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Explain MGMT311 Entrepreneurship Project Course Code

MGMT311 Entrepreneurship Project is a course offered by Macquarie University in Australia for graduate students, who want to begin their carrier in this field. This course unit is a capstone for major entrepreneurship. MGMT311 assignment answers course integrates the knowledge gained throughout the program and looks at how the theory is put into practice in the corporate world.

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The MGMT311 assignment answers course unit is taught through lectures and a combination of discussion, student presentations, and video presentations. During this course, students will be anticipated to read the specified text chapters, participate in discussions, participate in lectures, and complete all assessments in the academic year. In this regard, reflection is important to include a single element. As a result, active participation in exercise and discussion is important not only for the students involved but for the entire class.

To complete the MGMT311 assessment answers course, students need to be able to do research, analyze, interpret, and evaluate information and data in different forms, as well as draw connections between fields of knowledge. In addition, students should be able to associate their acquaintance with the complex conditions in their workplace or the world in order to identify and address specific issues.

In doing so, students should have the confidence to take the initiative within an awareness of their own boundaries. Students will be able to synthesize, integrate, and illustrate relevant theories from marketing, finance, and management disciplines, and implement them in the context of entrepreneurship. MGMT311 assessment answers course unit is designed to help students critically assess and implement entrepreneurship theory in real situations. Furthermore, MGMT311 assessment answers course allows students to collaborate effectively with the team to complete and create a solution in context to entrepreneurial business challenges.

Unit Details

This unit focuses on the application and synthesis of entrepreneurial knowledge in practice. Through focusing on the contemporary challenges that entrepreneurs face, students will develop and implement the knowledge they have acquired to real-world situations, for example, managing corporate entrepreneurship and start-ups ventures. The MGMT311 assessment answers course unit will develop students' skills to approve proper business strategies and models for creating and realizing opportunities outside the university environment.

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At the end of MGMT311 assignment answers course, students will be able to illustrate, integrate, and synthesize relevant theories from disciplines such as finance, management, marketing, and implement them in the entrepreneurial context. The MGMT311 assignment unit is specifically designed to allow students to assess and implement entrepreneurship theory in real situations. In addition, MGMT311 assignment answers course also enables students to successfully collaborate with the team to recognize and make a solution towards the entrepreneurial business challenges.

This course unit empowers students to be able to question, analyze, think, and combine and integrate knowledge and learning from different environments and sources. In this way, students will be able to criticize limitations, boundaries, and assumptions. Students can think methodically and independently about scientific activity in the world and the workplace. The university wants students to have a high level of information technology and scientific literacy.

In addition, students must be involved in intellectual development, breadth, depth of knowledge, and breadth of knowledge on specific subject content and scholarly understanding in their selected field to make them confident and competent in their profession or subject. Additionally, students will be able to show, if relevant, professional technical skills and fulfill the professional standards. Throughout MGMT311 course, students will be able to explain the knowledge structure of discipline in relation to entrepreneurship projects. Also, students will be able to familiarize discipline-specific knowledge with innovative situations and contribute from their disciplines to inter-disciplinary solutions to the problem.

Location: Macquarie University, Australia

Study level: Undergraduate

Unit code: MGMT311

Brief of Assessment MGMT311 Entrepreneurship Project Course Code

During the assessment, all students will be expected to assure that they will become available from the beginning to the end of the academic semester, which is the last day of the official examination time. Additionally, students will be likely to be active in class and find time to collaborate with group members outside of their scheduled classes. The MGMT311 assessment answers course consists of two types of assessment work, such as individual assignments and entrepreneurship projects to evaluate students ability in this course unit.

In MGMT311 assessment answers course, the individual assignment will cover study materials throughout the unit. This requires a carefully written response to a specific question. Moreover, the assignment needs students to perform the core research, which includes data collection and analysis from a variety of sources.

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For entrepreneurship projects, student groups must record, develop, and verbally provide authentic entrepreneurial solutions to entrepreneurial challenges offered by partner organizations (i.e., patent holders, businesses, or not-for-profit companies). The entrepreneurship project solutions should communicate with all relevant stakeholders necessary for the implementation of the project. Along with that, this assignment needs each individual student to show how the entrepreneurial project has developed and paid attention to learning and development. It is done by submitting a reflective evaluation of the project and a reflective project diary.

What is the Weightage of MGMT311 Entrepreneurship Project Course Code?

MGMT311 Entrepreneurship Project task solution course is a full-time degree course. Thus, students must attend all lectures in the class regularly and complete and submit all assessment tasks within the specified deadline. In addition, students must score a total of 50 or more (out of 100) to complete this unit.

The individual assessment carries 40% weightage and the entrepreneurship project brings 60% weightage in this unit. In the entrepreneurship project, the entrepreneurial solutions (both oral presentation and written documentation) are marked on a group basis (a total weight of 30% of the total unit marks).

The reflective evaluation and individual student diary are marked separately (total weight of 20% of total unit marks). Also, there is an individual component for oral presentation, in which all students are marked based on their presentation skills (total weight of 10% of total unit marks). Overall, the entrepreneurship project brings 60% weightage of the total unit marks. This unit will not grant any extension.

The late task for MGMT311 task solution course will be acknowledged up to 48 hours after the submission deadline. For every 24-hour delay or delay in submission, 10% will be deducted from the total granted mark for that unit (e.g., 25-hour delay in submission - 20% penalty). This penalty will not apply if an application for study disruption is approved and made.

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