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MKT201 Integrated Marketing Communications

Published : 16-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Develop your ability to critically evaluate current IMC programs and to provide solutions based on learned IMC theories and concepts. This is a great opportunity to practice your planning skills in developing an IMC campaign with inclusion of budgetary and timing constraints.

Based on your report findings in assessment 1 and your creative brief, you are required to design a 6 month IMC program for Samsung’s redesigned message addressing the recent “exploding battery” crisis. To make your learning experience as close as possible to a “real” word business, you are restricted to a budget of $50 000.


The marketing communication goal would be to improve the brand image of Samsung and clear the miscommunication generated regarding the Samsung Note 7 incidents. The aim of this campaign is to ensure that Samsung phones are completely safe to use and they have been prepared by adhering to all safety compliances.

Redesigned message

Samsung has won the best global brand award in the year 2015. We apologize for your bad experience regarding the exploding battery crisis of Note 7. Please be aware that we take utmost care in designing our products and our mobile handsets comply with the industry safety compliances. We assure you that we would provide you world class products with zero defects.  

Key target audiences

The key target audiences would include the people from age group 15 to 45. The key target customers are people who follow latest technology trends.

Choice of Marketing Communication Mix

 Advertising- Detailed advertising in TV, hoardings, Radio advertisements, Online advertising

Public Relations- Event Sponsorships, Public speaking

Direct Marketing- Word of mouth advertising, Distribution of pamphlets/brochures

Sales Promotion- This would be done through the use of social media promotion

6-month media schedule

Type of Campaign



Budget ($)



2 million

4 times a day


1st month


3 million



1st month

Radio advertisements

1 million

5 times a day


2nd month

Online advertising

4 million

7 days


2nd month

Event Sponsorships

0.5 million

2 events per month


3rd month

Public speaking

0.5 million

3 events per year


4th month

Word of mouth advertising

1 million



5th month

Distribution of pamphlets/brochures

1 million

3 times in 15 days


5th month

Social media promotion

4.5 million

25 days


6th month

Three campaign evaluation methods

The three campaign evaluation methods that would be used to evaluate the Integrated Marketing Communication is done as under-

Process evaluation- Campaign evaluation would be done which would measure the direct as well as indirect outputs. The degree of goal accomplishment would be measured

Outcome evaluation- It would assess outcomes within the target audience as an output of the campaign strategies as well as activities.

Impact evaluation- This level would measure the community level changes so that aggregate results of the campaign is achieved. The effects on the campaign on the individual behavior and behavior sustainability would be measured. There would be also attempts which would explore the effects brought in by the campaigns?

Some questions for asking-

Which message worked for the audience?

Which form of campaign provided maximum results?

What are the outcomes achieved from each marketing mode?

Was the targeted number of people reached?

What was overall customer reaction regarding Samsung?

What are the views of customers against Note 7 mishap?

Has there been any affective changes in customer belief?


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