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MGMT1001 Communication in Business

Published : 08-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Explain the achievement and those requiring improvement. If you choose to look at one aspect, examine both the positive and negative behaviours related to that aspect. If you choose to look at two aspects, focus on one positive aspect and one negative aspect, to allow enough depth in your writing.
Provide your conclusions about the company performance in society, based on the information you provide in your paper.


EY is one of the biggest accounting firms in the world with a taste of real professionalism and financial accounting services. Being obliged to provide services relevant to the customers and that fit the level of a world class, the company has a very strategic role of ensuring that all its customers are satisfied (Carberry, James. 2013). As a globally developed firm, the company works with other established accounting firms at the local levels to ensure they reach all their esteemed customers. The stakeholders in this case who are the customers have the right to be taken care of in that all the firms activities taking place should only be carried out with an of satisfying the customers’ needs relating to the firms services. To enhance this, the company has set ethical practices that are exercised by their employees to ensuring that the stakeholder’s needs are catered for a hundred percent.

Social performance clearly refers to the role of the business unit in development of the societal structure through inculcating the role of the community or rather the stakeholders in the development of the company. Stakeholders are both developers and holders of any social value given EY firm unit as it gives the chance in which the values are exercised and developed. In regard to this argument, the firms social performance management platforms should strictly ensure that the social mission of any given company is achieved by promoting the common social values that are exercised in a business setting.

As an accounting firm, EY has a role to ensure that its social values support development of the stakeholder directly (GEIGER, DANIEL, june 20,2016). example of such values include; respecting clients views , observe human rights to both the consumers and the employees, empowering the clients using various positive ways, reducing existing vulnerability of both the employees as well as the clients,  providing the best financial services to all members and at all levels whether poor or not poor to enhance equality.  While carrying its accounting activities, the firm in one way or another has supported development of the stakeholders by offering employment opportunities as well as community development. In the same way, the firm has been disputed for not enhancing equality in some cases in both areas of employment and community as discussed below.

Case for EY on Employment

Employment has been an aspect that influences the structure of any given company as it requires specialized individuals to carry out the various activities. EY firm has ensured that employment is one of the aspects that directly involve the stakeholders in to its daily activities besides being their main clients. The firm’s Social performance management has the role to ensuring that opportunities available are given to the people in the society as they are the main stakeholders. Positively, today EY has developed and located in various localities thus enhancing creation of employment opportunities on a daily basis (Ranata, Roberto Garelli, and Marina Resta. 2015).

This is as a result of the increasing accounting needs rising from the stakeholders that needs to be dealt with, rates of business ideology development, technical advancement and increasing know how in the business sector in areas of production as well as consumption. Improved education levels as well have enhanced the level in which the personnel acquires the needed skills in developing the business sector thus filling the gaps in the employment sector. As a result, the society has been directly involved in the development of this firm at the local level as they are able to give their contribution directly as required as they use their skills. In the same way, the social values incorporated by the society as well as the company are equally developed and followed as employees follow the set rules to help achieve the set company objectives and goals.

Case against EY on Employment

Though the Firm has been receiving appreciations for creating job opportunities for the skilled stakeholders from time to time, in the same way, it has been criticized due to various factors that are negatively affecting other stakeholders. In some cases, EY human resource management team tends to work separately from the social performance management team within the company thus not ensuring that the set social rules are not overlooked. Favoritism on some stakeholders has been watched from time to time in some company’s where only those with relations to the company bosses tend to be employed. Members of the society in that setting whether skilled or non-skilled are not recognized while offering job opportunities. This is a major drawback in terms of employment in company’s social performance management as it encourages inequality among the various stakeholders. To enhance this sector employment opportunity should be equally allocated to all stakeholders without following the social ties of either side. Social values and human rights should be highly valued and exercised to help promote social performance in any given company.

 Case for EY on Community development

Social performance management involves observing the set social values in a given social setting like the codes of behavior, societal beliefs, social aims for development among many other factors all aiming at community development at large. EY establishment in every societal set up requires understanding of the needs, weaknesses, and strengths of the stakeholders to be involved in developing both the company as well as the community (Gonzalez-Perez, Maria  and Liam. 2013). To enhance community development, various companies have ensured they follow the set social community rules as well as provide resources and services that satisfy the needs of the stakeholders for their personal as well as development of their surroundings. Examples of these services and resources include the provision of skills and knowledge as well as viable developmental materials important to both the company as well as the community. Company buildings help in the provision of services to the stakeholders and also improve infrastructure development in the community, employment opportunities help in ensuring stakeholders stability as they are able to make a living thus help in reducing poverty levels in the community.

Case against EY on Community Development.

In the same way, company social performance in some cases has been ignored to an extent, instead of supporting community development it ensures that the community destabilizes as it develops. Example, in cases where a company renders services that only support the destruction of the community like the death of the stakeholders, increasing poverty levels, environmental pollution among many others. These are signs that the company is not mindful of the community affairs hence affecting its development at the expense of its success (CROWELL, BEVERLY. 2017). This a negative attribute of the company social performance as it’s not mindful of the clients or rather the stakeholder's affair hence degrading the level of community development. This can be improved by ensuring that before any company is established at any given community setting, the set beliefs, social values as well as developmental goals are agreed upon by both the stakeholders and the company owners.

Impact and implications of company’s actions on society and stakeholders

 Company’s social performance in every society and on the stakeholders is very crucial for the development of both the company as well as the society. Provision of employment to the stakeholders by the company is important as it signifies inclusion of the stakeholders in development activities of both the company as well as that of the society and also provides the basis for acquiring their daily bread (McAndrews, et al, 2017). This is important as it signifies the need of a well developed and managed social performance platform within the company that ensures the set social rules and values are approved. Creating opportunities to equip the stakeholders with relevant skills to carry out certain responsibilities within the company and also creating opportunities for those with skills to enhance them by carrying out certain responsibilities is very important. This gives the stakeholder a sense of belonging as he or she is able to take part in a company that positively supports skills development and enhancement in all given opportunities (Lee, Darren, Robert  and Kim. 2009).

Community development involves an aspect of both the society and the stakeholders. A company’s involvement on enhancing community development signifies the ability of the company to ensure that both the society and stakeholder set social values are viable and most importantly should be put in place. Social, economic and infrastructural development within a society influenced by any given company enhances a positive association between the stakeholders as well as the company owners (GLAC. 2014). Creation of job opportunities, infrastructural development, economic aspects know how relating to financial lessons given by the company personnel’s are among the various services benefiting the stakeholders as well as contributing to community development. This is important as it results in enhancement of trust on using the company’s services as it seems to be mindful of what befalls the stakeholders as they are the main parties for development. Most importantly, the stakeholders are able to personally develop relating to their personal abilities.


Company’s social performance management is an important platform for both stakeholders/society and company’s development. Social values ensure that the stakeholders who are the main actors in the business world are highly valued and put in the middle of any activity in order to satisfy their needs. Any set mission, vision and social values in a given company should ensure that are formed relating to the set societal values and beliefs to enhance community development. Drawbacks relating to social performance in any given company should be improved and acted upon to fit the needs and requirements of the stakeholders and enhance the development of the society at large.


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