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MGT302 Leadership

Published : 19-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


Explain the importance of self-awareness and how to recognize blind spots. Identify major personality dimensions and understand how personality influences leadership and relationships within organizations Clarify your values, and recognize how values guide thoughts and behavior Define attitudes and explain their relationship to leader behavior Explain how perception affects the leader-follower relationship Recognize individual differences in cognitive style Describe how to lead and work with people with varied personality traits.


In the first week the concepts and points pertaining to the types and notions of leadership have been talked about. The learning began with the paradigm of leadership followed by the difference between old paradigm leaders and the new paradigm leaders.  The leadership quality has been taken into linkage with the management vision and leadership characteristics.  The major concept that has been taken into account during this week has remained the characteristic traits and the qualities of leadership. 

The key areas for learning for me are the theories associated with the leadership traits.  I have learned that leadership traits can be identified and framed within specific theories. These are trait theories, great man theories, behavior theories contingency theories, influence theories and relational theories.  Incorporation of different theories in their specific aspects has been a greater part of my learning. I got to learn how effective the theories are to be taken into certain consideration in order to incorporate the leadership management policies.  The skill development policies can be linked with the leadership qualities.   I have learned that the relational theories can be incorporated to the organizational learning confirming high performance culture and shared vision.  This has remained structured with era 4 of the leadership paradigm.    

I personally believe that the learning points can be taken into consideration with the effective facts from the entire case pertaining to the effective changes in the value point of the regular assurance policies. It has been studied that communication and interaction plays an important role to excel organizational development.  The key factor of leadership quality ought to be effective communication system within an organization. 

In my point of view, leadership functionality can be bridged with individual characteristic trait.  I would personally develop the question pertaining to the concept of leadership in specification with contingency theory. Since contingency theory provides us with the concept pertaining to the change in terms of creating a conceptual understanding of the entire understanding of the basic culture.  

  1. Practice acts of leadership
  2. Emulation of eminent leaders
  • Looking for Mentors for the provision of Feedback
  1. Constant strive to develop leadership trait

I lack certain traits that need to be taken care of effectively. I lack the skill of integrity and the ability to meet the close deadlines. However, from the aforementioned lecture notes, I have been learning to develop my character in such a way that I can integrate my skill with the learning to entail productive approach.

From the aforementioned learning I have come to this conclusion that the prime characteristic of leadership needs to be contemplated for the purpose of meeting the organizational goal.  I hereby need to identify the leadership potential through the usage of paradigm and in case of setback I need to focus on the process of development.

Through intervention and innovation I can apply the theories of leadership upon my personal dive. Since this has been taken as challenge for my individual and personal development plan, more number of effective endeavors as a leader ought to be generated. I can apply contingency theory while approaching to the staff I am working with.  This would not only bring them under a common shade of working, but would also facilitate them with effective work culture. 

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