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ITDA1001 Database Fundamentals

Published : 22-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


  1. Explain in your own words how the following piece together in a database: table, field, record, attribute, coloumn, row, data type, entity, table relationship, Autonumber, primary key, foreign key
  2. Which of the following can be used to insert new records into a database: table design view, table datasheet view, reports, macros, queries, forms
  3. Which of the following can be used to alter the structure of tables in a database: table design view, table datasheet view, a report, a query, a form
  4. Describe 2 examples how a Form can be used to improve the speed of a secretary's data entry
  5. Explain how a Form can be used to improve database security
  6. Database software:
  • Who owns/creates MS Access
  • Name another DBMS that this company creates and sells to larger companies
  • What is the name of the database programming language that is at the core of all popular database software and what are the names of the “flavours” of that language found in MS Access and MS Server.


  1. The subject is very informative and I am learning a lot of new things which are very informative. The teacher is delivering the content comprehensively thus everything is understandable.
  • Table- A table is a collection of attributes or field.
  • Field – a field is an attribute in a table holding specific type of data. For example a filed called -first name holding first name of every record.
  • Attribute- An attribute is a property that defines an entity.
  • A column- a column is a collection of n-tuples of a specific filed in a table.
  • A row- a row is a collection of records in a table.
  • Data type- A data type specifies the type of data allowed in a field of a table.
  • Table relationship- A table relationship is link between two tables through a foreign key.
  • Auto number- An auto number is a property of a field where the filed increments by 1 for every record.
  • Primary key- The primary key is the unique attribute or filed in a table.
  • A foreign key- This is an attribute or field using to create a relationship between two tables
  1. The following can be used to insert new records in a table.
  • Table datasheet view
  • Queries
  • Forms
  1. The following can alter table structure
  • Table design view
  • Queries
  1. Examples of how a form can be used to improve speed of a secretary’s data entry
  • A form can help a secretary by using of form items like list menus or combo box which make it easy for the secretary to enter data.
  • A form can be validated to minimize errors as the secretary is entering the data.
  1. A form can be used to improve database security by performing data that is sent to the database before it is stored to ensure scripts are not stored in the database.
  • MS Access is owned and created by the Microsoft Corporation
  • Another DBMS created by Microsoft is AS 400 DB2.
  • The name of the database programming language found at the core of MS Access and MS Server is SQL which stands for structured query language.
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