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COIT12208 ICT Project Management

Published : 29-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Write a brief reflection of no more than 300 words of your team work experience in this subject. To guide your reflection you should address the following questions:

  • How did your experience compare to your understanding of the leadership qualities required to successfully lead a project.
  • Based on your experience, what are necessary techniques, skills, methods and ICT project manager requires in the IT profession.


The report is written for Virtucon & Globex for the development of an automated information system. The report covers team charter, learning cycles, communication plan and reflection for the project.  

Project Team

Virtucon & Globex Project Team

The details of the project team have been included below.





Project funds and finances







Human Resources & Management


Sales & Marketing


Maintenance & Support


Project Overview

Virtucon is a company that has been contacted by Globex for the development of an automated information system for an annual event. The system is to be developed to overcome the issues related with the manual system.

Project Description

The automated system will comprise of several functional and non-functional requirements. There will be ticketing options that will be included in the system along with scanning of the barcode. The system will also provide the ability to print and generate the tickets along with the extraction of the reports.

Team Skills, Knowledge & Roles  


Skills & Knowledge


By When


Finance management skills

Cost-benefit analysis, designing and tracking of budget

Planning phase


Coding skills

Coding of the front end

Execution Phase


Resource Management & Leadership skills

Allocation of duties to human resources

Planning phase


User Interface and design

Design of the UI

Execution phase


Manual and automation testing skills

Test creation, execution & defect reporting

Implementation phase


Marketing and negotiation skills

Design of marketing and sales strategies

Control phase


Maintenance and support skills

Recording and responding to the incidents for resolution

Control phase


Organizational project management skills

Project planning, communication planning, team management  

Project lifecycle

Meeting Steps 

An invitation shall be sent out to all the attendees by the Project Manager that must be acknowledged. Meeting agenda shall be followed for discussions and notes must be taken down (Asrt, 2017).

Sharing of Information

SharePoint, Email and Instant Messaging

Team Guidelines 

  • Acknowledgement for the invitation is mandatory
  • Polite and ethical behaviour
  • Discussion as per the agenda
  • Sharing of the meeting notes

Team Values

Team collaboration, professional and ethical code of conduct

Code of Professional Conduct

The virtues of honesty, professional development, competency and priority to the customer interest shall be followed.

Meeting Rules and Expectations

  • Daily meeting at 9 in the morning
  • Active participation by the attendees
  • Customer interest shall be given priority
  • Information privacy and security must never be violated


  • Circulation of meeting invitation and reminder
  • Circulation of the agenda for the meeting
  • Resolution of outstanding project related issues (Uwm, 2014)


  • Adherence to ethical and professional code of conduct
  • Circulation of meeting notes

Learning Record

Already Know

What we think we Know

Not Known

Project Estimations

Accurate estimations of budget and schedule

Project risks

Business Specifications

No inflation in the scope

Scope related risks

System Qualities

Priority to functional requirements

Equal treatment to system qualities and functional aspects

Ethical and Professional Standards

Code of conduct

Compliance issues

Communication Mechanisms

Meeting rules, guidelines, process

Specific customer expectations

Ticketing Options

Different ticketing options

Additional charges and payment details will be required  

Communication Plan







Project Client

Progress Report



Tracking of project status


Project Manager

Project funds, Project Status



Tracking of project status


Team Members

Project Plan

Planning Phase


Understanding of project specifications


External Stakeholders – Vendors & Customers

End product

Product release



Website and mobile application


Project Name:  Virtucon & Globex

A. Commitments.

To achieve project goals



B. Team meeting.

Daily at 9:00 AM

Meeting Objective

Meeting execution as per agenda

Problem Solving

Discussion of the problem and resolution by the Project Manager

Conflict & Problem Management

Discussion of the conflict and resolution by the Project Manager

Dispute Resolution  

Discussion of the dispute and resolution by the Project Manager

C. Meeting Rules & Expectations

· Daily meeting at 9 in the morning

· Active participation by the attendees

· Customer interest shall be given priority (Muszynska, 2015)

· Information privacy and security must never be violated


  • Project Manager and the skills of the senior management have a direct implication on the success of the project. The Project Manager must be selected on the basis of the required skills and experience (Kerzner, 2013). The senior management must also carry out frequent reviews and inspections to verify and validate the project progress.
  • There are various activities that are carried out during the projects. One of the most significant activities out of all is project planning. Planning activities must include the planning of the project phases, approach, methodology and resources. There are tools that must be used by the Project Managers to carry out effective planning and analysis. In case of the automated system that is to be designed for Globex, project budget, schedule and effort shall be estimated in advance. There are tools, such as Gantt chart, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and likewise that must be used for the estimation and tracking of schedule. Cost-benefit analysis and feasibility analysis must also be carried out to understand the project progress (Besner and Hobbs, 2012).  
  • Professional codes and ethical standards have a lot of significance in the projects and the organizations must make sure that the compliance rate in this regard is high. There are ethical trainings that must be provided to the team members so that they may adhere to the ethical standards.


The information system that has to be designed for Globex must include the implementation and use of project management methodology as agile management. It will make sure that the end product is scalable and flexible and all the changes during the project lifecycle are handled properly.


Alatalo, U. (2012). Communication Strategy in Projects. [online] Available at: [Accessed 21 Dec. 2017].

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