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COIT 20246 ICT Services Management

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Discusses conventional binary computing architecture.  However, an emerging field of research focuses on the development of quantum computers.  Find and summarise a resource that explains why there is so much interest in this type of computing (for example, the potential applications).

Briefly makes mention of the Linux operating system, an open-source Unix variant developed in the 1990s.  There are many popular Linux distributions (look up “Linux Distribution” if you don’t know what that means).  Find and summarise a resource that describes the features and advantages of ONE of these distributions.

Discusses the concept of virtualisation.  There are several “type 2” or hosted virtualisation products (software) on the market (both commercial and open source).  Find and summarise a resource that describes the features and advantages of ONE of these products.

Briefly mentions crowdsourcing which is a form of social business that organisations employ to engage with the public to achieve a goal.  Find and summarise a resource that describes ONE example of an organisation using crowdsourcing and the outcomes of the engagement.


Quantum computing is defined and referred as one of the most interesting and widely spreading computing technologies that involve utilization of the particles and atoms that are sub-atomic in nature. One of the essential properties of these particles is that they can be in to existence in more than one form at the same time. Computer systems that are designed and created on the basis of the principles of quantum computing technology can give shape to many up the still unexplored and novel applications. There is a lot of research and development work that is being carried out in the field of space technology. Quantum computers will allow the execution of many applications and services in space research and will explore many of the not yet researched areas as well.

There are several leading firms that are working and carrying out their activities in this area such as Microsoft and Google to name a few. Computation and calculation are the two prime activities and tasks that are performed by the computer systems. Systems that are designed with quantum computing as the base can carry out these tasks and computation extremely quickly which is not possible with the present day systems that are normally used. They will also be very advantageous and applicable in the areas of health care and health diagnosis as well. Introduction and creation of new drugs will be done easily through these systems and there will also be developments that will be seen in the same area.

Hardware, software and networks are the three prime components that are the essentials behind the functioning of the computer system. In terms of software, there are various categories such as system and application software that may be installed. Mandatory software out of all the available ones is the operating system without which the computer system will be of no utility for the end user. Linux is such software that is an operating system and it comes with a number of distributions with it. These distributions are the operating systems on their own but are developed on the framework of Linux. Bodhi Linux is a distribution of Linux that has a very high usability and is also gaining popularity among the users. Every operating system is built upon certain components and guidelines.

The same holds valid for Bodhi Linux as well as it are composed of Minimalism as the principle and also have Moksha Desktop as one of its components. The applications that are installed and made compatible with the operating system in this case are kept light in weight. It means that the features that are present in these applications are not compromised. However, the load that they may put on the OS is reduced by a huge margin. It also refers to the structure and framework that is present in Ubuntu and therefore the advantages that are offered with this OS are in terms of unmatched performance of the system along with high reliability as well.

Gone are the times when the people used to work on the manual activities and operations. Information Technology was invented and there were plethora of transformation that was done. Gradually, technology began to advance further and the changes began to get reflected. Latest change that is being observed and has taken place is in the form of Virtualization. Presence of virtual servers and systems is demanded as the physical space and requirements cannot longer be met. Red Hat has given technological world a lot many successful releases and the virtualization server and package that it launched matched up the expectations.

The best feature and the one that makes is shine apart from the competitors is the security ability of the system. It is known to all that technology has advanced and so have the risks and vulnerabilities related with it. It is made sure in virtualization package that is launched by Red Hat that none of the mis-happening and malicious activities in association with security violations may take place. The package also comes with many advantages in the form of information storage and management. The users that obtain any of the virtualization packages also expect it to offer memory management and capacities that may handle and process their data. The same is made possible through this system and there are measures that have been implemented to make the processing quick and hassle free.

There are various protocols that are used on the transport layer and Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP) is also one that is present in the list. It is the protocol that has a similarity with TCP and is utilized in the IP networks and connections. This protocol is primarily used in the transportation and exchange of SCSI commands on the network and the fibre channels. There are two types of media that is used in the functioning of this protocol as optical fibre cable and serial copper cables. In the modern day applications, the customers reject the applications that fail to provide the high speed transfer and exchange.

The ability is provided to the networks by the use and application of the FCP. There are various advantages that are offered by this protocol in terms of the ability to sustain the transmission bandwidths. The same hold true for long distance networks as well. The protocol makes the networks scalable and flexible in nature so that there can be maximum number of nodes that may be covered over the network. This protocol that is applicable on the layer 4 that is the transport protocol has further layers that are present in its functioning. Each of the layers that are present in the FCP has a utility and aids in the connectivity and networking procedure. Also, the ability of this protocol to function is not restricted to the device or the type of the network that is used.

Security attacks have become very common in the present times and in the applications that run in the cyber space. The only difference that is seen in these attacks is in terms of the impact and the victim that is targeted for the attacks. The main victims that are targeted are the Government and private organizations as they deal with the information that is critical and is also of great utility. There is a lot of relevance and significance that is attached with these information sets. A very recent case happened at the Saskatchewan Government that laid a huge impact on a global scale.

There were many countries that were affected by a Malware that was given the name as WannaCry. This malware led to the shutting down of the systems and devices and there was a ransom that was demanded for unlocking the devices and gaining access to the systems again. This made this attack fall in to the category of the ransomware malware. The site of the Saskatchewan Government had to be made unavailable for the users and it had to go through the downtime as well that affected the functioning and caused problems to the users as well. The article was valuable as it granted the required information and added to the learning of the reader. It aided the advancement and development of the level of comprehension around the subject. The impacts of the attack are still being rectified so that such an occurrence does not get repeated.

The firms that are working in various business sectors manage, process and store hundreds and thousands of information sets every single day. They often become the sufferers and victims of the violation of the information properties through the man made attack which can somehow be controlled. However, nature based attacks are out of control of the prevention mechanisms placed and set up by the human beings. These are also uncertain and the measures such as technical and administrative checks fail when these are bound to take place. An example of this form of an occurrence took place in 2008.

The victim of the occurrence was a small scale data centre in Wisconsin in the region of Green Bay. A fire broke out and the data centre could not get away with the same. It quickly spread to almost all the parts of the data centre which resulted in the damage of up to seventy two percent of the entire sets that were stored in there. By the time the fire could be controlled, the damage was done and it was huge. The data and information sets were completely destroyed because of the fire and it also led to the devastation of the systems and equipment that were present. The management had put up the surveillance tools in the centre so that the security could be ensured. These tools also were completely damaged and the incident hit hard on the budget and performance of the centre.

Smartphone industry is one industry that has people from all the zones and areas working in it. Firms in this sector are low, medium and large scale and one such big player is Samsung. Samsung was well aware of the fact that the competition in the industry is massive and it will have to adopt a measure that will outshine and outclass the services and initiatives that the firm takes for the customers. It decided to include the customers themselves as a part of business by using the technique of crowdsourcing. Through this technique, Samsung reached out to its customers by urging them to provide their feedback, expectations and demands and the firm in return will provide the services accordingly. It also partnered with another firm by the name of Marblar that assisted Samsung in the process and earned the profits.

The customers were impressed by such an initiative started by the firm and began to provide as much information as they could. This measure allowed the analysts to have relevant user data at their end which was thoroughly analyzed and studied. The implementation reflected the customer demands and the offerings were accordingly made. The market leaders and the marketing experts were also impressed by the steps that Samsung had taken to make sure that its customers were always satisfied. The technique therefore turned out to be extremely beneficial for Samsung and it is till date that the market share captured by this firm is unmatched.

The firms that are working in various business sectors manage, process and store hundreds and thousands of information sets every single day. They often become the sufferers and victims of the violation of the information properties through the man made attack which can somehow be controlled. Organizations install and develop many control measures and strategies so that the attack cannot take place. It is not always that success is achieved in this regard and the attackers often take one step ahead. A similar case took place with JPMorgan when it had to become a sufferer of the hack case. There have been many hack cases and breaches that have been executed but this one is considered as one of the worst and hugely damaging case.

JPMorgan deals with the financial information of the customers and is also partners with many other financial corporations. The hackers broke the security of the JPMorgan system due to the security weaknesses that were present. The records of the customer and partner data were stolen and it was millions of entities that were impacted. There was a lot of investigation that was done and it was found that the loophole was present in one of the network access points. The damage was however done and the records that were stolen could not be regained from the attackers. Disaster recovery mechanisms were applied but it took several years to completely recover from such a massive violation of security.

ICT comprises of thousands of firms that take up many projects to be completed. These projects are different and vary in terms of their sizes. Also, there are attempts that are made by these firms to ensure that the project that is being carried out has some element of innovation and reflects the latest developments in the technological aspect. IBM is an IT firm that took such a step in 1950s. Supercomputers are being used in several sectors by many users in the current times. But it was not so sixty or seventy years back. It was at that time that IBM decided to research and develop a supercomputer. This computer was designated the name as ‘Stretch’. A lot of workforce was allocated to the project and there was also a lot of time and budget that was allotted to the project tasks.

There were many risks and occurrences that took place during the project timeline in the form of schedule and budget overrun. There were also expectations and project scope that were determined and finalized that were unrealistic and impossible to achieve at that times. Planning, control, evaluation and reviews were also poorly done that led to the downfall and failure of the project. After elongated time and budget, Stretch was developed but it could not meet the project aims and goals. Massive losses had to be experienced and the name of the firm also went in to the history related with the failure of some of the massive projects in the field of IT.

ICT involves many firms that take up many activities to be finished. These ventures are distinctive and change regarding their sizes. Additionally, there are endeavors that are made by these organizations to guarantee that the venture that is being completed has some component of advancement and mirrors the most recent improvements in the mechanical viewpoint. IBM is an IT firm that made such a stride in 1950s. Supercomputers are being utilized as a part of a few areas by numerous clients in the present circumstances. In any case, it was not all that sixty or seventy years back. It was around then that IBM chosen to look into and build up a supercomputer. This PC was assigned the name as Stretch. A ton of workforce was dispensed to the venture and there was likewise a great deal of time and spending that was designated to the venture assignments.

There were many dangers and events that occurred amid the venture course of events as time and expenses enhancements. There were likewise desires and venture scopes that were resolved and concluded that were farfetched and difficult to accomplish at that circumstances. Arranging, control, assessment and audits were additionally ineffectively done that prompted the destruction and disappointment of the venture. After extended time and spending plan, Stretch was produced yet it couldn't meet the venture points and objectives. Gigantic misfortunes must be experienced and the name of the firm likewise went into the history related with the disappointment of a portion of the monstrous activities in the field of IT.


Sintesys (2017). IT Plans sometimes fail… What to do.. [online] Sintesys Global LLC. Available at: [Accessed 26 May 2017].

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