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BSBHRM506 Manage Recruitment Selection and Induction Processes

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Discuss in consultation with United Healthcare management to develop a future human resource needs for United Healthcare requirements based on the following areas

Objectives and expected outcomes (identification of what job roles are required)

A schedule which clearly indicated the different stages of recruitment and steps to be undertaken

Timelines for each of the stages/ steps

Develop a job description for the role required in line with United Healthcare and obtain approval from the HR Director (your trainer will undertake this role).

Specify the required training or support to enable personnel involved in the recruitment and selection process to complete their task effectively.

Discuss and determine the job advertisement for the position meets with organizational policy and is compliant to the Australian legislation requirements (,

Discuss and propose the use of recruitment agencies to support this recruitment and selection drive (when would it be applicable to use human resource specialists and what are the justifications of subscribing to such services)

Provide organizational and legislation compliance considerations on the following selection process (application screening, selection tests, interview, reference and background check and selection decision)  for United Healthcare to ensure that it meets organizational requirements and in accordance to the Australian legislation requirements (,,, 

Discuss how the Fair Work Act 2009 (National Employment Standards Minimum Safety Net) would apply when preparing an employment offer letter.

List the required content of an employment contract and what businesses are legally obliged to meet under Australian WHS/ OHS legislation.


Healthcare United is one of the best healthcare professionals in Australia. This organization currently employs 1500 healthcare professionals with two sites in Victoria and NSW. They recently developed a new strategic plan that involves opening another office in Hobart. This presentation consists of the comparison between the year 2000 Healthcare United recruitment and selection guidelines against the newly developed 2010 Healthcare United recruitment and selection policy and relevant legislation.  

Procedures analysis

The procedure analysis for the recruitment can be done on the basis the some of the areas for revising. Those are: Vacant position analysis - Procedure for analysing vacant position is contrary to 2010 policy. In 2010 all the responsibility is shifted from HR to the managers. It is outdated as current research shows that all the responsibilities of analysing vacant position is done by managers. Previously done by HR. Do not comply with the current legislation. Position description - Position description development is contrary to 2010 as in 2000 HR department was responsible for this task. It is outdated as current research and practice shows that the development of position description should be done by managers. It does not comply with the current legislation. 
 Advertisement - It is contrary to 2010 as in 2000 all positions were firstly advertised internally for a minimum of ten working days through a newsletter. it is outdated as current research says that the new vacant position should be advertised internally and externally together for ten working days. Yes it does not comply with the current legislation as there is special exemption to internal recruitment must be approved by the general manager. Shortlist – Yes it is contrary to 2010 as in 2000 short listing was done by HR department while in 2010 all the responsibilities are of managers. It is outdated as current research says that the short listing of applicants must be done by the managers. It does not comply with the current legislation. Managers are responsible for the short listing process.  
Interview preparation – It is not contrary to 2010. All the preparation for the interviews is done by the HR. It is also not outdated to the current research and practice. It complies with the legislation. Interview applicants – It is not contrary to 2010 as all the interviews are conducted by a trained professional. It is not outdated to current research and practice and it complies with the legislation. Job offer - It is contrary to 2010 as the job offer is to be finalized by managers. Yes it is outdated to current research as the job offer should be given by managers. It does not comply with the legislation. 


Analyse the vacant position When a position becomes vacant it is important to analyse the position whether it is still required. Manager  Estimated timeframe 2-3 days     When a position becomes vacant the following procedure must be completed. Procedure: Position needs analysis conducted by managers and approved by senior management. Managers explore implications options, legislative and award requirements. 
Position description: A position description is an important prerequisite to successful recruitment and selection. Estimated timeframe: 3-5 days Procedure: Position descriptions are developed by managers using a position description template and include:  Position title Key objective Qualifications required OHS component Terms. 2.    Senior management to sign off on position description. 
Lodge and advertisement Healthcare United’s advertising policy: Position must be advertised internally and externally for a minimum of 10 working days in HU newsletter unless there is special authorization from senior management for the advertised online and in leading national newspapers. Timeframe: 20-25 working days. Procedure: Managers create advertisement with the support of HR for HU newsletter on intranet. Managers send advertisement with the support of HR advertisement to publications department to post on the intranet. Managers with the support of HR create advertisement for authorized external print media. 
Short-list applicant. Short-listing is a process of elimination. However, healthcare united requires that all internal applicants be interviewed. Timeframe: 5 days minimum Procedure: Administration staff to collate all resumes and give to managers. Managers to read over position description and advertisements. Managers to read each external applicant resume and divide them into ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘maybe’ piles. Managers read all internal applications and complete the short-list charts. Managers then collate all documentations from internal applicants and short-listed external applicant. Managers organize administration staff to send all external applicants not short-listed are standard letter by post. 
Interview preparation: Timeframe – interview preparation 1-2 days Procedure     Managers and HR members  request administration staff at head office to organize: Comfortable and quite location Food and beverages for interview panel Interview schedule. Managers  and HR to organize interview documentation which includes: Position description Resumes for each shortlisted candidates Interview assessment forms for interviewers. Use checklists for documentations. Manager organizes interview panel: two members of HR department and one staff member for job related department with one of the HR members being the chairperson. Manager chooses and advises the staff member of their role as ‘expert’ and requests that they think of three job related interview questions. 
Interview applicants Interviews are to be conducted only at Head office. Interviews are to be 30 minutes in duration with a 5 minute break in between. No more than 12 interviews should be conducted in a day. Timeframe: schedule interviews 1-2 days depending on number of applicants. Procedure: Chairperson greets candidate and makes introductions. Chairperson opens interview. Managers and HR member of panel ask applicant a series of standard interview questions. Panel complete a interview assessment Panel select applicant Gain approval from senior management subject to reference check. 
Checks are an important part of the selection process. Healthcare united reference check must be conducted on both internal and external applicant by the managers and support of HR department.  Timeframe 1-2 days depending on number of applicant. Procedure: Phone workplace of applicant and speak to manager/referee. Introduce self organization and purpose of call. Ask standard questions about applicant’s knowledge and skills. Ask about applicant’s personality Discuss references with other HR persons on interview panel. 
Job offer Job offer needs to be made immediately after reference check. Timeframe 1-5 days. Procedure: Managers with the help of HR department organize written contract to be drawn up with terms and conditions. Administration to post contract to applicant Upon receive of signed contract HR post new employee advice about induction program. 
Feedback to unsuccessful applicants: Healthcare united requires all unsuccessful internal applicants to be provided feedback in individual meetings with managers and a member of the HR department. Timeframe 1-2 days depending on number of applicants. Managers with the support of HR department ask administration to schedule 30 minutes meeting with each unsuccessful internal applicant. Managers with the support of HR department representative to conduct feedback meetings with unsuccessful internal applicants. Managers with the support of HR department representatives to form unsuccessful external applicant and offer feedback. Managers with the support of HR department to file hard copies of notes about unsuccessful applicants. 


Strategic planning plays an important role in how productive the organization is. Each of these aspects has its own part within the overall strategic plan of the organization: Staffing - Staffing includes the development of a strategic plan to determine how many people you might need to hire. Basic workplace policies - Development of policies to help reach the strategic plan’s goals is the job of HRM. Compensation and benefits - In addition to pay checks, 401(k) plans, health benefits, and other perks are usually the responsibility of an HR manager. Retention - Assessment of employees and strategizing on how to retain the best employees is a task that HR managers oversee, but other managers in the organization will also provide input. Training and development - Helping new employees develop skills needed for their jobs and helping current employees grow their skills are also tasks for which the HRM department is responsible. Regulatory issues and worker safety - Keeping up to date on new regulations relating to employment, health care and other issues are generally a responsibility that falls on the HRM department. 


It is vital that those involved in the recruitment process ensure that the following monitoring information is completed and forwarded to Human Resource:  Short listing criteria are clearly indicated on the short listing recording form, which fail to meet the desired level and progress to the interview stage Interview Assessment forms are completed for each applicant  A copy of the questions used in the process  


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