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60 Brilliant Topics to Kick-Start Your Accounting Dissertation -

60 Brilliant Topics To Kick-Start Your Accounting Dissertation

Even if you know the factors that make a dissertation topic stand out, you may still find it difficult to zero in the final one, especially if you are working with accounting dissertation topics. But don’t worry. Our experts dedicated to accounting dissertation help have assembled 60 brilliant topic ideas which you can use for your next dissertation on accounting.

Writing accounting assignments is incredibly daunting for a student. Choosing an appropriate topic increases the difficulty by notches. Most students find it incredibly difficult to write a remarkable accounting dissertation due to lack of adequate resources and proper knowledge. The daunting journey of writing the accounting dissertation starts with finding a significant and a unique topic.

If you are struggling to choose a topic that is sure to catch the attention of the readers and enable you to write a remarkable accounting dissertation, then reading this blog is sure to put you miles ahead.

Let us discuss in details the intricacies of choosing a topic for your accounting dissertation.

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Foolproof Tips for Choosing An Amazing Topic For Your Accounting Dissertation

The ability to come up with a brilliant accounting research topic is a significant skill. Unarguably, it is never an easy task to select a valid and engaging topic for your accounting dissertation. Often, accounting students spend several days in contemplating the topic that can make their dissertation writing journey exciting and relatively easier.

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To help you out, we have provided some foolproof tips that will enable you to choose a brilliant topic for your accounting dissertation.

Let us have a look at them.

  • Choose a Relevant Topic

Undoubtedly, an accounting research dissertation is the culmination of several years of work together. You are waiting desperately to plunge deep into your dissertation writing process. However, before you begin to draft an outline, it is crucial to choose a relevant dissertation topic. One of the most effective methods is to limit the subject area of the dissertation to your particular degree. Suppose you are pursuing Financial Accounting, you cannot write a dissertation on Tax accounting.

  • Choose an Intriguing Topic

It is extremely crucial to select an intriguing topic of your accounting dissertation. It may appear as an obvious guideline, but you would be surprised at the number of students who negate this step while selecting the title. Remember that writing a dissertation is a long journey. Therefore, selecting an interesting topic will not only intrigue a reader but will also enable you to stay motivated through the entire process of writing the dissertation.

  • Look Out For a Current Topic

A remarkable accounting dissertation is one that deals with a current topic. The accounting world is constantly incorporating new theories and information. Hence, it is wise to choose a topic that reflects the finances of the world today.

  • Select a Challenging Topic

One of the remarkable ways of choosing a brilliant dissertation topic is to choose a challenging topic. It should pose complex questions that need to be answered in multiple ways. Most students negate the fact that it is useless to choose a merely descriptive topic. Taking this step also enables one to incorporate both positive and negative arguments in writing the dissertation.

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Here are some of the foolproof tips that will enable you to choose an outstanding topic for your accounting dissertation.

60 Killer Accounting Dissertation Topics

If you are having a tough time trying to zero in on a dissertation topic for accounting that would up your research game by many a notch, you can take your pick or find inspiration from the list of 60 exciting topics for accounting dissertation writing. The top dissertation writers have aided us in preparing this well-researched list of topic ideas for you, and you can be sure to score those much-coveted brownie points with your professor with any one of these. Have a look!

Finance Dissertation Topics

  • The Saudi economic reform and its impact on foreign direct investment
  • The negative impact of financial regulation on the banking system in the US
  • A comparison of the financial advancements in the Western European countries and Australia
  • Analysis of the financial crisis of 2007 – Was it avoidable?
  • What factors contribute to the financial stability in the banking systems of the developing countries?
  • Evaluation of the impact of trade blocks on financial institutions: The case of SAARC countries

Management Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • How does activity-based costing add value to a project?
  • The application of strategic management accounting in the domain of retail business
  • Management account and performance management in the wellness industry
  • A comparative analysis of the strategic management accounting practices between developed and developing economies?
  • A systematic review of cost accounting as a management tool for material flow in manufacturing firms
  • A comparative review of the liability management of two leading local banks in Australia in the past five years
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Banking Dissertation Topics

  • Digital banking problems faced by the elderly
  • How did the banks help SMEs grow in Australia in the past 10 years?
  • An Australian perspective on the key account management in the banking sector
  • The potential impact of Brexit on the ability of UK banks to attract talented individuals
  • Is the bank supervision complex enough to overcome the next big crunch?
  • Security in electronic banking transactions

Auditing Research Topics

  • The impact of auditor's liability on the accounting profession and organisations in Australia.
  • Should businesses consider conducting the audit more often than the usual?
  • Is it possible for auditors to do their jobs without any internal support?
  • An investigation into the Audits of offshore supply chain management enterprises.
  • A comparative analysis of the internal auditing function in a "non-profit" organisations and a "for-profit" organisation.
  • Globalisation of audition standards – is it really happening?

Tax Accounting Research Topics

  • An evaluation of the impact of the existing tax system in Australia on the people of the lower-income group?
  • Is taxation a human rights policy? Support your research with evidence.
  • A rationale for tax exemption of non-profit organisations
  • A review of the recent changes in health insurance taxation policies in the US.
  • Compare between the traditional and new taxation policies for dividends in the Western European countries.
  • Analysis of the re-injectionof taxes into the economy by governments

Microfinance Dissertation Topics

  • A comparative review of microfinance banks, microfinance institutions and rural support programs
  • Assess the role of micro financing in improving the national economy
  • The contribution of microfinance in empowering women
  • Does microfinance offer only an illusion for poverty reduction?
  • Compare micro-financing with the interest-based banking sector
  • Evaluate the awareness of microfinance in developing economies

Alternative Investment Dissertation Topics

  • Review the growing popularity of index and mutual funds
  • Hedge funds – return enhances of risk diversifiers? Or both?
  • Evaluate the liquidity and transparency in alternative investments
  • Is Cryptocurrency a viable alternative to high-risk or high-return investment?
  • The role and performance of Australian capital markets as an alternative source to banking finance
  • Assess the private equity market in Australia.

Risk Management Dissertation Topics

  • An analytical review of foreign exchange risk management within financial institutions in Australia.
  • Evaluate the advantages of using risk management options in the banking industry.
  • A review of the stress testing approach towards evaluating credit risk in financial institutions.
  • The effects of international risk exposures on the financial performance of Australian banks.
  • Analyse the risk management aspects of international banking activities in Western Europe.
  • Operational risk of business continuity plans in the Australian banking industry.

Forensic Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Explore the differences between forensic accounting and forensic auditing
  • Evaluate the relevance of forensic accounting in corporate finance
  • The role of forensic accounting in dealing with accounting frauds
  • Assess the state of forensic accounting in emerging countries
  • Analyse the limitations of forensic account and valuation services
  • Discuss the role of forensic accounting is busting a financial fraud in the last decade

Miscellaneous Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Role of working women in the accounting field
  • Gender bias hinders the recruitment and development of female accounts- Explain
  • Explain Accounting harmonisation in the Islamic countries
  • Effects of poor accounting methods on a company
  • Compare between the accounting systems of European and Asian organisations
  • A historical and a critical review of the conceptual framework of accounting

Pick one that piques your interest or model your topic around the similar lines of the ones that we have provided. These ideas are sure to get those grey cells in your brain working overtime to spot the topic that suits your area of interest as well the demands of the level of study the best. Good luck on wrapping up that accounting dissertation.

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