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BFA504 Accounting Systems and Processes

Published : 12-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


Define plagiarism Reference Internet sources. Why is plagiarism/collusion unfair to honest students How can computer spreadsheets (e.g. Excel) be pasted into a word document showing rows and column headings demonstrate TWO different copy and paste methods. Paste two simple examples of each method in your assig nment showing row and column headings, the normal view and the formula view.

List five web sites relevant to accounting together with their URLs. Explain how is each relevant to accounting.find online an Australian professional accounting organisation. Describe a resource within this website (apart from ABC Learning), relevant to this subject. Explain why you chose this resource.

Describe the computing environment in your current or previous workplace or home office; equipment, software, processes etc. Or answer this question in relation to a possible future workplace position.

The above five questions are designed to assess your ability to use and evaluate digital resources for accounting and can be answered from any source including the computer sections of magazines and newspapers or by access to the Internet. If using the Internet include the URL reference. For the purposes of this subject we do not require the date of access of the URL. Use APA referencing.

Check the Internet for advice on business report structures.

  1. What are the major financial reports What is the purpose of each
    2. Briefly summarise the key lessons from the ABC Learning case study.
    3. Identify and discuss 3 ethical issues from the case study.


Balance Sheet
 as on 30/06/2017
Particulars Amount
Cash  54,670 
Accounts Receivable  1,32,160 
Supplies  450 
Prepaid Insurance  3,056 
Less: Accumulated Depreciation  2,36,250 
TOTAL ASSETS  4,26,586 
Accounts Payable  1,45,890 
Wages Payable  17,289 
Unearned Service Revenue  7,745 
Capital  2,10,802 
Less: Drawings  44,860 
EQUITY  2,55,662 
Accumulated Depreciation  1,07,890 
Accounts Payable  2,10,541 
Wages Payable  16,789 
Unearned Service Revenue  12,345 
Capital  2,10,802 
Service Revenue  3,85,470 
TOTAL  9,43,837 
NET TOTAL  9,43,837 
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