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MGMT20130 Operations Management And Business Analytics

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You are required to analyse the current situation, identify key operational problems within the organisation, and develop a set of recommendations that, when implemented, will overcome the identified problems without creating new ones.

  • Development of an action plan to implement your recommendations over an 18-month periodCritical analysis and integration of relevant academic insights from at least fifteen (15) academic journals.


BPO known as business process outsourcing. The outsourcing of business features by white collar and employee of the organization to get the many benefits as such cost saving, provide better quality, and ability to focus on competitors. Business processing unit includes outsourcing process that are essential for smooth process of firm.  Customers of the company transfer the whole responsibility of the function to the vendors who are responsible for the guaranteed standard service quality. These process as such customer’s services, payroll procedure.The following trends were observed by the researcher in BPO industry:

Now a days India is becoming a most desired place for offshore BPO. BPO industries are outsourcing there business I various countries. One of the important derivers in BPO industry is cost saving.

Analysis the current situation of health and welfare service delivery process

Concept of the health and welfare service delivery process:

The EBO gathering's Health and Welfare Service Delivery Process controlled homeopathic, dental, vision, and survivor advantage gets ready for its 18 customer firms. As a result, the EBO collection performed regulatory assignments, for example, giving help to workers selecting in company sponsored benefit designs, changing advantage choices, refreshing zone data, and giving answer to concerning scope that were in the past performed in-house by its customers' human asset departments. Interestingly, the workers of its customer firms were regularly unaware of the way that they were really conversing with an outsider, not a man who is working in their organization human resource office.

The group of EBO interact with its customer associations on two levels. At the authoritative level, customer organization furnished the EBO group with a week by week refresh of the Employment Record. This database recorded all workers, their place, business status (e.g., full time, for short time, rusticate, health leave), compensation, 'et cetera. The EBO used utilized data in the database to decide worker qualification and level of scope (Zurich, 2017).

 At the member level, individual representatives communicated to the EBO assemble specifically either by means of the phone or the Web to determine benefit program-related issues. Regularly, these request originated from recently hired representatives who needed to enlist in organization supported advantage programs. In many cases, the members expected to roll out an improvement to their advantage choices, for example, including another ward or including/leaving a partner. Members also called when they had inquiries concerning their scope. The normal legally binding at organization level amongst BPO and its customers was that the BPO staff would answer 80 percent of the brings in 20 seconds or less.

Principal of health and welfare service delivery process: 

The health and welfare service delivery procedure include two primary sub procedure. The first procedure updating database,  a week after week batch process that restructured the Employee Benefits database in view of the week after week Employment Database updates, that patrons companies provided . Alternate sub procedure, Contestant Care, concentrated on replying straight forwardly to customer representatives' request and questions. In spite of the fact that these two sub procedure were physically situated on different floors, they were interconnected and neither only one individual offered customers a total business solution (Wilson, et al., 1995).

For example, the capacity to answer client questions precisely by means of the Contestant Care sub procedure depended to a great extent on the week after week Database Update sub procedure. Likewise, Benefits Administrators utilized data got from the Contestant Care sub procedure to refresh the Employee Benefits database mean while the week by week Database Update sub procedure. Display 2 demonstrates the procedure outline jerry created in combination with his Six Sigma venture.

Worker being an extremely fundamental part in the organization, there is a condition for insure and chance to perform better achieving the set destinations, mission, and vision. In doing this an office, Human beings made with a specific end goal to deal with the HR, likewise an advantage for the business has accomplished its targets (Slack, 2015). Human ability organization is a hierarchical ability ordered to give guidance for the employees by making their stay in the organization all the more interesting and agreeable. It gives administrations like recruitment, staffing, introduction, making, and advancement, welfare in the association, health, and in addition the organization of the employees. What's more, it is a management work too.

Many had changed to business process outsourcing, the undeveloped exercises to particular specialist organizations. For example, as right on time as 2001, Forrester found that 66% of the organizations it reviewed outsourced no less than one of their business processes (Silberschatz, et al., 2014).

Theories of health and welfare service delivery process:

The updating of database sub procedure starts when the BA in the EBO circle get the week after week database update from the traders organization. The benefits administrative only worked for the individual clients. In other word we can say that the procedure of BA send the client database weekly. As shown in below figure the process map for health and welfare service delivery process. The Bas worked in different shifts as such 8am to 5pm in that working hour they had 1 hour break for the rest in which they can had their lunch, dinner, refreshment time according to them. After correcting the error by Bas the eligible contestant, Bas determined the criteria of eligibility of contestant. To determine the eligibility criteria of contestants it took approximate 90 minutes. But in some criteria it take less than 5 minutes or in some cases it can take 5 hours long (Ryan, et al.,   2000).

In the given figure one dedicated BA had assigned over the 15 out of 18 clients. And 2 Bas had assigned over the rest of three clients.  After receiving the data of the clients Bas uploaded there data in their system. It took at least 20 minutes to upload the data in the system. After uploading the data the next step of the bAs if they had any query regarding the data they can contact to the clients. After clarify the participant eligibility criteria, BA execute the audit report of the contestant (Rushton, et al., 2014). The audit report of the contestant was subjected to 100% examination and this procedure almost took 2 hours to complete.  At sometimes it takes 15 minutes and sometimes it might take as long as 6 hours. If there any error found in the database of the client the next step of bAs do manually needed changes in to the database (Roper, et al., 2014).

Tools and Models of health and welfare service delivery process:

Every BPO organization have their tools and some models to communicate with their clients and customers. In the health and welfare service delivery process initially this call center staffed with 31 customer services representative they were divided into 5 teams. Half of the team of CSR had the four year college degree, and they were earning approximately $25000 to $ 35000 per annum. Many of CSR supported more than one customers (Porter, et al., 2013).

The contestants care sup procedure started when they had any query regarding the company benefits they can easily contact to the companies CSR. They had two options to attempt the self-services: either they can reply via web or voice process system via telephone. To resolves the customer query they have their own tools and software to resolve the issues.  If the customer support executive were not able to resolve the query in the first attempt there was considerable fluctuation in the calls volume in a day (Peppard, & Ward, 2016).

In the given figure the fluctuation in a day attempted by the customer support representative in average number of calls per hour in April 2005 (Kwon, et al., 2014). The maximum call handling by the CSR is the 6.2 minutes in a call. In some cases the clients has the issue that some of the CSR were not able to handle the calls properly, so in these case the CSR give the sympathy to the client that organization will contact them in two working days.

Issues and key problems of the health and welfare service delivery process:

IN the BPO there are many issues and problems comes everyday. The health and welfare service delivery process if the CSR were not able to resolve the customer issue into the first attempt, they need to give them assurance that there issue will be resolved within two working days, else our team will contact t you within two working days. Also CSR had to acquire all the necessary information of the client in their data base so that they can contact them in future again. Escalation of the calls comes the primary issues in the BPO industry (Heizer, 2016). If the CSR were not able to handle the situation they forwarded the customer issue to the BA who deal with that customers.

BA analyzed the whole issue, also up to date the records of the clients if it’s needed, and it is the responsibility of the BA that he will resolve the issue within the given time, and he notified the CSR about the outcomes of the escalated issues. In nearby 60 % cases Bas were able to analyze and researched the case that had been escalated by the customer support respresnatative within 5 to 10 minutes. Once the BA rectify the issue they update the CSR and CSR update the clients that there issue will be resolved in particular given time. In other cases CSR usually take 5-10 minutes to reach the root of the issue and after resolving the issue they directly update the clients. Every CSRs had to maintain their call handling time to avoid the escalation in some cases (Jacobs, et al., 2011).

Action Plan of the health and welfare service delivery process:

It is essential for every organisation to design an appropriate action plan of a call center so as to have the continuous flow of business process and activity regarding the action plan so that the operations made in the call centre should be in continuous flow of information. It is important for every organisation who are currently holding the responsibility of a call center which tends and helps in monitoring team and the agents working in the call center should perform effectively and efficiently (Govindan, et al., 2014). The action plan should be followed and updated within the months so as to apply and implement the new strategies to achieve the goals and the targets.

Designing of an Action Plan for 30 Days

The first step which should be implemented successfully keeping the important points in mind of work on the plan is to first make an effort to understand and acknowledge the team abilities and their calibre and to make the analysis on an individual whether they are working in the right direction, if not then provide the knowledge and giving the training to bring an individual on a correct track (Galindo, & Batta, 2013). It is essential to work on the main objectives and the process which is required to achieve the goals by maintains the sheet accordingly to the desires. It is important to understand the individual needs and to capitalize the positives so as to shape a strong platform. It is important to learn the pros and cons of the process. Going through and studying the previous reports and their performance activities and making the analysis on it.

Designing of an Action Plan for 6 Months

It is essential to analyse the different projects and the activities and to analyse the different reports to have the increment in the team productivity and it is essential to get affected the and keeping the peripheral factors other than the suitable product and processing the knowledge like talk time/ ACW/ Aux Time (Duckett, & Willcox, 2015). It is necessary to have the product knowledge fully on which the employee is dealing with the product and have the refresh sessions for providing the availability and the knowledge on the products and the services.

The employee main work is to resolve the query of the client so as to maintain the reputation and to have the respect of an organisation. The call center is lacking behind the monitoring and rushing towards the clients. It is essential to maintain the personal development sheet so it becomes easy to maintain and keep on updating the targets. It is essential to act as a link and to establish the link between the higher authority of the management and with the team mates so that it becomes easy to work in an optimistic environment and to help them in providing a friendly environment to showcase their skills and talents (Fitzsimmons, et al., 2008).

Designing of an Action Plan for 18 Months

It is essential to share the different information regarding the new products and the various tools and techniques being used and different strategies with the team regarding the business process which will lead the team to be on the top in the organisation and to get over the monotony and learning more about the organisation, the culture, about the industry and different modes of presentation (Dietz, et al., 2015).

It is becomes necessary after working for a long duration to analyse the progress reports of the agents working in organisation and to understand the specific areas in which the agents are dealing and heading towards to achieve the targets. And it makes easy to analyse on those agent reports in which area the agents are lacking behind to achieve the targets. And according to that it is essential to reschedule the training for them and arranging the sessions in which the agent needs to work on accordingly. Increasing the incentives and the targets on which the agents are working well on the personal development plan and sharing with the other agents to motivate them to set the strategies to achieve the targets (Deresky, 2017).

Implementation of an Action Plan

  1. Thinking and Experiencing the Customer First-It is essential for all the employees working in the call center to experience and to read the customer mind what he basically desired (Christou, et al., 2004). TO acknowledge and to learn about the process on which the agent is going to deal with whether it is sales, customer service, help desk support or may be some other international process. To understand about ordering of the products and about the services and delivery of the products. It is necessary to begin with the understanding of the quality and customer experience. And to study about the policies and rules while making a calls and taking with the clients.
  2. Agent Buy-in-When the implementation is made on the quality programs it is necessary to buy in from the agents (Chartier, 2014). The agents should have the involvement in all the operations and the business process deciding the quality of the process from the beginning. Agents should maintain and develop the inputs so as to have the development in scripting i.e. what would be evaluated in the process. The agents contributing in the team will pick up a superior knowledge of administration's desires and different operators will feel like their voice is spoken and representing in the business process.
  3. Training- It is necessary that agents working in the call centers should have the appropriate training provided on the products and the services on which they would be going to deliver to the clients. Mainly the agent must know how to incorporate with all the new strategies and with the new quality programs. In the roll out process it is essential to communicate with the new programs but also to have a proper training in all aspects. It is essential to communicate and to fulfil all the expectations and on that basis the agents are been evaluated.
  4. Calibration-Once the criteria is been fulfilled by the agents, it is necessary to make the surety regarding the agents that they are performing well. The performance evaluations are been supervised by the higher authorities, supervisors (Carayon, 2016). to see whether the agent have the calibre to deliver all the products and the services to the clients. And to have the discussion regarding the customer interaction with the agent for ensuring the evaluation process and the standardization. It is essential to present the evaluation sheets so that it may not lead to any peer pressure or from falling for the victim and changing the evaluation. In this the clear guidelines should be ensured to the agent regarding the evaluation process.
  5. On-going Training-It is the purpose of implementing of a quality process to ensure that the conversation made between the agent and the client has the better experience by standardizing the interaction and the communication with the agent (Burke, 2013). There should be the proper feedback should  provided to the customer support representative,  on which they  could work on. The way of achieving is to train and get the buy-in agent so it makes easy for the proper implementation. In this process the agent feel more comfortable with the peer connection to have the more accountability in the process.
  6. Recognition-It is also known as the lifeblood of the call centers. The organisation can never provide too much recognition and rewards for keeping the staff or the team motivated and to work in an optimistic environment with the positive behavior (Brown, et al., 2013). It is necessary to create the recognition program for the operational process. It is mainly done usually when the agent has crossed and achieve the targets and totally depends on the performer’s targets over a certain period. It does not have the monetary in value infect it should be publicize. The recognition with great aim and the performance of the agent is recognized on the basis of the targets and the desires and fulfilments have been made of an organisation.


The whole study of the BPO health and welfare service delivery process shows that there were four more important factors about these sub procedures.  There were no difference when the CSR handle the calls at a time in a day versus they transfer the calls to the BAS to resolve and research about the issue. In some cases the CSR were not able to handle various cases at a time so they need to escalate the cases to the bAs. And the second, CSR gives more importance to the new incoming calls instead of the callbacks. Third the main work of the bAs that they give more priority to the updating database over the researching class escalated by the customer support representatives


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