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ITC508 Object Modelling

Published : 04-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Investigate the effectiveness of business information systems of the given case study. To do this, you are required to submit a complete report which includes an analysis of functionality, resources required, the broad feasibility of the project (i.e., risks) and proposed outcome based on the analysis of the case study.


Car parking system provides integrated system architecture to the users and organizations are adopting automotive information system for managing their operations (Aalsalem et al., 2015). In contrast with these facts, car parking system not only operates on different hardware related domains but also there are payment methods and other technical feasibility issues that are operated by car parking information system architecture.

This report is considering all of these aspects and focusing on the usages of this information system with respect to XYZ organization. In consideration with the case study provided on XYZ car parking system functionality and other important aspects are being elaborated within this report.

1. Analysis of Functionality of the Business Information System

1.1Generation of ticket

First functional element involved within the automated car parking system architecture is the generation of ticket. There are mainly two types of ticket holders: Season ticket owner and ordinary ticket owner. In contrast with these facts, the season ticket is issued with the respect to the name of individual or any company as well as their address and phone numbers are considered while generating ticket. Each of these season tickets is valid for consecutive three, six and twelve months. Apart from all of this information, the ordinary tickets are issued for short term stay and these are offer daily basis.

1.2 Acceptance of the ticket

There are mainly two segments that consider the acceptance of ticket within the automated car parking system architecture of XYZ Company; these are for ordinary ticket holders and season ticket holders.

The ordinary ticket holders first enter to the car parking system while clicking “Take Ticket” button and then they get their printed ticket. The acceptance of this ticket is checked while they are ready to leave the parking lot and they are ready to pay for their usages. Apart from this acceptance of ticket is checked while they are leaving the parking lot.

In case of the season ticket holders, the acceptances of ticket are checked two times: time of entering the parking lot and exiting the parking lot. Therefore, the season ticket holder generally uses their tickets while these two operations and their acceptance are also checked at that time only.

1.3 Management of payment options

The management of payment system is managed with respect to two distinct options: Season ticket holders and ordinary ticket holders. The ordinary ticket holders are generally concerned with the payment management system while they are leaving the parking lot; they go to the payment section and enter their ticket. The bar code of the ticket is scanned within that scanner and the amount needs to be paid is calculated with respect to used time. Then the customer provide generated amount they have to pay.

In case of the season ticket holders, they don’t have to pay regularly, either they pay at the interval of three months or they needs to pay the value for the intervals of six and twelve months.

1.4 Controlling of boom gates

The season ticket holders doesn’t have to pay regularly therefore, they just put their tickets into the slot and get their way out of the parking lot.

In case of the ordinary ticket holders, when the users are ready to leave the parking lot, they complete their payment within the parking payment section and they get their receipt and they can easily leave the parking lot.

1.5 Recording of problem in a log book

Recording of the problem is considered by the fault management system. This system architecture needs to be managed with respect to various faulty conditions going on within the system architecture of XYZ car parking system. This log book should be controlled by the system administration heads with respect to organizational system architecture.

1.6 Management of security

The security management system is considered for two security companies. The responsible heads of these companies visit the car parking and identify the faults and errors involved within the system architecture of the XYZ Company. Each parking lot has security heads access to the segments of the parking system.

Resources required for Business Information System 

Human Resources 

Project manager: Project manager is one of the important stakeholders involved within the human resource department of this implementation of car parking system architecture within XYZ car parking system.

System analyst: System analyst is also considered as the important stakeholder for analyzing the system requirements of the concerned technical issues of XYZ car parking system.

Business analyst: Business analyst suggests about the analytical measures important for the XYZ car parking system architecture.

Application engineers: Application engineers consider the application protocols that are concerned with the technical issues involved within the system architecture of XYZ car parking system architecture.

Testing team: Testing team is responsible for managing the risk assessment and associated responses from the system architecture of the car parking system (Bonde et al., 2014).

End Users: End users are also considered as the important element of the human resource system and they ensure the quality of work done or service provided.

Financial Resources 

Finance manager: The main responsibility of the finance manager involved within XYZ car parking system architecture for checking if the payments are done with effectiveness or not with respect to customer demands and requirements within their system architecture.

Technical Resources 

Hardware resource: Hardware resources are considered as the computers, laptops, printers, servers and other important technical elements that are needed for managing this information system (Kumar et al., 2015).

Software resource: Software resources are operating system, various software required for managing various applications within the concerned program of XYZ Company.

Data resource: Data resources are considered as the resource requirements that are important for managing different databases and data structures incorporated within the system architecture of XYZ.

3. Risk Analysis and Feasibility Testing 

The feasibility study of the considered car parking system of XYZ Company is generally considered as the effective risk responses that are collected from the case study. These are as follows:

Corrupted data: This information system is involving various mobile databases that are considered within the XYZ car parking system architecture of this organization. These data may get corrupted with respect to various critical aspects and malfunctioning of operational measures involved within the system architecture of XYZ organization. These kinds of situations are considered as data corruption within considered functional measures of XYZ car parking system. Apart from these situations, some data may lose their accessibility over their users these situations are also considered as corrupted databases.

Loss of customer information: There are various other situations that are considered as the critical situation that indicates data losses. These data losses are mainly considered for loosing customer databases involved for risky conditions of database servers within technical domains of car parking system architecture (Mahmud et al., 2013). In contrast with all of these facts, XYZ car parking system architecture also faces various issues related to loss of accessibility of customer data, therefore, season ticket holders or ordinary ticket holders may lose their access over their needs and demands. For this aspect the cards and tickets of the users may get locked.

Application malfunctioning: Application malfunctioning is another issue to be considered while managing the risk and security measures involved within the car parking system architecture involved within the XYZ car parking system architecture. XYZ car parking system may face various applications malfunctioning due to the usages of various software programs working behind the hardware functionalities within the system (Mohammed et al., 2015). The car parking system includes various programs that may block the access of ticket holders and the entire parking system will then get collapsed.

Delay in automotive process: Delays involved within the system architecture of the car parking system may caused because of incorporation of manual processing within the automotive system architecture of the XYZ car parking system. This condition is considered as the car parking system architecture incorporates various critical programming and other technical responses within the system architecture, therefore these needs to be managed and well monitored.

4. Proposed Outcome for Business Information System 

There are various proposed delays are involved within the system architecture of the concerned car parking system architecture of XYZ company. In contrast with these facts following are the considered outcomes of this considered car parking system arrangements:

Automated car parking arrangements: Automated operations involved within the car parking system architecture is achieved with the help of this research processes.

Reduced labor cost: As the entire car parking system operations are automated, these reduces the cost involved within the manual operations.

Improvised monitoring and controlling operations: Improvised monitoring and controlling operations are considered as the effective outcomes of the concerned research.


This can be concluded that the modernized car parking system is helpful in solving as well as managing various functionalities within any car parking system architecture. In contrast with these facts, this report is elaborating about functionalities, important resources required for the research, risk analysis and proposed outcomes are being elaborated within this report for critically analyzing the importance and applicability of the concerned car parking system within XYZ organization. The functional measures related to car parking system are considered with respect to some critically analyzed functional specifications provided by XYZ organization within the concerned case study.


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