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HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing

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What did you think of Pauline Hanson’s speech How did it make you feel as an Indigenous Australian or a recent migrant Do you agree with some of her thoughts Explain your response briefly What was your personal response to this moment in Australia’s political history.
Describe briefly what was the white Australia policy and when was it abolished We pride ourselves on our generosity and the diversity of our society. Walking down our city streets we are surrounded by difference.But how do we feel when difference moves in next door Or sits next to us on the tram or in the classroom Have you seen or experienced this kind of scenario before How would you react How did it make you feel.


In the official Australian citizenship practice test, I have been passed and scored 16 out of 20. The pass mark of the test was 15 out of 20. Therefore, I had passed the test.  

I could not answer first few questions as I find those questions quite difficult. I could not answer the question ‘what is the name given to the party or coalition of parties with the second largest number of members in the House of Representatives?’. The answer would be opposition. The next question that I could not answer is “which of these statements about passport is correct? The answer is Australian citizens can apply for an Australian passport. The next question, which I could not answer, is “what happened in Australia on 1 January 1901?” the answer is the Australian Constitute came into effect. The last question is “which of these is a role of Governor- General?” The answer is the signing of Bills passed by the Australian Parliament.

1. a. Pauline Hanson’s speech

The speech by Pauline Hanson provides an idea about the migrants, Aboriginal Australian, multiculturalism and the national identity. The speech of Pauline raised questions about the concept of political correctness, and meaning Australian wedge politics.

b. Indigenous Australian or current migrant

The speech of Pauline Hanson was against of the indigenous Australian and current migrants. The aboriginal people are the oldest people in Australia, who are neglected. Therefore, people should be careful about them and support them so that their conditions can be developed.

c. Explanation of thoughts

As the speech of Pauline Hanson was embarrassing we cannot support it. The statement shows the hypocrisy, which should not be allowed. People, who support the statement, do not show respect to the aboriginal people.

2. a. Personal response to the moment in Australia’s political history

I think that sorry is not enough for a statement that hurt so many people. Moreover, the sorry was not able to bring Australia together. The act had divided the lands and the aboriginal people like me get separated.

b. Explanation

The apology of PM had expre4ssed my concerns and desires with the empathy that helped to heel the spiritual and psychological state.

c. Agree or disagree with sorry

I cannot be totally agreed with the sorry as it could bring the4 aboriginal people like me and the non- aboriginal people together. As it provided some relief but could not remove the pain completely. It separated us to get all the facilities that we deserve.

d. Effects

This affected me as I am an aboriginal Australian. It hurt me and I lost all the opportunities as an Australian.

3. a. Reason of belonging of us

We know that when and where we need to belong. We try to see the reflection of us in others. This can occur in a community or in a group of people. It varies from nation to nation. However, it is not easy to adjust with others and we had to start5 searching. We had to make our own club and we tried to seek opportunities so that we connect with others.

b. Reason of belonging own self

The reason behind ourselves is that we are aboriginal people and we do not get any opportunities easily. Therefore, we try to find out our own income and employment. I have to express myself as an Australian citizen and had to build opportunities own self. I had to search the place of living so that I can be safe.

4. Who fits in? Who gets to decide?

To be fitted with others we have to sacrifice many things and we had to play well in such condition. Racism is a big factor in such context. People who could won the racism, were able to fit in it but those could not won the racism did not fit in it. Racism is the only thing that decide who will stay and who would not stay. It was tough to find the opportunities by own self and settle into it.  The non- aboriginal people always avoided to help the aboriginal people like us, which created difficulties for us. We had to fight for our own things and fitted in it.

5. Description of White Australian policy

The White Australian Policy was the Immigration Restriction Act. It was set up in 1901. This act led to the non European migration restriction. This comprises various Australian policies, which was effective for the non European immigrants. The immigrants were innocent.  The term White Australian policy was used to exclude the citizens or people from Asia and pacific Islands. These policies were dismantled in between 1949 to 1973 progressively.

During the Second World War, the White Australian policy started to diminished. The reason behind the abolishment of the White Australian policy is the outstanding characteristics of the political parties. As it was not possible to exclude the people of Asia and Pacific Islands, the act became abolished.

6. a. Experience

We are very proud of ourselves. Our society is very generous and there is diversity in our society. However, sometimes we became very anxious or lonely when people did not interact with us or notice minutely. Sometimes we feel powerless and uncomfortable. As a result, we became angry. In the scenario, it is seen that racism can occur in any places. From the tram scene, it is clear. As the aboriginal person sat on the tram started to talk over phone in native language, people shouted that he was too loud. From all the videos, the pract5ice of racism is seen that needs to be abolished.

b. Reaction

Language is the powerful medium to communicate with others. Therefore, as the aboriginal person started to talk in native language, people get irritated.

c. Feelings

It was disheartening that a person cannot talk in his original language publically. As a result, people avoid him. Some people abused him due to language, which should not be done.

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