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MGT600 Managing People and Organization is an essential course for people looking towards business management and entrepreneurship. MGT600 course is all about people and how they behave at work. People can make their workplaces effective, fun, exciting, and productive places or they can make them boring, routine, and ineffective places where they dread to go. It has been accepted unanimously that it is the people that make the place and organizations behave no differently than how people within those organizations behave. While people may seem to think that creativity and innovation are benchmarks for positive organizational culture, it is the drive and motivation of people that leads to innovation and creativity.

Human beings are unique compared to other animals in terms of their linguistic abilities and creativity. Their behavior is influenced partly by genetic make-up and partly by the environment. Both internal factors such as instincts, genetic background, cognitive influences, personality traits, and external environment are important determinants of behavior. People can acquire new behavior by learning. Learning can be both formal and informal. Formal learning occurs through training and educational programs while informal learning is acquired through experience. Understanding behavior helps in managing people and organizations effectively.

Business is about people. And people need managers with a leadership mindset for success. The best managers excel at decision making, finding common ground, building on strengths, negotiation, communication, team building, adaptability, flexibility, and strategic planning. With a major in managing people and organizations, you'll explore, learn and practice the range of skills employed by today's most respected, successful, ethical leaders.

The behavior of people within organizations varies whether they are behaving as individuals or as groups. There are different kinds of organizations such as private organizations. The organizations could also be new start-ups that have different behavior than the multinationals or fortune 500 corporations. Public organizations, for-profit organizations, NGOs, and non-profit organizations and each organization have different characteristics and goals. The people of the organization behave according to the type of organization they work in.

A distinction is made in Organizational behavior and management regarding which level of the organization is being studied at any given time. There are three key levels of analysis in OB. They are examining the individual, the group, and the organization. Those who study organizational behavior are interested in several outcomes such as work attitudes, e.g., job satisfaction and organizational commitment as well as job performance. e.g., customer service and counterproductive work behaviors.

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Unit Details Of MGT600 Managing People And Organization

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code:- MGT600

Location:- Springfield, Missouri

Study level: - graduate level

Brief On MGT600 Managing People And Organization

During the module, students will receive assessments of their personality type and team interaction style. Students will also attend a team-building event and an organizational simulation exercise. The module is designed to introduce the main elements of individual and organizational behavior and human resource practices in an organization and therefore focuses on people management. The content of this module is focused on the challenges of managing individuals, teams, groups, and organizations, by examining a variety of issues inherent in modern organizations and, importantly, the skills that managers require to deal with them.

Thus, this course, MGT600 provides the students with tools that will help them become lifelong learners. Through this course, students will be able to learn vocabulary, frameworks, and critical thinking skills that would help them diagnose situations that they face in those organizations, ask tough questions, evaluate the answers that they receive, and act ethically and effectively in every situation while finding solutions.

The course has two types of assessments, formative and summative. The formative assessments are not formal tests of exams. The summative assessments have two parts, one reflective report having 70% of the total marks in the course and a group code having 30% of the total marks of the course. The module will be taught through a series of workshops, simulations, and off-site experiential learning activities.

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Weightage Of This MGT600 Course Code In Their Semester

The MGT600 course code has 100% marks in the semester. The students must score 50% in the course to pass.

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