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NUR2101 Nursing

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Describe the Following Points:

Demographic Profile

Psychosocial Profile

Community Infrastructure, Goods and Services

Health Services and Resources


There are two part of the healthcare system of Australia that includes the public and private healthcare system. The public healthcare is funded by the tax of the people and the private health system is funded by the patient or through health insurance.

  • The health system is organized by multifaceted network
  • The public and the private are the main components of the health system
  • The government provides the basic guidelines
  • Fund is collected by both public and private source
  • The healthcare department regulates the health service
  • High source of funding is the strength and high cost is the weakness

The main challenges in the Australian healthcare system are to have a perfect planning system that can help to reduce the overall cost and treatment of the healthcare system.

The term public health is defined as the way that is used to prevent all types of infectious disease that occurs among the population. The public health also consists of all the strategies that are aimed to improve upon the overall healthcare system. With the help of the policies related to public health system, it is possible to overcome all the health challenges that are encountered by the population.

The government plays an important part in the healthcare system and the policies that are implemented in the public system. The components of the public health include the geo-politics that differ from different areas as the health status of the population of an area depends on the lifestyle of the local population. The stakeholders of the public health include primary health workers and also the general physicians. The policies that are made by the government are made according to the data that is being collected.

Epidemiology is one of the main components of the public health that can help to define upon the medicine that is needed to improve upon the population health. The pattern and the cause of the disease are also analyzed with the help of epidemiology and thereby it is possible to define upon the policies that can help to deal with the consequences of the disease. The evidence based practice is one of the major components that can help to identify the risk factors that are involved with each of the public infectious diseases. It also helps in the policies that are needed to be implemented in order to deal with the consequences of the infectious diseases.

The epidemiology also depends upon the types of the diseases and also upon the pathogens that are involved in the disease.  

The measurement is one of the major components of the epidemiology that can help to provide detail information related to the components of the population health. These parameters of the measurement are the primary importance that can help on to define upon the status of the local health. Few of the important parameters include the infant mortality ration, average age of the population, sex ration and many more. It is also important to measure the total number of people, who get infected by a particular disease. Hence, it will be possible to identify the overall mortality rate that is associated with a particular type of disease.

It is important to have a clear idea about the formulae that is used in the statistical data of the health care, which will help to ensure that all the components of public healthcare are properly measured.

Assessment is one of the most important components of the community or population health that can help to define upon the challenges that are encountered by the population. It is also possible to make proper use of the resources that are used in the particular case. The overall strength of the community helps them to deal with all the challenges of the health care. Proper identification of the risks that are associated with the healthcare service is also one of the important components of the healthcare.

Good assessment techniques are required that can help to properly measure the components of the community healthcare.


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