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BSBHRM513 Manage Workforce Planning

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Explain four initiatives to assist Meadow become an employer of choice in order to attract staff.  Prepare an implementation plan for your suggestions. (Ensure at least one initiative relates to diversity) Prepare an implementation plan for one of your suggestions

Explain four initiatives to ensure that you retain staff to avoid excessive staff turnover.  Prepare an implementation plan for your suggestions. (Ensure at least one initiative relates to diversity) 

Write a communication plan to stakeholders outlining the proposed initiatives identified in your answers to question 1 and 2 (the ones you did the implemention plan for).  Determine how you will ensure that stakeholders have the opportunity to provide feedback and agreement as to the initiatives.

Design a succession plan for two key staff members.  As part of your succession plan, identify several skills gaps and devise a learning plan for each position to satisfy any gaps in skills or knowledge eg training, learning, development, mentoring etc.  Suggest specific action to retain these two staff members.


Employer of choice initiatives for Meadow

Maintaining focus-The management should ensure the company sticks to its goals, objectives, mission, and vision. Focusing on the mission (delight the visitors) helps a company to improve on the production of the goods and services. As time goes on, Meadow will realize better ways of offering their services. That would attract the public. People will be ready to work at Meadow.

Global outsourcing-Meadow is focused on getting world recognition and have a luxury retreat market; it should, therefore, outsource personnel from all over the world. They will offer diverse expertise such as an introduction of new foods to different cultures and groups. These will make the firm more diversified. It will gain recognition to the public.

Timely communication-Meadow could utilize four initiatives to become an employer of choice. Keyton, et al. (2013, p.155) explain for a firm to be an employer of choice, it should utilize all forms of communication in the workplace. These are vertical, horizontal, formal and grapevine (informal) communications. Similarly, there should be excellent communication between the firm and the external environment which comprise customers, market, and the public. For example, Meadow should use excellent customer service who have a mild language to the restaurant customers. Its advertisements should also be appealing to the make people be attracted and wish to work at Meadow.

Accountable and integrity in management- To become an employer choice, Meadow ought to disclose real information to the public. For example, providing the exact numerical figures regarding profits and revenues obtained. The investors will be interested in venturing into the firm. More people will also be willing to work since job security is assured (Heisler, et al. 2013, p 1228). Manipulation of financial statements may make the company lose trust among the public. 

1 b) Implementation plan for suggestion 1.

A good implementation plan is based on the three C’s- clarifying, communicating and cascading the strategies (Klettner, et al. 2014, p.151.) 

2 a) Initiatives to retain staff

Ensuring employee balance- there should be a balanced relationship between the employers and their workers. The employees must be given time to refresh, renew contracts and obtain leaves (Deery, et al. 2015, p.465.)

That makes them comfortable at work. Not only will it improves the employer choice, but it will also lead to better performance. Employees will be motivated, happy and thus will work well.

Training and mentorship- training improve employees’ sense of value. Mentorship is a program that maintains healthy work relationships (Masalimova, et al. 2016, p.1599). The employees will be friendly, learning new things in the workplace through training. That would make them more competent and will end up sticking to the firm for they will like their jobs.

Internal promotion - Each employee want to be promoted at the place of work. However, if the management externally recruits a manager, all current employees will lose morale and get frustrated. They will assume their efforts are not fully valued. That might make them move to other related firms.

Respect from the seniors- employees will opt to stay in a business where they work comfortably. Threats, pressure and overworking may discourage them. The directors must make sure standard rules, regular labor and a calm environment for the employees. They will end up liking the company.

 2 b) Implementation of the initiative 3

The best method for promoting employees is by the use of performance appraisal.

Implementation plan



Performance Measures



Performance appraisal

Work is checked, and their contributions are assessed. The ones with great work qualify to be promoted to a higher work level.


General manager and the executive assistant.

 3) Communication plan

Communication Plan


Performance measures


Target Audience


Maintaining focus

Keeping goals to attract employee



General manager and executive assistant.

Global outsourcing

Obtain competent employees with various skills

One month- when recruitment is necessary



Human resource manager.

Timely communication

To present a good image to the public



All managers in all departments.

Responsible management

To show the integrity Meadow has



General manager and executive assistant.

Employee balance

Show the relationship between the management and workers.




Training and mentorship

Provide new skills to the workers.

Two weeks.



Internal promotion

For motivating and increasing workers morale.

One week.




To show the management values and appreciates the employees.



All managers in all departments.

 4)  Succession plan

Succession plan

Job Title




Kitchen Executive Chef.


Leadership and management skills.

Budgetary control.

Excellent cooking skills.



Minimum two years.


Qualifications in Food safety.


Course in catering and nutrition.


Finance Manager

Problem solving skills.

Quick decision maker

Commercial acumen

Minimum two year

Qualification in accounting? Finance.

Qualification in business management.

Learning plan



Performance measures



Obtain respondents

Sampling employees.

Use the best sampling method for the operation.

General manager

30 minutes.

Receiving data


Use the sampled employees to talk.

General manager

3 hours

Obtaining information

Use of questionnaires

Provide typed questions for employees to fill.

General manager

30 minutes

5) Survey to gauge employee satisfaction

For the optional answers of the survey, refer to the appendix.

  1. Are you happy at your place of work?
  2. Can you quit given an opportunity?
  3. Are promotions done here?  
  4. Are there good relationships within Meadow? 
  1. How is the management?
  2. Are personal skills and abilities rewarded and recognized?
  3. Are management information accurate or transparent?
  4. How many managers friendly?
  5. Do you believe your full potential can be achieved here?
  6. How often is training and mentorship done?
  7. How is the organization culture?
  8. Do workers respect each other?
  9. Can you recite the vision and mission without seeing it?
  10. Do you have fun while at work?
  11. How are the working conditions?
  12. Can you reapply your current job?
  13. Are there instances of work overload here?
  14. Would you refer another person to work here?
  15. Do you form have team or groups?
  16. Do you make work decisions on your own?

6a) Implementation

Implementation plan


Performance Measures


Making the mission and vision clear

Reminder to the employees and the public what the firm is about.

General manager and the executive assistant.

Strengthening relationships

Fostering corporate governance.


Use of appropriate media

For efficient passage of information.


6b) Methods to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed improvements

Devising a control measure- it assists in analyzing, identify and compare expected and actual outcomes.

Performance measurement- evaluate whether the development increase performance or not.

 7a) Two trends

Food inflation- at times, inflation occurs which may push the prices of the foods up. For example, the USA inflation rate moved up to 2.7%

Immigration- the government may issue restrictions on immigrating to the country, for instance, USA (Alden, 2016, p.3.) 

7b) Impact on Meadow

When inflation occurs, prices of goods are likely to go up since there will be more money in circulation. That would also cause food inflation. On the other hand, if a government issues a policy on immigration, it might make it hard for Meadow to outsource labor.

 7c) Overcoming adverse problems

Meadow can use the following ways to overcome the problem:

  1. Standardizing prices for the goods and services.
  2. Being polite to customers.
  3. Providing quality foods and easy services.


Alden, E., 2016. National Security and US Immigration Policy. Journal of International and Comparative Law, 1(1), p.3. 

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Klettner, A., Clarke, T. and Boersma, M., 2014. The governance of corporate sustainability: Empirical insights into the development, leadership and implementation of responsible business strategy. Journal of Business Ethics, 122(1), pp.145-165. 

Masalimova, A.R., Sadovaya, V.V. and Flores, R.D., 2016. Guidelines for Mentoring Optimization. International Journal of Environmental and Science Education, 11(7), pp.1597-1602.

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