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Research Paper Outline

Best Way To Understand Research Paper Outline

A proper research paper definition will be structuring main thoughts and adding them in a proper sequence. But students like Jordan, who tends to neglect research paper have to suffer in the end. They ended up taking a long time arranging all the facts and ideas. Taking too much time than usual is not going to be good, especially when you are asked to complete your research paper project in a specific deadline.

The outline will form the backbone of the research paper. It will be the foundation of the whole research paper which will guide you throughout the writing process. It helps you arrange the ideas in a proper sequence. The readers will easily be able to take a quick glance at all the points you have mentioned in the research paper service.

By forming different sections or dividing them with bullets, your research paper will become more organised, and there will not be any fear of missing out on any sections. Your research paper will not be perplexing or overwhelming anymore.

If you need help with a research paper outline, is the perfect destination. You will get appropriate answers to “What is qualitative research paper outline” or “What is quantitative research paper outline?”From how many pages a research paper should be to every instruction will be followed by our hardworking academic writing experts.

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Perfect research paper outline format

When you know all the important parts in a research paper, it becomes much easier and quicker to outline research papers. Further, it will guide you with creating a perfect research paper outline format. Make sure you read all the rules and regulations listed in the guideline before formatting your research paper outline. Different fields demand different citation styles such as MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard etc., and you be aware of it before you start preparing the outline of the research paper.

Below, we will mention a few types of research paper basic outlines.

1. Alphanumeric outlines

This is considered to be the most common type of outline since readers can instantly recognise this type of outline format. This type of format will include the following characters:

  • Roman numerals
  • Capitalised letters
  • Arabic numerals
  • Lowercase letters

If you feel your outline will require subdividing beyond these divisions, you will have to use Arabic numerals within parentheses and then use lowercase letters inside parentheses. This is an excellent outline format for a research paper if you do not want to miss any key points.

2. Full sentence outlines

This type of research paper outline format is quite similar to the Alphanumeric outline. This type of research paper format will be required at each level of the outline. This type of outline format is usually used for preparing a traditional essay.

3. Decimal outlines

Decimal outlines show how each part of the paper is closely related to the rest of the paper. This is a type of research paper outline which uses decimals to note subheadings and headings

Whether you are creating a research paper outline format of introduction or research paper conclusion outline format, you need to first consider the type of research paper outline structure you want to use for your paper. Experts from are thorough with the specific requirements of each type of research paper outline format. You will get a precise, structured solution if you plan on seeking help from our service.

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Expert's Guide on how to write a research paper outline

Your research paper outline is like a plan for your future research. Its purpose is to showcase your understanding as well as the vision of your research paper. It will prevent students from making mistakes from their work. In this blog, we will discuss core sections while creating an outline for your research paper.

Here are the following sections you must include in your research paper:

Title page

Your title page will be the first page of your research paper. Your title page will include your name, your institute’s name, and the topic of your research.


Abstracts usually involve the main idea and the research question. However, ensure that you do not give away too many information in your abstract page


The introductory paragraph will include the main concepts and will also discuss the main concepts which you are going to discuss in the body paragraphs. Make sure you start with a hook sentence to engage the readers. Also, mention the main reasons for choosing the topic and how you are planning to conduct your research.

Thesis statement

When you are: creating a research paper outline with building strong thesis statements is very important. Writing a thesis statement will give you clarity about your research paper question. It will state the purpose of the whole research paper. They are required to be brief and must tell about the research findings.

Body paragraphs

This is the lengthiest section in a research paper which includes main ideas, background information, argument your research findings. Your body paragraph will have the following pattern:

Literature reviews

You will discuss the main ideas of your research paper in this section. Discuss how your point of view is relevant to the study. It will include all the relevant studies on the topic.

  • Research methodology
  • Research findings and analysis
  • Limitations of the research


This will be the final paragraph of your research. It will include important details about your research findings. Do not add any new idea in this paragraph. You must show the impact of your thesis statement and must state whether the research findings are related to your hypothesis.


Your reference list will include all the works that you have mentioned in your research paper. You must ensure all the information that you have added in your research paper is perfectly cited


Your bibliography will include all the details of every study and book that you have consulted during the research process.

Creating a perfect research paper outline will not be a cakewalk. You must include all the sections discussed above to ensure you have a proper structure for your research paper outline. If you find this to be a difficult task, you can consult the experts anytime. They are adhering to all the format of the research paper outlines, and you will have proper guidance on how to outline the research paper accurately.

An Appropriate Research paper outline example

An example of a research paper outline can help us understand the specific needs of each section. A lot of students prefer looking at a research paper outline before they do it on their own. However, make sure you read the guideline to understand whether you are asked to do a research paper outline in APA Chicago style.

Here is a basis research paper outline template;

1. Introduction
  • Hook sentence
  • Definition, history and description
  • Thesis statement
  • Purpose of the research paper
  • Information sources
  • Working definitions (if needed)
  • Limitations of the report
  • Scope of coverage (sequence of major topics in the body)
2. Body paragraphs
  • Argument 1 
  • Argument 2
  • Argument 3 and so on
3. Concluding paragraph
  • Summary of main points
  • Personal viewpoints
  • Ending on a strong note

Skipping the outline structure will not be a good idea, especially if you want to write a flawless assignment. If you want to see more research paper outline examples, you must take a look at the long list of examples provided by Whether you want to see the research paper outline in MLA or in Harvard, our experts are thorough with the rules of all citation styles.

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