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ENAE12004 Industrial Data Communications

Published : 30-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


What is the general capacity of the equipment required You are not required to find the exact data requirements. The goal is to get a general feel for the dimension of the network. For example is 10Mbps capacity enough for the network There is no single correct answer to this question. Think about factors you would consider in designing
a network and justify your answer based on these factors.

Technologies/standards/protocols to be used and justify your decision. For example would you use one technology to cover all the requirements or would you have different technologies to cover different requirements. Why did you select a particular strategy.

Decisions behind the selection of such technologies. Think about factors you need to consider in designing a network. You have come across a lot of the technical factors such as capacity, error performance etc., but think of what are the other factors that influence such a design, such as costs. Again you do not need to go into details. You need to demonstrate that you are aware of these factors. Use these factors to justify your decision.
Consider a 802.11 node that has large number of packets to send. In CSMA/CA protocol a station that successfully transmits a packet does not immediately go back to sensing the channel for a DIFS interval and then transmit the packet if the channel is ideal for that DIFS interval. It initiates a random backoff procedure before sending the next packet. Explain why the protocol was designed that way.


The focus has been based on the two-story building which includes the working on the ground floor and the officers which are on the first floor. With this, there are evaluations depending upon the ceiling height as well as the monitoring and controlling from the control system. The standards are set to match the data rate requirement of the system where the machine has the sensors to generate the data at the rate of 0.5Mbps where the amount of the data comes from the system control back to the machines. The check is on maintaining the needs of the organization along with working over the demands of the factory floor.  

Hardware and Wiring

There is proposed software which are to handle the networking wiring configurations as well as the standards that would lead to handle the needs of the organization. It is seen that the elements for the business network are important to work on the business setup where the computation of the devices are mianly relying on the flow of the information in the network. (Huang et al., 2016).

It has been seen that it is important for the organization to make use of the line servers that would be important with the good warranty so that one can easily support the hardware systems. the check is on the needs with the time that is required for the medical fields with the decisions that are made depending upon the time which is set as per the brand server for the support to the organization. Here, the services are evaluated based on the standardized products where the model is also chosen for the system of IBM which is set under x3350.

The effective standards of the infrastructure are set with the quick and the easy completion of the task and the higher reviews. After contacting the IBM, the best recommendation for the system is to handle and fulfill the requirements which are important for the needs of the server. This works with the hardware features and the technology of the “Go Green” that works on the savings and working over the energy efficiency system. It is seen that there is always a room for the growth with the security and the better system management tools. Here, the servers are set with the primary and the backup formats which are important for the effective hardware specifications like the ALPHA and BRAVO. (Sagari et al., 2017). The check is on how the servers are able to handle the easy workstations of the Windows Server 2003 and the other forms of the calibration in the device.

With this, there is also a check over how the routing devices are able to set the system where there is no more transition other than the working from the system of the Cisco Networking it includes the forms where there is a proper support of the price, portability and the warranty standards so that one is able to server the organizational commands along with the networking standards. The check is over the technology of the infrastructure with the integration that is set to handle the operating patterns in the manner where there are P2P WAP routers, along with the connectivity of the Internet routers, WAP and the switches which are five.

Here, the models are defined with the Cisco device patterns that works over the designing and handling the basic complete bridge kit with the P2P WAP that has been set on the two Linksys 4 Port Gigabit Security Router with VPN RVS4000. (Survyavanshi et al, 2016).This is for the connections under the internet and the VPN connection, 24 Port 10/100btx 2- GBIC Ports DC-Pwrd STD Multilayer SW for the multiple switches needs, and Linksys Wireless-G Exterior Access Points. The setup is set with the working over the other forms of the devices that allow the room with the multiple easy of the connectivity and the easy troubleshoot process.  

There are different organization who need to work on the workstations as well as the other forms of the patterns that works over the wired users and then they also need the 200 laptops. The decision is mainly to work on the network environment with the basis of the lower costs, and the reliability. 

Workstation Table




Intel™ Core®2 Quad Q6600 (2.40GHz/1066MHz/2X4MB L2) 375W

Operating System:

Genuine Windows XP

Warranty & Services:

3 Year Warranty and 3 Year NBD On-Site

Video Card:

256MB PCIe x16 nVidia Quadro FX570, Dual Monitor DVI Capable

Chassis Configuration:

Mini-Tower Chassis Configuration


2GB, 667MHz, DDR2 SDRAM Memory, NECC (2 DIMMS)

Optical Drive:

16X DVD+/-RW w/ Cyberlink PowerDVD™ and Roxio Creator™ Dell Ed

Hard Drive:

80GB SATA 3.0Gb/s with NCQ and 8MB DataBurst Cache™


Dell 19 inch™ E1909W Widescreen Flat Panel

File System:

NTFS File System

System Documentation:

Resource DVD - contains Diagnostics and Drivers

 There is a major requirement of the cabling in the network which would be able to cover the entire location with no major interference in the system. The tests for the durability are mainly to set and work on the demands of the flow of data along with handling the conditions of the environment. This works over the development as well as improving the connectivity failure that is mainly due to the higher risks which are involved in the operations that utilize the gauging and the shielding process. The cabling procedures are supposed to cut out the interference with the different forms of the radio frequencies in the environment. (Zhang et al., 2016).

There are devices that works on the connection with easy purchase of the network infrastructure. Here, there are forms where the workstations, servers and the other important devices are also able to handle the backup in the batteries. This is mainly to support the system with the forms that include the events of the time like the power flickers. With this, there are standards setup that include the utilities of CyberPower Cp600LCD 340W. The check is on the utilities that are for the backup and to handle the long life of the battery which comes with the cheap pricing as well. Hence, the failure of the power could easily be sustained through the threatening situations. The suggestion is mainly to check over the power which would lead to the management along with the organizing of the evacuation set. The Elite 100 kW Generator by Guardian has been found to be most reliable with the proper product that has been supported along with handling the duration of the crisis for power.


Some of the budget for the hardware and the software devices are described below. 

Quantity of Items




IBM x3350 Server

$5500 Each


CyberPower Cp600LCD 340W

$30 Each


Guardian Elite 100 kW Generator

$18,800 Each


1000ft Shielded CAT6 Cable

$170 Each


Basic 5GHz Complete Wireless Bridge Kit (1/2 mile LOS)

$1000 Each


The Linksys Wireless-G Exterior Access Point

$500 Each


Dell Precision T3400

$1020 Each


Cisco 24 Port 10/100btx 2- GBIC Ports DC-Pwrd STD Multilayer SW

$3200 Each


Linksys 4 Port Gigabit Security Router with VPN RVS4000

$160 Each




Company Asset




 IP Information

The check is on how the information includes the different specific patterns where there are network infrastructure which are also based on the functioning of the IP address. There are standards set to meet the class IP address. (Zinin et al., 2017).

It has been seen that the check is on the class B IP address with the focus on how the other class C is not able to handle the connection of the other host clients. Hence, for this, the class C is also able to put up with the maximum form of the total hosts which are available for the network. The purpose is mainly to handle the class B with allowing the system standards of 510 hosts on the network. The organization also tend to make use of the IP addresses with the internal NAT which is for the communication to the network designated IP standards. This is set with the global network IP Address of and Policies

The organization works on the different resources which also include the proper setup of the computers and the network standards. The wireless devices and the other standards are set for the use by the staff. This works on the accounts which has been administered mainly through the working and functioning of the system. The administering process is mainly through the use of the computer organization departments where the people tend to use the legitimate price of the business along with including the instruction research as well as the other office work at the offices. The department demands the recognition with the importance to communicate and work in the medium that has been set for the proper setup of the system. Through this, there is also a policy of the support and the fulfillment of the organizational demands with handling the system domains that are required to work on the adequate security and the data confidentiality. The technology changes with the guidelines which also pertains to take hold of the network and the organization development. It is important to work with the beliefs where there are certain malicious activities that are found to be completely non-existent. (Sagari et al., 2017).

The policy works on the properly administering and designing the forms which are important to maintain the use of the resources along with the unit administration process. With this, there are possibilities for the locations of the resources that could be set under the proper locations.


Here, the forms are set to determine the policies with the information technology resources that mainly work for the guideline measurement along with the resources that are able to handle the system standards.

Disaster Recovery Plan 

The recovery plan of the disaster is based on the analysis of the different problems where the organization tend to work on the approaches with the production of the data completely. The secondary backup of the data of the organization comes with the choice of the hot site which is set in the integrated package that includes the backup base product along with the client agents who are required for the higher performance standards. The check is on how to handle the client agents with the two CA XOsoft WANSyncHA licenses that are set with the protection of the data in the continuous format. The replication and the server standard setup is set through the assured recovery of the tests to verify the recoverability along with making sure of the organization backup.

CSMA/CA is also for the carrier transmission in the networks which deals mainly with the transmission along with handling the collisions that have been occurred to prevent when they are happening. The nodes are receiving the packet which need to be sent to check and make sure of the channel clearance. With this, there is also a possibility to handle the periodic time limits that are set through the node transmit the packets. The collision avoidance with the check on the free communication standards is important with the wireless signals that are in the wireless network router.  The standards are set for the hidden nodes where there is a proper request to send and clear to send is set with the implementation of the RTS and the CTS setup in the system.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is also working on the facilities and the other equipment that are able to handle the data patterns with the facilities that tend to take hold of the data loss. There are other forms of the issues which relate to the minimized forms of the suggestion. Here, there is incorporation of the generator backup with the battery packs that have been for the workstations as well. The devices have been set with the act that would be able to handle the generation of the power with allowing the startup of the parameters.


The following are the datagrams of the logical and physical topologies that meets we standards of networking solutions.


Huang, J.F., Chen, K.S. and Su, T.J., 2016. Illustrative signature keys reconfiguration to combat with eavesdroppers in wavelength-coded optical access networks. Procedia Computer Science, 94, pp.240-247.

Sagari, S.S., Mathur, S., Saha, D., Amin, S.O., Ravindran, R., Seskar, I., Raychaudhuri, D. and Wang, G., 2017. Realization of CDMA-based IoT Services with Shared Band Operation of LTE in 5G. arXiv preprint arXiv:1705.06969.

Suryavanshi, V.A. and Maggenti, M., Qualcomm Incorporated, 2016. Exchanging internet protocol version capability information between client devices over a communications network. U.S. Patent 9,455,910.

Zhang, H., Quan, W., Chao, H.C. and Qiao, C., 2016. Smart identifier network: A collaborative architecture for the future internet. IEEE Network, 30(3), pp.46-51.

Zinin, A.D., Cinarra Systems, 2017. Method and system for correlation of internet application domain identities and network device identifiers. U.S. Patent 9,621,625.

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