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MKT201 Integrated Marketing Communications

Published : 25-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Develop your ability to critically evaluate current IMC programs and to provide solutions based on learned IMC theories and concepts. This is a great opportunity to practice your planning skills in developing an IMC campaign with inclusion of budgetary and timing constraints. 
You are required to design a 6 month IMC program for Samsung’s redesigned message addressing the recent “exploding battery” crisis. To make your learning experience as close as possible to a “real” word business, you are restricted to a budget of $50 000.


Advertising- One of the most essential marketing communication goals is the advertising of the products of Samsung.  Sales promotion- Sales promotion is enhanced using marketing communication. Public relation- The relation with the customers are enhanced. Loyalty programs and rewards are given in order to enhance public relations.  Direct marketing- Samsung is involved in direct marketing with the customers. The products are directly sold to the customers.  
Consumer brand awareness- More customers are attracted towards the brand with effective marketing communication mix.   This helps in retention of customers as well as attracting new customers. Word of mouth marketing- This is a powerful marketing tool.  The word of mouth is the marketing tool in which the users of the products, endorsed the brand image.    Personal selling- Personal selling uses people for the promotion of the products of the company after face-to face meeting with the customers.  Enhancement of brand image- The brand image of Samsung is enhanced with marketing communication mix.  Thus, brand loyalty is also achieved.   

Target audience 

The target audience for the Samsung smart phones and the televisions are the common people all over the world.  The prices of the products are reasonable and hence easily consumed by the targeted audience.   Media mix is essential tool for promotions Essential for enhancement of business Attracts more customers Enhances brand image Increases publicity 
Out of the allocated $50,000, budget allocated for each media are: Hoardings ($10,000)- could be seen by all Leaflets ($5000)- Distributed only in crowded market places Loyalty programs ($15,000)- Only meant for the loyal customers Social media ($10,000)- Could be reached to the customers who are on the various social media Television ($10,000)- Reached to all 
Hoardings- Once every month, in 5 top locations Leaflets- Every weekend at shopping malls Loyalty programs- Twice every 7 months  Social media- Twice fortnightly  Television- 20 times every alternative day Hoardings- For 1 year, before the contact is further renewed. Leaflets- For three months before launch of a product and three months after the launch. Loyalty programs- Every year during off season.  Social media- Contact renewed every year.  Television- For every 6 months before the launch of a product and 1 month after the launch. 
Formative Assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign The campaign strategies are reviewed Message to the customers are reviewed The goals that were supposed to be achieved are analyzed Necessary changes in the strategies are made for the future  
Developmental Evaluates campaign design Evaluates campaign innovation Analyses complexity of the approaches Identifies the uncertain and dynamic circumstances Review of the campaign mid-way, to understand the success of the campaign Summative Measures the outcomes of the campaign Evaluates whether the actual outcome is the desired one Assesses the impact of the campaign on the target audience Highlights the changes in the policy if any Evaluates the long-term effects of the campaign.
Measures the community level changes Changes in the behavior and buying decisions of the customers are also highlighted  Survey of the customers could be done to evaluate the outcome of the campaign 


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