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CHCAGE001 Facilitate The Empowerment Of Older People

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Section B: Knowledge Activity (Q & A)


It has been widely known that ageing significantly affect the humans and older people often experience both physiological as well as psychological functioning decline that significantly impact their life. The physiological as well as psychological conditions among elderly population include vision problem such as cataracts as well as refractive errors, osteoarthritis, hearing loss, back and neck pain, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Moreover, heart disease, brain diseases are also common at older age. As humans age, they are more tend to experience multiple situations at the same time (, 2021). It has been seen that; ageing might cause significant impact on the ageing population. Many old assumptions about senior citizens exist, which can cause isolation as well as marginalization in many areas. Flexibility and agility gradually diminish as people age, making regular tasks more difficult to execute. This can make some people increasingly self-sufficient, prohibiting them from becoming social, pursuing interests, or actively participating they like. More intervention is required to help older people not just function normally by offering goods and services and programmes on safety, balance, health, and mobility, but also to makes sure that they have the opportunities to enhance as individuals (, 2021).


1: Person-centered Care: This care is based on the needs of the patient and treat the patients with respect and dignity and involving them in the care process.

2: Palliative Care approach: Palliative care can be referred as "an approach to enhancing the living quality of the patients and their family members who are dealing with challenges related to life-threatening illness by preventing as well as alleviating suffering through early diagnosis, accurate assessment, as well as treatment."

3: Right-based approach: The competence of duty-bearers to execute their obligations is strengthened by a rights-based strategy, which also enables rights holders to claim their rights. Each and every right must be recognized, safeguarded, and realized.


From the aspect of gender, it can be seen that overall, both genders such as male female experiences sexuality and gender issue. The reason is that the older patients experience a major decline in the sexual activity with age, and lose their sexual interest as well as the quality of sexual life which appear to be consistently greater in men in comparison to women (, 2022). Orgasms would be less powerful in old age than in youth, which is a natural physiological shift. Sexual and orgasmic dysfunction is frequently linked to chronic illness rather than ageing alone, which explains why chronically ill people report worsening sexual and orgasmic quality at any age.


Two strategies that can be taken up by the older population are: 1: Following healthy diet and 2: Doing physical exercise regularly. These two strategies might help an older person to avoid risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other chronic conditions.


While caring for an older adult the Legal obligations incorporate duty of care as well as adhering to the laws and regulations. These two strategies might help people in understanding ethical codes and govern the area of the practice.


Physical – Bruises and Cuts.

Sexual- Pelvic injury, Stained underwear.

Psychological- Depression and panic attacks.

Financial- Missing belongings or property and large bank withdrawals.

If I suspect that this type of abuse is happening among older population, then the first role will be calling the legal authority for legal actions against the abuser as well as incorporating the non-government organizations work for elderly abuse and health care personnel to improve their physical health as well as mental health.


I am just speculating, but I don't think there should be any issues if one is calm, respectful, and treats others with kindness. I believe that individuals should be open to listen to older people who have more life experience, but this must be reciprocated. Perhaps they were not raised to have positive interactions with the elderly. I believe that most difficulties may be avoided by having a positive, friendly, and respectful attitude toward people of all ages. Be a good listener and express gratitude when it is due. While working with elderly I should take up positive attitude and incorporate activities such as physical exercises, healthy diet, increase interaction with other people, engaging them with the activities they like. Moreover, I will take up other positive attitude such as treating them with respect, dignity and delivering person centered care would help them greatly towards healthy ageing.

In this context, the student need to done all the assessment (such as CPR) by his/her own and then need to record the observation. Hence, as per instruction, not discussed here. 


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