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How To Use A Scientific Calculator For Algebra Problems?

The online scientific tool available on our website is easily accessed for solving any algebraic equations. All you need to do is ensure correct formulas for math problems. However, there are specific steps that you must follow to use to access an online scientific algebra calculator.

  • Find the power button that automatically turns off after remaining unused for a few minutes
  • Add numbers with the "+" key
  • Subtract numbers with the "-" key
  • Divide numbers or convert fractions into decimals with the "÷" or "/" key
  • Multiply numbers using the "x" or "*" key
  • Press the "=" button to get an equation
  • Clear calculator's memory using the "Clear" or "AC" button 
  • Press "Backspace," "Delete," or "CE" to clear 
  • Press the "." button to create decimal numbers
  • Turn numbers into percentages with the "%" button
  • Create fractions using the bracket and division key
  • Add and subtract with the "M" keys
  • Create the inverse of a number by "1/x" or "x^-1"
  • Find the number square by pressing "X^2" or "yx.
  • Calculate the exponent of a number by pressing "^," "x^y," or "yX
  • Calculate scientific notation using the "EE" or "EXP" button

Why Use Our Free Algebra Calculator?

Solving algebraic calculation brings a lot of hindrance to your learning process. So, we are here with an efficient and effective online algebra calculator with a few easy steps. 

There are several reasons why you must not miss our algebra calculator. However, some top benefits of this magnificent algebra calculator online tool include:

  • Convenient and effective

Online algebra calculator is convenient to use due to their ease of access. All you need to do is insert numbers in the desired algebra calculator online and quickly get accurate results. Additionally, you don’t have to download the tool. 

  • Free to use

The online college algebra calculator available on our website comes free of cost. Thus, all you need is a smartphone, tablet, or laptop and a strong internet connection to use this online calculator. Unlike other websites, we don’t have any hidden subscriptions or charges. 

  • Variety of calculations

With our free algebra calculator, students can conveniently fetch solutions for area, volume, percentages, conversions, solving quadratic equations, etc. Hence, our algebra solver allows you to solve mathematical computations in a few steps. 

  • Accurate and fast

The college algebra calculator available on our online platform is not only fast but also offers 100% accurate results. Thus, it helps students to save time and complete their homework timely without any struggle.

  • Builds skills

With our online algebra solver & calculator, students can spend more time learning different math concepts and can focus on understanding the concepts and real-world applications of an algebraic equation.

  • Boost confidence

College algebra calculator is not only easy to solve a mathematics problem. But it also helps to reduce fear of learning math and increases confidence in this subject.

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What Can You Do With Our Algebra Calculator?

The online Scientific algebra calculator available on is the right choice for you. Besides solving complex algebraic equations, this magic tool has multiple other usages. Thus, our algebra solver comes with a variety of functions. Therefore, ensuring the following steps, this scientific tool offers the best solution.

  • The mathematical problem can be solved with the algebra calculator using the correct syntax
  • The direction of keys on the algebra calculator should be kept as same as the direction on a standard calculator
  • The input key on the scientific algebra solver has to be pressed first, followed by the mathematical operator key
  • Incorrect input should be rectified before solving a problem, or else it can lead to wrong calculation.
  • Algebra calculator online offers different storage functions are such as memory and register
  • Apart from the algebraic equation, this scientific algebra calculator is also used to solve different concepts like geometry and trigonometry


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Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you do algebra on a calculator?

If you are facing several challenges in manually calculating algebra, access to an online calculator available at So, this automated calculator works with a few effortless steps and will easily fetch solutions for an algebra problem. Thus, this tool comes free of cost; you are charged just for the premium version. 

  1. What are the steps for solving algebraic equations?

The following steps will provide a suitable method for solving algebraic equations:

  • Simplify each equation by removing parentheses and combining like terms
  • Use addition or subtraction to isolate the variable term on one side of the equation
  • Use multiplication or division to solve for the variable
  1. What is an algebra calculator?

The Algebra Calculator is an online scientific calculator to solve an algebra problem. This automated calculator offers easy steps to check your homework problems online. Thus, you can get a 100% accurate solution at your fingertips with a few steps.

  1. How much does the algebra calculator cost?

The online algebra calculator from the reputed website like comes free of cost. However, only for premium features you will be charged. Moreover, you can fetch accurate results with the free version itself. Hence, we offer you an advanced online algebra calculator free of cost.

  1. What Are The Best Free Online Tools For Students?

The concept of maths is very vast. It is not just concerned with algebraic equations. Although the algebra calculator available on our website comes with the best and excellent features to solve any mathematical concepts, yet other online tools are also available in the market. Therefore, the best and free tool that helps learn maths in a much better way includes:

  • Desmos

Desmos is a free online tool that offers functions like scientific and graphing calculators. It also carries a wide variety of fully interactive with fun classroom lessons.

  • Cymath

Cymath is the best free, user-friendly problem-solver online tool. It offers a step-by-step solution for any mathematical problem and covers basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, graphing, and more.

  • TES

If you are looking for help with worksheets and report templates, then TES online tool is the perfect for you. It also comes with standard materials that include lesson ideas and topics, which can be helpful to boost your skill levels. 

  • Math Goodies

Math Goodies is a free online tool that offers diverse learning features, with free puzzles, articles, and word problems to complement the lessons. Additionally, you can access this tool to create custom worksheets. 

  • Math-Aids

Online Math-Aids is the perfect choice to learn mathematics in a single go. It offers excellent help in more than 100 topics, along with 1,200 unique worksheets. It is also best to generate word games and problems, accommodating diverse learning patterns.

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