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BSBINM601 Manage Knowledge and Information

Published : 31-Aug,2021  |  Views : 10


  • Review CoffeeVille simulated business documentation, including policies and procedures relating to communication, privacy and confidentiality of information to assist in understanding and managing information dissemination within the business. Coffeeville’s policies and procedures can be viewed online on Coffeeville’s intranet at
  • Research management information and decision support systems based on the criteria established by CoffeeVille’s owners. You can use digital technologies to investigate new technologies and explore new ideas for the storage and dissemination of information.
  • Prepare a report for CoffeeVille’s owners based on their specified criteria and requested content as outlined in Appendix 1.
  • Prepare a communication plan for the dissemination of information within the organisation. The communication plan should maintain effective workplace relationships, help meet organisational goals, and ensure organisational policies, procedures and regulatory requirements are being met.


The CoffeeVille café is a wonderful place that serves exotic coffee and does a fair trade on the different local and organic products and ingredients. The ambiance is quite beautiful and the staffs serves dishes fresh and they are friendly even. The trade of these products is quite fair and serves organic foods that will eventually be gluten free and ones appetite is quite satisfied with it. The café is located in Collins that is in St. Melbourne, CoffeeVille, has been operating this business from 2009, and is operated by the family as a hereditary business. The opening hours are from 7-5 pm and from Monday to Friday.

In the case study, the Rufus Belcastran and Emma have thought to expand the different contract of the business. They have eventually thought of the different planning process about the different take always meals or the meals that can be delivered home. There is a feeling that needs to be identified in this case study of the different issues in the business that has accessed in order to gain information faster. They are using different methods that are based on the computerized business systems that is based on the point of the integrated food and beverage system. The accounting system has also been used and has been modified with time and has been made computerized.

Analyzing Information and Knowledge

The knowledge management needs to be in a process of sharing, creating and using them to manage the different sets of information from the organizations. It usually refers to the different approaches that are related to the stream of the multidisciplinary that ultimately helps to achieve the different organizational objectives. These can only be managed by the different multidisciplinary approaches that will ultimately help the organization to achieve the different objectives. This will make the best use out of the knowledge by enabling their learning sector in the organization. In this report, the business information will be made on the CoffeeVille organization and that will help in the communication plan to set up.

The policy and the procedures that are followed by this organization will eventually be explained in the course of the report. In this report, the facts that have been provided are all related to the different learning and information skills that will be eventually acquired in the course of the report planning. An integral component helps in the management of the project and eventually in the changes in the climate that has trade-offs between the different objectives. There are several guidelines to the management and the information sectors that help in the non government organizations.

Need for communication plan

There are several supportive reasons that is required to be made in order to make a good supportive plan. In this case, the employees needs to pick up different cites that is related on the advertising of the different employees. There is a need for the essential planning system in the process of thee communication. The only difference is that not all companies follow the requirements to make a communication plan but when one makes this the organization is sure to make improvements on it. The other reasons are to bring the clarity to the fore front that is marked on the GPS or in the map. The objectives are quite reasonable that portrays clear and straight motivations in order to achieve it.

The next plan is to define the target audience that includes to make a plan which includes the different strategies how to make a plan and make the process helpful to their customers. There is a strong sense of alignment that needs to be made on the communication plans so that everyone acknowledges the purpose. The clarifications of the purpose need to be maintained as a navigational tool that needs to be expanded with the use of the different objectives along with the strategies and the tactics so that it really becomes easy. The audience has a perfect definition that leads to a two way communication system in order to enhance their target specifications on the different demographics. There are different planning process that needs to be more effective and precise in order to reach the effectiveness of the efforts in the communication system.

Alignment in the staffs and the stakeholder system has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the plans. It includes the different generations that supports the plan as well as defines the different messages that will ultimately uncover the different issues that are related with the plans to make it more successful. There is a smarter use of the different use of the resources that in any way helps the target audiences that eventually has to be included in the different choreographed ways that is related to avoid the wheel spinning. Different technological opportunities like the Twitter and the interaction between the goals and the scope has been maintained. Incentives can also be choreographed in order to avoid the costly spinning.

There is a need to measure the success that can only be done with the help of the different communicational plans. There are several measurements that needs to be taken in order to make the organizational success boom into the worldwide market.

There is a need to measure the success plans that is primarily based on the different budget systems that also provides a yardstick. There are various critical plans that needs to be made on the measurement process of the different accomplishments that needs the companies and the different events. The critical plan includes the different benchmarks on the process of the evaluation that includes the different procedures in measurement to the companies that includes the different tactics regarding the market shares.

The key factors related to the plans in the communication centre have been further evaluated in a document format that is considered the end of the game. While the process has a back up of a dynamic plan of different conversations regarding the stakeholders has the clients as their key audience. There is a need to set up a plan with different dimensions that involves the different staffs and the stakeholders as their key audience members. There is a need to set up different stages of the ongoing plan that includes the pointing of the different issues. There is a need to make a point on the target that will eventually be one of the best strategies that will be evaluated best in the series of events. Hence, this proves the effectiveness of the communication plan in the form of a template format.

Policy and procedure

The policies in the due course of time have certain guidelines and procedures that need to be followed, so that the policy can be implemented. There are several policies that involves procedures that are related to the different positions that are paid but is vacant and needs to be advertised in the different local and wide state paper systems. Many details have been engraved like that of the range of the salary, contact details and the different closing date. These will eventually be for those who have mailed the different descriptions about ones job and their information regarding the organization. There is different policy system that is based on the confidential policy system that has different organizational guidelines.

The policies of a workplace are based on the different impositions of the legislative that has several administrative bodies that is based on the organizational operating system. The policy usually originates in the different parliamentary system that focuses on the incidents and the ideology. Several manual adjustments need to be made on the procedure and the policy of the organizational policy that is in the CaffeeVilla. There are several procedures that includes the different personnel practices and the procedures regarding the complaints and the dispute procedures. There is a need for the communication in order to gain maximum amount of


If these strategies can be maintained, there will be no one who can stop the organization from being fulfilled into the ranking status in consideration to the world. There will eventually be no one who will even try to make the organization feel low. It needs to be kept in mind that none of the things in the café goes wrong that might eventually make the reviews about the organization fall low. There is always a need for good recommendation that will be beneficial to the company and make to improve the different flaws. The sitting arrangements needs to be made big and the prices are quite relevant in order to make the customers avail its services.

From the above report it can be concluded that a brief introduction on the topic the Knowledge and Information on the specific topic that is the CaffeeVille café that will eventually help the organization to prosper. An action plan along with the different analysis on the internal and the external customers has been made. The SWOT analysis has also been made that will help the system to improve on the external factors and there is a need to focus on the strengths. The opportunities as well, if there are an ample scope for betterment will reflect on the changes in the organization.


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