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CUC100 Exploring Sustainability

Published : 26-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


What is your understanding of the word sustainability What is the sustainability scenario you have chosen for your essay and what aspects interest you about this topic Developing the NT food bowl Accommodating and ensuring the well-being of refugee populations Securing a sustainable future for electricity Ensuring tourism is sustainable.
What are the different sustainability issues that you think need to be considered identifie do you think any of the three pillars should be prioritised to help achieve sustainable solutions Why or why not.


According to my understanding, sustainability is a condition that develops socially and economically while protecting the environment. Sustainability aims to bring human ecosystem equilibrium. The idea of sustainability is as a result of human activities that has endangered human beings survival and their future. The activities include increased productions and uncontrolled population in the economy that are at the expense of the environment. Unsustainable activities on earth lead to degradation of the environment. Destruction of the ecosystem threatens survival of biodiversity endangering human being survival and future his generation. Sustainability leads to sustained developments. Therefore, sustainability is creating an ideal condition to contribute to social and economical development while maintaining the ecosystem that gives human being good health.  

Food sustainability is an interesting scenario to me. Food is an integral part of human life and it quality determines the health of an individual. Sustainable food production and consumption lead to development of human being socially and economically and also maintains the environment. For sustainable healthy life, it recommendable for human beings to feed balanced diet food. This enables them to bring up a healthy generation. Food is produced by farmers who use agronomic practices to maximize production. There is need for farmers to practice sustainable farming that is environmental friendly and does not endanger human being body when consumed. Producing sustainable food for the nation will lead to sustained development giving citizens an opportunity to have good health for themselves and future generations.

Accommodating and ensuring the well-being of refugee populations

The well being of refugees is an important issue to sustainability due to their increasing population and impact to the rural economy. Refugees have social, economical and environmental factors that have to be address to attain or pursue sustainability. The following are issues that I think need to be considered in accommodating and ensuring the well being of refugees for sustainability;

Refugees have a negative impact on the environment. They have uncontrolled growth in population. Refugees put pressure on the resources available in the environment. They overgraze, deforest and fail to prevent soil erosion. Natural resources get exploited from the environment in the process. This is a result of inadequate knowledge on environment conservation and sustainability.

Accommodating refugees lead to social factors that have to be considered. These social factors include access to food, housing, inclusion, health care and rapid population growth. The factors have to be considered for them to lead a normal life. These factors determine the well being of refugees in pursuing sustainability.

Refugees’ population has an impact in developing sustainable economy. They lead to unemployment, need for infrastructure and increased government spending. They also reduce the standards of living. On the other side refugees offer labour and market for products in the economy. Refugees work on the rural economy and small business.

These three pillar factors have to be considered in order to accommodate and offer well being of the refugees’ population.From the discussion of accommodating and ensuring well being of refugees’ population for sustainability, social pillar has to be addressed first. This is because the refugees’ population lacks the basic social needs for them to have a normal life. Providing the social pillar will give the refugees ability to survive before embarking on other factors for sustainability.

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