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BSBMGT502 Manage People Performance

Published : 19-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Develop individual goals, KPIs and tasks for your worker and document these in the worker’s performance management plan.
Create three reasons why your worker is not achieving their KPIs (performance issues). You can select the reasons from the list below or develop your own:
high levels of absenteeism at performance team meetings
missing deadlines for task deliverables
poor team work
poor communication skills

Conduct 2 coaching role plays. This will require the involvement of the other members of your Performance Team. One team member must assume the role of your worker while the other team member is an observer of the role play:
Brief the team members on the required performance (KPIs) and performance issues you have identified for your worker
Coach the team member (your worker) on the identified performance issues while being observed
Prepare a performance development plan on the basis of the outcomes of each coaching session
Prepare file notes from these coaching sessions to be placed on the worker’s file
Complete a reflection sheet and your observer completes an observer sheet (refer attached templates)
8. Undertake a performance appraisal meeting with your worker (with the same team member playing the role) and complete the performance management and performance development plans and record notes or the worker’s file.
9. Present your finding to the class at a time allocated to you by your assessor.


Operational Plan





















Using top of the line products and Having tie ups with the best brand of product



Ensuring that the company is able to deliver the best quality in compare to the competitors

Quality Assurance



Ensuring that the customer are treated with the best available hair products in the market  

Ensuring that the business is able to deliver the most modern tools of the trade

Improvement in the in house quality of the services provided

6 months

Stepping stone for quality improvement

Purchasing of the quality equipment for hair cutting accessories

Ensuring use of best shampoos and hair chemical

Ensuring best products for hair spa

Using of best products for facial

Using of the best product for after touch








Ensuring that the clients are suggested with best advice for styles, colors and hair treatment

Best advice provider for hair services in the industry






Marketing Department

This is the hands-off section of the consultation, where there is no contact with the hair, skin or nails so the focal point remains on what the client is asking and what she wants or likes, which products she uses and what her goal is.

The main goal is to attract more customers by giving a professional advice

Improvement in the overall consultancy services

6 months

Engaging in general conversation and the suggesting about the preliminary services

Distributing of leaflets suggesting on various issues

Providing face to face service consultancy service for a professional advice

Maintain regular interaction with the customer

Knowing about the relevant issues in the hair dressing services

Ensuring best advice for hair care and grooming



Ensuring a progressive pricing strategy for maximizing of the profit

Profit maximization in terms of the Clients and the  gross revenue per month


Using the valuable information related to the above two criteria to adjust advertising campaigns, marketing efforts and referral programs to target potential clients and increase profits

The main goal is to increase the profit by 15% in the next financial year.

Booking more number of clients and improving the revenue of the company

6 months

Increase profit by 2%

Increase profit by 3%

Increase profit by 5%

Increase profit by 7%

Increase profit by 10%

Increase profit by 12%

Performance Management Plan

Reference from Operational

Key result area

Indicator of



To ensure the highest standards in terms of providing highest quality standards in the products used

The key result area is identified in terms of the quality enhancements


Increasing in high profile clients seeking for expensive service in hair care



To ensure top notch service in consultancy

Bringing in newer clients seeking for expert service


Increasing portfolio of the clients



Maximization of the overall profit of the company

Increasing in the profit percentage


Increasing revenue of the hair dressing business



Coaching Session 1 – Observer’s Evaluation Sheet

Standard Performance

Did the coach utilize the GROW model for coaching his or her employee?

Did the coach identify the performance issue?

Did the coach utilize a number of communication skills to reflect and clarify the employee’s answers?

· Active Listening


· Clarifying


· Summarizing

Did the coach ask probing questions?

Did the coach allow the employee time to think before replying to questions?


Did the coach use body language cues to help put the employee at ease?

Did the coach acknowledge the employee during the coaching session using positive feedback?


Did the coach provide constructive feedback to the employee during the session?

Did the coach provide strategies for continuous improvement for the employee?


Did the coach identify areas for self-improvement?

Name of the Employer: Hair Beauty Co-op Morphett Vale

What is the feedback for initial reaction to the coaching exercise?

The coaching exercise was helpful in resolving the client’s queries who were seeking for a professional hair care service

How will you evaluate the overall assessment as a coach?

The business was at its initial stage, and it needed to get in touch with the suppliers who could provide the best price for the products.

What are the main benefits gathered from the coaching exercise?

Some of the main benefits have been observed terms of patience, leadership skills and team work.

What are the scopes of improvement which can be made in the coaching exercise?

The major opportunities for improvement have been seen in terms of the ambience of the hairdressing unit. Some of the other improvement opportunities lie in providing of superior technical support and maintaining of good working atmosphere.

What are the various types of the management initiatives which can be taken to improve your coaching skills?

The most noted management initiatives have been identified in terms of Quality assurance, marketing and finance department.

What is your opinion on the consequences of not taking the new initiatives into your role as a manager?

The business might not be able to compete against Harbour Day Spa, Barakha Beauty Parlor and Shine Beauty

What are the most valuable skills observed as manager/coach?

The most important skills have been identified in form of interpretative, leadership and entrepreneur.

Respond to these questions with your feelings and thoughts about coaching. What was your initial reaction to the coaching exercise?

It was a completely new and interesting feeling to coach people of different departments.

What was your overall assessment of your performance as a coach? Give reasons for this assessment.

The overall performance was moderate. Due to the introductory stage there are several scope of improvement which can be made.

What do you think were some of your strengths during the exercise?

The main strength was identified in form of patience and entrepreneur skills.

What do you think were areas where there was room for improvement?

The room for improvement has been identified in form of better ambience, neatness and entertainment facilities within the beauty parlour.

What kind of strategies can you think of to help improve your coaching skills?

Mentoring, ability to handle stress and training will be able to contribute to the existing coaching skills.

What do you think will be the cost of not implementing new strategies into your role as a manager?

The business can face several financial and the growth issues in case the new strategies are not incorporated.

What are some valuable skills that you have learned today to help you in your role as manager/coach?

The valuable skills have been observed in terms of guiding, leading and motivating new staff for better understanding of the customer perspectives

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