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MBA503 Operations Management

Published : 08-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Write a brief description of your understanding of what the topic is about, and how formal study of this topic will help you develop the necessary skills that can respond to technology and other developments.Identification of technology and other developments emerging in the field Compelling evaluation of how current skills are likely to evolve in response.


Operations management is an integral field of study that has evolved with passage of time and renders competency to businesses (Russell, 2007). The scope of operations management concerns development of key operation processes such that effective supply chain can be developed. This essay is a self-reflective analysis concerning understanding in the field of Operations Management. Further, it includes creating jobs and careers in accordance to technology and other developments (Gillespie, 2007). While Operations Management concerns itself with the development of a wide range of prospective offers, but specific fields can only be understood in regards to application of technology. This critical understanding through self-reflection will help application of skills in the industry.


Managing supply chain is a relevant and critical function across organisation for moving materials. There are a whole lot of functions that are involved in supply chain management starting from procuring of raw materials to delivery of finished goods to end customers (Ballou, 2007). The scope of understanding of this current unit is made effective by the voluminous amounts of concepts and theories covered. Our University provides one of the best possible guidelines in this course in an effective manner and I feel extremely happy to be a part of this course. There has been huge transfer of learning that is associated with this course. I have learnt a lot of concepts, theories and facts, through classes and case study analysis. This course is well equipped and includes a variety of concepts (Govaerts, 2010). Supply chain management has high levels of application in the industry, as well as in businesses. There are a lot of software that has been developed for better application in the industry, some of which is taught in the industry.      

Our University Professor has been highly effective in guiding us through the course, and helped in developing concepts pertaining to the course. Though there has been several hurdles faced while undertaking this course however, I have been able to overcome the same with hard work (Carter, 2008). I am very enthusiastic about the course and feel motivated for becoming a professional in this field. I have developed my capabilities in this field through continuous learning however, I lack practical experience. I aim to work hard and become a manager in supply chain by applying knowledge gained in this field. The field of supply chain is so diverse and extensive in nature, that it is impossible to gain knowledge in regards to the same. Hence, I have gained good knowledge of supply chain management in regards to transportation, which I aim to apply in my professional field (Stadtler, 2015). I will aim to develop shortest possible routes in transportation such as to reduce costs pertaining to the same and create less amounts of pollution. I will learn from my seniors and try to improvise in this field such as to enhance my professional effectiveness.

In order to overcome my lag in experience, I plan to undertake an action plan for overcoming my challenges (Lyke, 2009). I will undertake several case study analysis and aid from self-help books such that I can enhance and grow my concepts in regards to the same. I will also ask for help from my professor’s in areas of difficulty such that they can guide me to overcome the same. I am not very accustomed with the various technology and software that are available to familiarize myself with the same (Seuring, 2008). I will maintain a self-reflective journal such as to maintain the various understanding of this domain. I will update the journal frequently every 6 months basis to understand my concepts regarding the subject. With Operations Management being a divergent field it is not possible to have a hold over all concepts in the domain. I will develop my understanding in supply chain only so as to become proficient in the same. Supply Chain is a critical part of Operations Management and involves varied technology and other concepts which can render competence to an organisation. I believe that if I am able to develop my understanding in the domain and apply the same, it can create high levels of competence for the firm in this global competitive scenario. Operation Management is an extremely diversified and critical domain which is important for every type of organisation, hence there are huge prospects. I feel I will be able to establish my career and profession in this field, become successful in a limited time period. Through self-reflective journals I will achieve the various milestones and become a successful professional in the domain.       


Self-reflection analysis helps to arrive at the perspectives that needs to be overcome. Though there is a clear understanding of various concepts and theories in supply chain which is a critical part of Operations Management, there is a lack in experience gained in the domain. Through rigorous training and application of concepts of Operations Management I can arrive at a suitable position in the domain. I aim to become a proficient professional in the domain and extend my competencies further such as to become manager in supply chain in a reputed organisation within 5 years of experience. Thus, I need to apply and follow the plan of action rigorously so as to become professional in this domain.

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