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ICT700 System Analysis and Design

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You are a Systems Analyst that is part of a project that is being currently being proposed, ‘My Health Record’, your task is to develop a Vision Document for this project.

Currently funding is being sought to build the ‘My Health Record’ system. We will assume that the funding has been approved and that you are the business systems analyst assigned to the project.

You are to describe the problem in your own words, and the capabilities and benefits. You need to create a Project Vision Document which contains:

  • Problem
  • Capabilities
  • Benefits


The commonwealth Government of Australia is launching one systematic electronic health recording system for the residents of Australia for monitoring their health conditions with respect to various critical aspects.

This assignment is providing an overview of the project considered by the Australian government involved in operating the processes and findings related to the electronic health record keeping system architecture for Australian citizens.

1. Project Vision Document

Project vision document is nothing but the process of preparing any proposed project deliverables with respect considered project goals, objectives and considered project outcomes involved within the project. In contrast with these facts, this vision document provides the scope analysis as well as shapes the project deliverables with respect to the project considerations and objectives.Establishment of ‘My Health Record’, information system for monitoring the health conditions of Australian citizens.

1.1.2 Description of Project 

The Australian government is planning to implement one new and innovative electronic health record monitoring system architecture within their country in order to monitor and provide access to the citizen in accessing their health condition related data. This step is chosen for fixing the issues involved within the healthcare sector of the country. Australian citizens can easily monitor their health conditions with the help of this technological advancement.

1.2 Deliverables and outcomes of project 

1.2.1 Key benefits of the successful solution of the project 

Following are the key benefits of this electronic health recording system:

Access to the health conditional database: Any citizen can easily access their healthcare records with respect to this electronic health recording system.

Security of information sharing on web: Electronic health recording system provides effective security measure to the patients.

Reliability of prescribing: The patients can easily trust their prescribed medicines with respect to this electronic health recording system.

Information Sharing: This electronic health recording system provides effective support for sharing of information to different patients.

1.3.1Functionalities of the project 

In contrast with the project objectives and goals there are various functional measures involved within this project. Implementation of electronic health recording system provides effective support to access all the information related to the patients (Turvey et al., 2014). The decisional support system is entirely dependent on these databases.

1.3.2 Technologies used within project 

There are various technologies that are used within the system architecture of the concerned project development perspective. In contrast with these facts, some of these technical requirements are being elaborated within this assignment with respect to the project goals and objectives. Hardware and software requirements are the main possible systems that are mandatory for the system implementation within Australia (Moja et al., 2014). In contrast with these facts, the electronic health record system involves data servers, information system management and document management system architectures within the system implementation process.

1.4.1 Stakeholder Summary 

Name of stakeholders



Health professionals





These system heads have knowledge about hospitals.

They are responsible for managing health records within any healthcare organization.

IT teams

IT teams are technical heads in this project.

These professionals are responsible for managing the system architecture of EHR system.


These usually visit the healthcare organizations.  

They mainly visit for treatments.

Management teams

These operational team is responsible for managing different functions within organization.

Management team operates effective features for managerial decisions.


Security heads protects information.

Security heads protects the databases.

1.4.2 User Environment

The considered user environment is nothing but the process and structuring of technical operations that are operated by the users involved within this health recording system (Gagnon et al., 2016). In contrast with these facts, the electronic health recoding system is capable of providing support in collecting information of users with respect to various difficult situations they face generally. These records are automatically updated with respect to any changes involved within the system architecture of the health recording system.

1.5.1 Problem description

Health condition recording system architecture not only provides effective benefits to its users but also provides various other complicated risks associated with that. These problematic situations are elaborated as follows:

Theft of personal information: Theft of the personal information is one of threat to health record keeping system that increases the chance of data thefts.

Data theft: The data theft is considered to be most effective threats as these data records are accessible through web (Moja et al., 2014).

Lack of care for patients: The electronic health record keeping system provide lack of care to the patients.

1.5.2 Stakeholders affected by 

 The patients and organizations are mainly affected by the impacts provided by the system architecture of electronic health record keeping system. In contrast with these facts, the patients are impacted because of identity thefts and data theft issues involved within this system architecture.

1.5.3 Impact of the problems

There are various stakeholders involved within the system architecture of the electronic health record keeping system have great impact on them with respect various critical technical measures involved within that particular system (Mishuris et al., 2016). The patients get benefitted with respect to various solutions provided by the EHR system. Records of individual are easily accessible with respect their demands and needs.

1.6 Capabilities 

1.6.1 Assumptions and Dependencies 

There are various assumptions and dependencies are considered within this project management perspective. All of these dependencies and assumptions are being elaborated as follows:

  • Patients can easily access their databases
  • Patients can easily check who is accessing their databases without their permission
  • Privacy measures are considered while managing the system architecture of EHR system

1.6.2 Capable Measures of Project 

There are various capability measuring activities involved within this project implementation process. In contrast with these facts, these capabilities are being elaborated as follows:

Recording of health condition data: Recording of healthcare conditions and issues are dependent on this record keeping system architecture (Gagnon et al., 2016). EHR system provides effective support in monitoring healthcare databases.

Improvement of decisional support: Decisional support system is managed by this collected databases involved within the system architecture of EHR system architecture.

Query management system: Queries are collected with the help of this information system and also managed and distributed with respect to perfect responsible heads involved within the system architecture of EHR system architecture (Castro et al., 2015).

1.7.1 Advantages of the Project

In contrast with various aspects and critical analysis based on the EHR system performances, there are various benefits and advantages identified in this assignment. In contrast with these facts, some of these benefits or advantages are being elaborated as follow:

Efficient healthcare: Efficient healthcare system is provided by the electronic health record management system (Castro et al., 2015). This system architecture provides improvised chances of treatment to the patients.

Effective cost structure: As the health record keeping system is automated this system reduces the use of individual and reduces cost involvement.

Improvised decision making: Decision making is also improved with the help of correct and accurate data collected by this system architecture.


This can be concluded that the electronic health record system is effective and efficient in recording the user health record keeping functional measures in order to provide effective benefits to the users. This project vision document is providing supportive description about this facts and statements about this electronic health record keeping system.


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