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Toyota Case Study

Toyota Motor Corporation is considered to be a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer which would be headquartered in Toyota City that is in Aichi, Japan. In the year 2017 the corporate structure of Toyota was supposed to be consisting of 364,445 employees approximately and after the year 2018 the company got the world’s sixth-largest revenue. Toyota is supposed to be the world’s second largest automotive manufacturer and it produces over ten million vehicles per year which was supposed to be done since the year 2012.

This was also reported through the production of two hundred-millionth vehicle. Thus, it is known as the largest listed companies through capitalization of the revenue. It is the world’s largest market leader in sales of hybrid electric vehicle and it is one of the largest companies that helped in marking adoption for the hybrid vehicles around the globe. Therefore, the market leader in hydrogen fuel cell was also supposed to help in contributing towards the global sales where the passenger car models had been achieved.

Thus, through the case study, it can be understood that the concept of operations management would be better through comprehensive structure. It is a successful brand that is gradually developed through a trusted brand on the basis of quality along with first-class research essay help performance and also for being eco-friendly. It was also supposed to be for innovation as Toyota is regarded to be in the front position of care manufacturing innovation.

It is also used for product development and it provides an achievement in the car market through the models as it encourages the demand as well as loyalty of the Toyota brand.

It also enters the market effectively as it penetrates from both the manufacturing and the sales subsidiaries. Toyota is also stimulated through a manufacturing model worldwide as it is costly and it also requires high fixed cost. However, it also moves its manufacturing costs to a lesser direction in spite of not compromising on quality. It manufactures diverse parts presently that carries out certain assembly in diverse locations throughout the globe as it flourishes the gaining cost efficiencies through innovation.

There are certain strengths that Toyota has which are consisting of strong human resource that needs to be skilled as well as professional human resource. It makes the company grow bigger through their huge human power. On the other hand, its innovative law essay help organizational culture is considered to have advance operating system through certain functional strategies where the management system would help in leaning on the details practiced through the management.

It also has a strong brand image which is created through goodwill and that is the reason it is far ahead of its competitors. The advanced technology is considered to not only be of a car manufacturing company but it is supposed to be through an innovator. The hi-fi technology is introduced through hybrid cars that are present in the market and the green vehicle information technology help of Toyota is supposed to be adorned by the consumers in large scale where the environmental concern and the price of petrol is the main concern. The weaknesses relate to the dependence on suppliers along with not grabbing any kind of markets which provides negative publicity through poor brand recognition. Opportunities of Toyota is supposed to be comprising of the growth of the developing nations along with green vehicle technology is a growing concern for the environmental pollution.

Whereas, the threats that are inclusive of number of competitors along with certain high-priced raw materials which provide lower profits. Therefore, the continuous threat regarding the threat of exchange rates makes the individual suffer low profits as the currencies differentiate between the revenue collected based on the rate of the country.

The political factors that affect the business of Toyota is relating to the government certainty and uncertainty. It also depends upon the relations Japan have with other countries while trying to establish business in the host country. The economical factors contribute towards the border-tax rate and trade protectionist policies through the inter-governmental administration. It also causes an impact during the emerging markets as it helps in witnessing strong economic growth.

The Social factors would be inclusive of the consumer preferences that would be used for the environment friendly transportation and along with such it would be for women being permitted to drive which would make it an open market for Toyota. The technological factors are consisting of the strong focus on research as well as development regarding its security system and along with it the connected technologies that help in improving the in-car user experience.

The legal factors would be inclusive of the inconsistent regulations that would be used for autonomous and hybrid vehicles. Nevertheless, the environmental factors would be in relation to the persuasion of twin goals that would relate to zero emissions as well as zero casualties as the traffic accidents would also be of significant concern due to it being part of the environmental factors.

Thus, to conclude, it can be stated that, the Toyota Motor Corporation is supposed to be a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer which became the world’s largest automaker company through the trend of manufacturing of more than ten million of vehicles per year approximately. The capability of producing as well as manufacturing largest number of vehicles every year is considered to be due to its robust technology that also contributes towards innovation.

This helped in making a diverse product portfolio for the global supply chain which had a strong brand value as well as reputation that provided profits to the corporation. It also helped the corporation run an internal strategic system that strengthened the company as it gained competitive advantage over others. This made the corporation a trending demand as it provided Toyota with a lot of opportunities which helped in converging the production through its direction.

The global and the worldwide automotive industry along with financial service industry helped in creating competitive market strategy that developed the corporation’s work ethics and productivity. Thus, it became unique in the market as it sufficed the consumers on a daily basis.  


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