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COIT12208 Project Management

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Prepare a assignment based on the Virtucon/Globex scenario, and your peer to peer learning from Assessment You are required to develop a charter for the Project including:
Develop an appropriate metric this sets the target and expectation of all the stakeholders. It is important to determine a quantitative target that needs to be expressed as a metric in terms of an increase or decrease of money.Determine the timeframe for achieving the MOV - ask yourselves, when do we want to achieve this target metric

Define Scope and produce a Scope Management Plan Define the scope of the project and detail how the scope will be managed.Provide a list of Resources Identify and detail the resources for the project using MS Project where appropriate, including


Project Description: RALS organization organizes a show in the month of November every year. In the show, they display their agricultural and lifestyle appliances. They sell tickets for the show and the money they earn by selling them are directly donated to the Indigenous Community Volunteers (ICV). The ticket selling system in the counter is manual which results in overcrowding by the customers and some of them try to break the fence and enter the show without buying tickets. To solve this problem RALS/Globex Corporation planned of transforming its manual ticketing system to online ticketing system which will be easily accessible from all electronic gadgets.

Area of Impact:

Rank 1 - Customer: After the introduction to of this new online ticket booking system the customers will be able to book their tickets online, so they will no longer have to stand in the line outside, this will definitely make them happy.

Rank 2 - Operational: After the introduction of the new ticket booking system the workload on the counter and the security gate will be reduced. Most of the customers will book their tickets online.

Rank 3 – Finance: More tickets will be sold after the introduction of the new ticket booking system as the customers will be able to book their tickets online. This will increase their financial condition.

Rank 4 – Strategy: RALS will be able to earn more money and donate more money to the ICV charitable trust for the online ticketing system.

Rank 5 – Social: As now RALS will earn more money, it can donate more money to the ICV charitable trust and show their concern for the society.

Project value:

Value 1 (Faster):  As the new ticketing system will allow its customers to book their tickets online, more tickets will be sold and the load if the work in the counter and gate can be reduced so the volunteers will be able to do their work faster.

Value 2 (Do more): The positive outcome will motivate RALS to develop more and make more donations to ICV.  

Metrics with respect to time target:



Beginning of capital income before the start of show

In October month

Increase in profit and donation to ICV by 11%

In November after the show

Crowd in the ticket counter and the security gate will be diminished

In November, show

Due to the online ticket booking system, RALS will get the profit before the show begins in November

In November after the show

Scope Management Plan

Define Scope: The main objective of this project is developing a web-based online ticketing system which will allow its customers to book their tickets online in order to reduce the workload of the volunteers who are there at the ticket counter and the main security gate.

Identify requirements: For registration, the customer’s identity proof is needed, it should be enough easy to be used from any electronic gadgets, it should be free from any criminal offense and a scanner ID tag should be there to identify the customers.

In-Scope: While creating the online ticket booking system it should be kept in mind that it should be accessible from all devices and a scanner ID tag with a unique code should be there to identify the customers separately.

Out-of-Scope: Different kinds of orders should be provided by RALS for utilizing such services. Everything like the maintenance of the hardware and providing training for the improvement and maintenance is included here.

Deliverables: All the stated things should be contained in the project and it should be easy, respectable and logical.

People & their role:

Project Sponsor: oversee the project funding needs

Project Manager: fully responsible for the success or failure of the project

Network Engineer: to design and develop the Network Service

Database Designer: to design the database

System Analyst: to analyze the systems being used for the project

Technology: LAN connection, Internet facility etc.

Facilities: Office set-up, Conferencing facility


Training: for learning the finance for the non-finance people

Travel: to attend the training

In the overall project, the budget should not be an issue

  No issue should be there with the availability of resources. They should always be available there.

Team members are properly recognized and they should not worry about their analysis because Virtucon is Globex's old consultant

Volunteers should be experienced for being trained after implementing online ticketing system

Risk Analysis








In initiation stage: The team members are not recognized






In planning Stage: If the work is not finalized properly then the time of the work will get increased






In execution stage: If the management of the project is not dining properly then it can lead to many problems






In monitoring & controlling stage: Improper choosing of the team members can increase the scope






In close-out & evaluation stage: Due to incomplete submission the project may get delayed and the cost can get increased





Risk Rank / Response / Owner



Response / Mitigation Plan


Project Manager

The team members should be identified and the project should be checked twice after doing any change


Project Manager

Before deciding something every single recognized thing should be discussed with the team members


Project Manager

After the stakeholder’s clear identification is done, it should be checked out as per the necessities


Project Manager

Expert review ought to be done in each stage


Project Manager

After the movement to stop totaling up in the last stage, the documentation should be submitted

Quality Management Plan

Philosophy of Team towards Quality Management:

The social event needs to try to preserve up the specified nice benchmarks of the matters and persistently meet the apparent and documented assistant’s desires. All the threats need to be checked honestly to keep it away from any overwhelm of growth in time. All the documented wishes must be fulfilled with the satisfactory benchmarks. All team members should pay attention to the project to avoid any required modifications.

Verification Activity:



All the desires of the assistants should meet

27th June 2018

Delivery of the project within time

27th June 2018

Identification of dangers have to be taken into consideration and well grabbed within the midst of each stage

27th June 2018

The budget of the whole project should not get crossed

27th June 2018

Validation Activity: (Right Track Associates, 2017)



At the finishing time each project should be checked to ensure that the  assistant’s desires are fulfilled

27th June 2018

Quality tips should meet

27th June 2018

The primary topics need to be affirmed in competition to every single requirement

27th June 2018

Project Closure & Evaluation

  1. Annotated Bibliography:

Attached below as ‘Appendix’

  1. Project Closure checklist: (Carson, 2017)

 Throughout the project, the earned value criteria should be maintained

 All the quality features are met

 It has been routed through the proper channel of changing management system if any deviation is there

All the expectations noted of the team members are met

All the procurement documentation is submitted in all without missing anything

All the resources should be informed of the project about their demobilization plan

Lessons which are learned should be recorded after a meeting with the project team and Globex

  1. Project Evaluation: (European Investment Bank, 2015)

Will the ticket booking start before the beginning show?

Can the profit margin cross the figure of 11% more than the last year’s profit collection?

Can more money be donated to ICV?

Can the excessive pressure on volunteers to control the crowd is reduced?


Carson, R. (2017). Project close-out and handover – a general overview. Retrieved September 28, 2017, from

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Right Track Associates. (2017). Project Audits: Verify Compliance and Validate Performance. Retrieved September 9, 2017, from I.T. Toolkit:

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