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HI6005 Management and Organisations in a Global Environment

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Write a reflection report discussing and analysing their progress in communication and academic scholarship skill development. Students should demonstrate the improvement they have achieved to date, and conclude with at least three actions points that can improve their future performance, using the benefit of experience and hindsight.

The report is to be reflective and evaluative (use referenced theory), and it is important that you offer critical insight. The review should focus on what you learnt as a consequence of the subject assessment tasks, the use of new found skills, or "moments of truth" (e.g., finding out how to give and receive feedback - the hard way).


The interview with Mr. Nakul Patel was an assignment where there were several things to learn about establishing communication while taking interviews. The conversation with the founder of Dangeedums was however, quite easy and smooth going as Mr. Nakul Patel seemed to spill the beans with interest. I feel the opening question, in fact was quite apt for initiating a conversation and it was absolutely direct to ask in the very beginning about the organization he founded (Light and McNaughton, 2014). However, the opening question was nothing interesting and rather conventional to begin a conversation and I could have made the interviewee interested more if I had started on an interesting or light-hearted mode. In addition, throwing two back-to-back questions on the very first note may have made the person a little overwhelmed. Probably, this is the reason why Mr. Patel might have overlooked the second question and only answered the first. Due to this, the question had to be asked again.

This time Mr. Patel answered the question quite comfortably and as an entrepreneur the question on the reason of his starting this chocolate lounge venture interested him. Dungeedums is the nation’s first-ever lounge entirely dedicated to chocolate and its specialties and indeed it’s a unique idea to start up with. However, without making any praising words, I was not appropriate to jump on another question (Ruusuvuori, 2016). The entrepreneurial venture by Mr. Patel is not only limited to in the chocolate lounge but Dungeedums has opened its food divisions in the form of Foodista and they are continuously expanding with around 76 outlets now in the premium cities of Gujrat, India. Mr. Patel also shared how his organization is planning to expand and what the managerial processes are that they focus. Moreover, he went on to share what challenges they face as an entrepreneurial venture and how they have overcome some of them with specific market penetration strategies.

Apart from this, Mr. Patel comfortably shared their customer retention policies and how Dungeedums, as a brand has gradually established itself. Looking at the interview overall, I can say that the level of comfort with the interviewee was maintained throughout and due to this, Mr. Patel could share so many things about his organization with me, starting from his initial days to the challenges he faced and the marketing and customer friendly policies the company has adopted (Poole, 2016).

Reflection on “Professional and Ethical conduct: What are employers looking for 

The study is related to Professional and Ethical Conduct that is appropriate for any workplace environment and by conducting this, the knowledge of administering an organization’s human resource has been gained. The study has also helped to obtain the criteria that make the employers to prefer certain candidates based on their knowledge of professional code of conduct. Recent study on the Australian recruitment agencies has revealed that the In-house recruiters, agencies and other human resource organizations are becoming inclined towards these criteria and that while composing the report; I have known the desired qualities preferred by the employers that are in the root of composing these ethics. The ethical codes and norms in Australia however, have been established looking at the diversity of the country. Apart from this, the ethical codes also intend to be in line with the Australian laws and the recruitment advertising and marketing (Thomas, 2013). The report has also enlightened me about some significant aspects of professional ethics like confidentiality and training and development activities with understanding the required responsibilities.

The report also focuses on the relationship between the employees and the employers, which is a significant aspect of administration. Irrespective of thorough inspection of fairness in the pay scale or the operational conditions in the organizations, it is not possible to convince the employees to follow the ethical codes and norms. This report therefore, shows the need of communication to be built between the employees and the employers. The improved communication in an organization brings loyalty and profitability from the employees and the shareholders and it is the ethical obligation of the employer to implement policies in the way that presents real concern for the employees. On the other hand, the report also shows concern for the moral obligation of the employees towards the organization that they prove by working beyond the full day’s work (Hartman, et al., 2014).

However, the communication level between the employee and the employer is also needed here when the employer thinks to substitute an employee with the other; according to the Australian code of Professional Ethics, this is highly unethical. The report also informs me the range of responsibilities of the employers and the work values for the employees maintaining which the administration of a workplace can run in an appropriate manner. Besides this, the desired qualities in an employee have also been mentioned such as accountability and reliability, possessing strong sense of work ethics, positive attitude and adaptability to changes (Baker, 2015).

This assignment has improved my knowledge of professional ethics and the key factors that an employee and an employer have to keep in mind while operating in a professional environment.

Reflection on Sustainable Living:

Sustainability is an integral part of the recent modern society. The rapid growth of the global warming and environment pollution has led many leading business organization to take notable initiatives to support the local community and local people (Hesselbarth and Schaltegger, 2014). Now a day people have become highly concerned about the atmosphere and its sustainability. This has put a significant impact on the organizational structure of several business organizations. I believe every organizational management must look into the benefits of the local community and people around the organization to run any business organization successfully; it is also important to maintain a healthy and interactive relation with the society (Starik and Kanashiro, 2013). Reduction of waste, elimination of Carbon dioxide from the environment, recycling of the waste products, these are some key steps of sustainability development. According to me, every business organization must follow the three ‘R’ policy of environmentalism. This will be helpful for the business organization to actively participate in the community development. Global warming in recent time works as a threat for the modern progressed society.

By reducing the waste and minimizing the use of non-biodegradable product, manufacturing industries can reduce the harmful effect of such products on environment. I believe, the organizational leaders must consider the fact while designing their organizational structure that being a part of the society, it is their responsibility that to play the role of the responsible citizen (Lange, et al., 2014). They must avoid such practices that can put a negative impact on the society and local people. According to many reports, society is largely polluted by the waste products of the manufacturing companies. Hence, business organizations must realize that their activities must be designed according to the benefit of the local community and local people.

The emergence of modern technology has influenced the sustainability development of the business organization. That has been understood by me that every business organization is now a day adopting many innovative techniques to provide efficient support to the local people, local community and its employees. To match the employee satisfaction level is another integral part of the sustainable development. Every business organizations pay close attention to the requirement and satisfaction level of the employee. They implement various efficient and technologies to help the employees to improve their performance. According to me, a business organization can achieve its desired position meeting the expectation level of its own employees. This is highly beneficial for the business organizations to survive in this competitive era where every business organizations are putting their best foot forward to achieve desired position in the industry (Park, Yi and Feiock, 2015).

Improvement Scopes in Future:

Entrepreneurial Diaries

Professional and Ethical Conduct- What Employers are looking for?

Sustainable Living

The conversation could have been started on an interesting note rather than directly jumping on the point.

The two significant ethical codes in professional workplace i.e. conformity with law and confidentiality have not been discussed enough. These two points should have been discussed with more detail, covering their importance and mentioning the specific ethical codes regarding the topics according to Australian norms.

Checking on the usage of harmful chemicals in manufacturing is one of major ways of sustainable living, which should have been explored in this assignment.

The communication skill exhibited not strong enough. The questions were rather direct and no attempt of establishing natural conversation was there.

In the Australian context, which is a very diverse country in terms of workplace demography, it is the employer’s ethical responsibility to carefully preserve the diversity and take actions on violation of that.

Maintenance of greenery is one of the essential ways to live in sustainable way that was needed to be included.

While Mr. Patel was talking about his achievements some words of appreciation should have been used instead of throwing another plain question. This would have enhanced the comfort level between the interviewer and the interviewee and also Mr. Patel would have talked with more interest.  

In the section of what employers are looking for, a significant point should have been added i.e. teamwork. Presently all organizations are relying up on teams and therefore, the quality of being a team member is an essential point that employers definitely look for.

Another significant point i.e. creating awareness among the employees to work in sustainable ways has been missed here. Without the willingness of the employees an organization cannot operate in sustainable way. The aspect of employee training in this context should been added.


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