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MGMT 20144 Management and Business Context

Published : 13-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Provides students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of management and business contextual theories, concept and models through the analysis of an existing business organisation. The assignment requires you to analyse the current situation and suggest practical and probable solutions to improve organisational performance. The secondary purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to collaboratively apply your research, analysis, critical thinking and oral communication skills, particularly the ability to present a business analysis.


Globalization on refers to the transformation of the world where the people are going away from the countries which are self constrained and hoping for a more integrated life and world  (Dunning, 2014; Beck, 2015). 
A global electronics and electrical business  Having turnover of Euro 53 billion  Gives employment to more than 45 thousand people  Having headquarter in Bracnell (, 2017; Benyon & Dunkley, 2014). 
It carry out its operation in 190 countries  Executives in Germany in the world takes decisions for the shareholders of Siemens  For the company it is not efficient to manufacture and design products in all the countries (Dunning, 2014); Baron, Warnaby & Hunter, 2016. 
It is a business which is multi-sector. It has specialized in exploring new ways to bring improvements in the quality of life and work.  It contributes importantly to the economy of UK and renders a variety of jobs (, 2017; Beck, 2015). It is having the turnover of Three billion pounds which is contributing to the 97 million profit to the group (, 2017; Beck, 2015). 
The price of the company’s product which is supplied from one place to another, because of currency changes  In Europe, the company has become expensive that the competition of United States (Sassen, 2013; Fung, 2016). 
Globalization posses challenges to the organization  where the organization needs to compete with the organization of other countries in terms of investment.  In the United Kingdom, Siemens work with a new strategy. (, 2017). 
The organization Siemens is having an aim to satisfy the needs of the global markets’ range.  The companies of the organization reports to its parent company situated in Germany (Erchardt et al., 2013) Siemens carry out at a range of 30 businesses within the United Kingdom  The business in the United Kingdom decides the best ways to meet the local needs (Laroche & Oark, 2016).  
To speak of world, local or regional based economies. The resource’s world movements are the important factors. The growth of bigger blocs of the economic power are taking place due to the globalization.  Simens organization  plays a vital role while working with both the tertiary and manufacturing sectors. Turnover is extracted from he manufactured goods at 48% and 53% services. (, 2017); Armstrong et al., 2015.  
Siemens in the United Kingdom designs the magnets of super conducting for scanning the body in worldwide.  More than a third hospitals in the worldwide hospitals have MRI scanner.  The management system of Simens are made in UK and exported to other countries (Sassen, 2013. 
Siemens in the face of globalization and in order to increase its competitive advantages, it is establishing hospital IT and management system of energy.  The company recruits managers (, 2017). 
Conducting business in the contemporary marketplace is both defensive and offensive play (Sassen, 2013; Fung, 2016). It is important for the organization to take into account the size of the international markets.  The company needs to fulfill the demands of the customers (, 2017; Crane & Matten, 2016; Hill et al, 2013). 


The aim of Simens is to become profitable as it works with a  huge electrical equipments across the world. In terms of its turnover, the Siemens is considered to be as the third biggest market. The culture of the company encourages better methods to meet both international and local meets. Siemens as a whole is a responsive and dynamic business.  


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