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Social Media Essay

Writing A Social Media Essay: Key Fundamentals & Insights

Social media is quite prevalent today, and almost everyone you know has an account on various social media platforms. While social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great to pass the time, they are also a source of a wide range of topics to help students create top-notch social media essays.

Social media allows users to exchange information and build communication, removing geographical barriers. However, whether social media is a blessing or curse for humankind remains the top argumentative social media essay topic.

In this guide, we'll discuss many tips for writing a social media essay, give you the correct essay structure, and discuss social media's positive and negative effects. Writing a social media essay will longer be a challenge if you refer to this guide.

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Structuring A Social Media Essay

Just any other essays – be it descriptive, argumentative or persuasive, essay about social media also follows a standard structure – a solid introduction, informative body paragraphs, and a cohesive conclusion.

· Introduction

Start your social media essay with a strong introduction, introducing the main idea with some background information and its relevance to the given social media essay topic. Next, write a compelling thesis statement with a suitable hook to grab your reader’s attention. Make sure it’s specific and debatable.

· Body paragraphs:

The main body represents your arguments with relevant evidence. Each paragraph highlights a new idea and develops the discussion accordingly. Always write a good introductory line for each section to help your readers follow your ideas.

· Conclusion:

The social media essay conclusion summarises your argument, highlighting the main points from each of the body paragraphs. Restate the thesis statement without copy-pasting the entire text. Rephrase it without changing the main idea of the question.

Persuasive Essay About Social Media: An Example

Writing a persuasive essay about social media will be no deal if you are skilled at writing other academic papers. Follow the guidelines and writing norms of writing a compelling essay to curate a flawless social media essay. Here's a short example of a persuasive essay about social media and its impact on mental health:

"…While there are ample positive sides of social media, the negative side of the story is quite alarming. Reports show young people are the most affected of the group with weak mental health and poor personality development. Why is it so? It's mainly because the young people don't know when to hit the stop button.

Cyberbullying is one of the most obvious dangers of excessive use of social media. Innocent children fall prey to dangerous rackets, causing severe personality damage. Another adverse effect of social media is young adults' constant need for social acceptance. It falls on the parents to monitor their ward's screen time and educate them on social networking dangers. With parental control and support, kids can avert severe mental and personality damage...”

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Advantage And Disadvantage Of Social Media: Excerpts From Social Media Essays

If you are asked to write the advantage and disadvantage of social media in an essay, you can use the compare and contrast essay format to present your idea. The following excerpt will give you a basic idea of writing positive and negative effects of social media essays.

"…Social media can offer ample benefits to its users. It is now the easiest way to communicate with people worldwide and stay connected with your idols and close ones on other continents. From sharing media files to exchanging ideas and thoughts, social media has opened doors to endless possibilities.

Hundreds and thousands of businesses use different social media platforms to promote their products and services. It has helped countless small scale businesses to survive in the competition and build a solid customer base from different parts of the world.

While social media is a blessing in disguise, it can cause significant damage if not used carefully. Since most of the users are constantly browsing, it has damaged their relationships. In search of likes and positive feedbacks from strangers, most of them have forgotten the love of their close ones. With reduced one-to-one communication, young adults are losing attachment to the real world…"

Tips On Choosing The Right Essay Topic On Social Media

Whether you are writing on the cause and effect of social media or why social media is bad, your essay should highlight the critical points in a simple, straightforward way. Make sure you keep in mind these tips while shortlisting social media essay topics.

· Pick something you believe in:

While choosing an essay topic on social media, select a topic of your interest, in which you can provide strong stances with relevant evidence. Whether it highlights the negative or positive effects of social media, your essay should be backed by solid evidence.

·        Avoid too broad/narrow topics:

Choosing a broad topic increases your chances of loopholes. Then again, if the social media essay topics are narrow, your paper won’t be an informative one. Hence, select a topic that helps you present the argument without much complexity.  

· Research to gather convincing evidence:

If you genuinely want to justify your social media essay topic, dig deep to gather sufficient data. Check if your shortlisted social media essay topics have enough resources to support your opinion and counter the opponent.  

· Refer to sample write-ups for ideas:

While selecting social media essay topics, go through some of the social media essay samples available online. Read them carefully to understand the format and writing style. Refer to those topics and try to brainstorm ideas for your essay on social media.

15 Social Media Essay Topics You Should Bookmark Right Away

  1. Social media and its impact on youth
  2. Social media and its significance in communication
  3. Facebook: a blessing or a curse
  4. Is social media a social problem or a solution?
  5. How to overcome social media addiction?
  6. How has social media transformed the world?
  7. Social media and its role in human trafficking
  8. How is social media aiding cyberbullying?
  9. What would a day without social media be like?
  10. Should academic institutions ban social media?
  11. Social networking is crucial for a better career prospect.
  12. Impact of negative social networking on personal relationships.
  13. Is privacy a myth in social networks?
  14. Social networks are an effective tool for world peace.
  15. Should governments control social media networks?
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