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The College Student’s Guide To A Productive Day -

College Student’s Guide To A Productive Day

If you are a college student, your morning routine can affect how productive you are throughout the day. If you want to succeed, you need to adopt healthy habits from the time you start your day to its end.

Step By Step College Student’s Guide To A Productive Day

According to research, the morning hours are when you are most alert and likely to achieve a lot if you put your mind to it. There are several things you can do to help in this regard.

#1. Sleep Early, Wake Up Early

If you sleep late, you will find it hard to maintain a great morning routine in college. You don't have to wake up early seven days a week. You can sleep in during the weekend. However, make sure you are out of bed by five every morning during weekdays. It will give you a nice head start in the day to accomplish all your daily tasks.

#2. Start with Exercise

There is no better way to start the day than by getting your adrenaline flowing. A great way to get those feel-good hormones flowing, and to get alert after waking up, is to exercise.

A short workout session of 15 or 30 minutes can keep you in an upbeat mood throughout the day. It will help you to face any challenges in a positive frame of mind for excellent results. It's also a great way to maintain a healthy and fit body in college.

#3. Take a Cold Shower

Once you exercise, get in the bathroom and have a refreshing cold shower. I see you cringing at the thought of the cold water on your skin, but it's not that bad. In fact, a cold shower is great for your body.

Showering with cold water in the morning gets your blood pumping and should be part of your daily morning routine. It will remove any lingering thoughts of sleep out of your system. According to studies, cold showers are great for skin, and they also help to burn calories.

#4. Make a Plan for Your Day

Once you are out of the shower refreshed and ready for the day, sit down and write down a schedule for your day. Its common for most people to dive into school work immediately but it's not advisable as you will end up feeling overwhelmed.

Instead, write down a list of things to accomplish and the order in which you intend to do it. Writing lists and making plans helps to organize your mind.

Make sure you consider your class schedule when planning your day. It will help you to identify the most critical tasks and prioritize them over others.

#5. Break Down Tasks and Ask for Help

Sometimes, the tasks we have to accomplish are tough. A great way to handle such difficult tasks is to break them down into achievable targets.

Do things one step at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed. You will soon find that hard tasks are only a challenge you can overcome when you take it one step at a time.

It's also important to ask for help when you are stuck. It will shorten the time you spend dealing with problems. There are always lecturers, students, and counselors in the college campus ready to help you so do not suffer in silence.

#6. Use Online Resources to Handle Your Day

These days you can learn how to do anything by researching on the internet. The internet is one of the best resources available to you in college. You can find anything you need to know whether academic or not to help you handle the challenges of college life.

Use the internet to research for the best essay help company , course materials, check for test materials, and network with your colleagues. You can also use applications online to organize your day and help you accomplish different tasks. There are apps for anything online, and it's up to you to use them to succeed at all you do in college.

#7. Spend Time with Your Study Buddies

College life will be very lonely and hard for you if you choose to navigate it alone. Out of the many students there, you can find two or three that share your way of thinking.

These friends should be academically oriented and able to partner with you in your studies. You should also get along so that you can enjoy your free time together and look out for each other.

Find time throughout the day to spend time with your college friends. A morning routine becomes easy when you are in a group. The same applies to study time and recreation time. Your study buddies can also help you when you get in trouble, or you have to face hard times.

#8. Homework and Revision

At the end of each day, take an hour to go over what you have been taught by your lecturers so far. It will help you assimilate your course material so you can pass in exams. Doing this daily will make it easy to study for exams at the end of the semester.

Also, take time to do any homework your lecturer has given you at the end of each day. You must discipline yourself to do this; otherwise, you will end up doing assignment when you should be resting at night or when you wake up instead of concentrating on your morning routine.

Just two hours are enough at the end of your day, to finish your homework and revise your course material. After that, you can rest knowing you have completed all tasks set for you by your lecturers.

#9. Make Time for Rest

Once you are through with revision and homework at the end of the day, its time to rest and relax. Your college life should not be about running around like a headless chicken.

Make time, preferably in the afternoon or early evening to do things you enjoy. It helps if you can do healthy and productive activities to relax such as playing sports or volunteering in places where you can make a difference or acquire new skills.

It's a great way to relieve stress and frustration. It also boosts your mental clarity, helps you network and will keep you motivated. If you do well, you can get great opportunities such as summer work or school scholarships.

#10. Meditate

Once you get through the day, find time to have a shower and relax. A great thing to do after your shower is to meditate. It helps to calm your mind and is one of the best ways to end a busy day. You can do it before you sleep to clear your mind so that you can sleep peacefully.

These are a few things you can do to have a productive day in college. Take it a day at a time starting with a great morning routine, and you will succeed in your studies. Don't forget to have fun because all work and no play is going to make your life in college unbearable.
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