbound sales and marketing methods more effective than traditional marketing?
  7. Should businesses pay for optimum online visibility or adopt organic methods?

Debate topics on social issues

Various social issues provide enough opportunity for students to debate. In this case, if you ever get stuck while working on the topic, you can always rely on the academic writers from our site.

  1. The gender discrimination is still prevalent across different fields.
  2. Is nationalism more important than humanity?
  3. College campuses should be culturally diverse.
  4. The bullies and the bullied both should be treated with compassion.
  5. Peer pressure can affect the psyche of teenagers.
  6. The minimum wages of labours in your country should be raised.
  7. Is the society kind towards the rehabilitated drug addicts?

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Most Popular FAQs Searched By Students

Question: What is a debate topic?

Answer: The debate topic generally has to be arguable so that people debating on the topic can explore the different sides of the arguments. Ideally, students are given a chance to speak for or against the debate topic. Whether the students are speaking for or against the topic, it has to be validated with proper evidence to strengthen the arguments.

Question: How to introduce a debate topic?


  • Catch the attention of your audience with impactful (or startling) information.
  • State which side of the debate you’re on. After you greet your audience, concisely state the argument.
  • Maintain eye contact with audience members.
  • Speak slowly and clearly.

Question: How to prepare for a debate?

Answer: Here are a few steps that help.

  • Decide on a position you think you can stand by.
  • Mention the major points in your debate clearly.
  • Remain calm and rational at all times.

Question: How to research debate topics?

Answer: Without carrying out this step properly, you cannot hope to prove your point in a debate. Stated below are the tips to carry out the research for your debate.

  • Search for materials related to your debate topic
  • Don’t research thinking about a position just as yet
  • Include graphs and data as part of your argument

Question: What skills does debating give you?

Answer: It comes with multiple benefits that help students prosper in life. Some of those benefits are-

  • It develops critical thinking abilities
  • It allows them to organise their thoughts in a logical manner
  • The skill to develop balanced, informed arguments
  • It provides them with the opportunity to gather extensive knowledge about different areas
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