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BSBLDR502 Lead And Manage Effective Workplace Relationships

Published : 17-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Worried about how the growth will impact quality, the CEO has asked you to develop a comprehensive set of policies and procedures that cover:
• Staff consultation
• Internal communication
• Cultural diversity within the workplace
• Continuous improvement (including encouraging staff participation)
• Staff complaint and conflict resolution
• Maintaining company ethics
• Encouraging and maintaining effective and harmonious workplace relationships.


As a senior manager of Canterbury Renovations it is necessary to delineate specific policy principles as a framework to implement the changes and gain effective outcome in its response. Considering the recent growth taken place within the company in the past few months, it has become necessary to introduce and implement appropriate policies and strategies to retain the growth (Bernstein, 2015, p.32). Policies such as strengthening short to medium-term growth potential take into account the matters of expansion of business. The senior manager needs to incorporate value attributes towards staffs by requesting them to provide assistance, responding to their issues and concerns and providing them effective advice. This process of face-to-face consultation with the staffs shall make the process feasible.

Internal communication

Canterbury Renovations needs to strengthen their internal operation framework to cope up effectively with the rising position of the company. Policies in relation with internal communication fundamentally aim towards enhancing the communicative streamline to provide reinforcement to the associated staffs and stakeholders. Staff bulletins, surveys, newsroom conversations, staff feedback mails and enterprise social networks are some of the typical communication channels to be adhered to (Purce, 2014, p.67). The quality of performance as expected from the existing human resource strength gets automatically enriched. Such an internal communication policy helps establish a work culture where the staffs are encouraged to share their perspectives with their co-workers, peers and even the higher authorities. The rising need for greater number of new staffs to be engaged in the work scenario to expand the company structure shall be conveyed through this process. This shall bring greater chances of acceptance and positive competence within the organisational atmosphere.

Cultural diversity within the workplace

The policies implemented with regard to preserving the aspect of cultural diversity in Canterbury Renovation include different strategies to apply a positive force within the organisation. While establishing an elaborate policy framework keeping the expansion of the company in mind, it is essential to respect, recognise, promote and celebrate the worth of diversity in cultural respects (Ács et al. 2014, p.482).  Ethical conduct is highlighted by providing equal value to their resources in terms of freedom, dignity and respect. New innovations needed for the kitchen designing in their latest expansion of business project shall greatly involve this cross-cultural knowledge acquired from diversity among their resources. Canterbury Innovations with their high aims and objectives need to utilise and exploit this technique to the best of their ability to gain the best results ensuring sustainability of growth.

Continuous improvement (including encouraging staff participation)

Once the steps are strategically laid down and implemented rightfully continuous improvement is just an ongoing cyclic process. To process of improvement is that prolong process of refining that takes responsible individuals to engage into activities that restore the quality standard that is reached. Canterbury Innovation needs to apply this process into their policy structure to measure the increment or deterioration in terms of standards set by the regulation norms of the company.

This improvement plan shall significantly emphasise upon encouraging and recognising the volunteering and participation of staffs (Oleszek, 2014, p.63). Collection of feedbacks not only helps in address the areas of drawbacks but also encourage a proactive initiation from the human resources as their views are valued equally. Continuous improvement is a factor that shall automatically involve introduction of necessary changes. Need to use diverse communication channel can arise at different points to suit the requirement of the time and situation. Modifications in these areas shall be extremely critical but practiced with efficacy.  

Staff complaint and conflict resolution

Staff dispute policy goes hand in hand with subsequent resolution policy in relation with conflicts arising in response to it. Such matters may encompass both formal as well as informal processes. A formal method is applied to identify the area of contradictory opinion and a subsequent intermediate solution is suggested through the policies (Fair, 2016, p.50). Establishing open ended discussion with the supervisor at workplace shall be the first method. A written document addressing the matter of complaint and respective decision can be noted as an alternative way of solution. The HR department must take proactive steps to appeal for a fruitful decision making procedure by arranging for a meeting. The policy must be designed in such a manner that it covers all these aspects of concern.

Maintaining company ethics 

Formulation and implementation of policies although involve the major part of the growth plan for any business aiming towards expansion. Simultaneous to that lies an equally important factor which is the maintenance of those policies and ethical regulation throughout a long tenure. Canterbury Innovation needs to strengthen a number of issues at the same time (Lin et al. 2016, p.14). For achieving greater ventures in future an appropriate leadership modelling is necessary for the newer employees to learn the ethics they must adhere to.  Adequate amount of resources must be assured by the company before planning to expand their business. Effective training sessions must be conducted to revise the course of action required for obtaining expected outcomes.

Encouraging and maintaining effective and harmonious workplace relationships

Workplace relationship is reinforced through establishment of a positive and flexible work culture which shall foster easy adoptability. The management in such cases have to play a proactive role to ensure that all the employees’ needs are valued and satiated.  This must contain all the code of ethics specified by the company (Peltier, 2016, p.45). The higher authorities usually set the work climate which helps the employees to identify the desired form of behaviour acceptable in the workplace. Adequate human resource policies provide a guiding framework not only the employees but their managers to be able to follow how matters of issue need to be resolved.


Canterbury is presently in need of skilful and experienced human resource which shall enable their expansion of core business. The dissemination of the future visions and policies of the company is imperative to gain easy access over the business operations. Aggressive investments shall be simultaneously carried on. Policies of human resource empowerment shall be observed by them to attract greater staffs needed for growth retention purpose. A legislative standardisation is achieved through the policy implementation process. The establishment of cultural diversity within the organisational setup does not only bring an amalgamation of committees but also foster equity. Communication must be used as most effective management tool to reinforce commitment in a positive work atmosphere.

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